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  1. That's how football is in Europe, in any given roster, for any big team, most of the top players are foreigners. Is there something bad about that?
  2. Amazing things are happening in Nashville, and hopefully most towers get built. Imagine a ground breaking for September, that would be awesome with all other towers U/C or currently under prep. Nashville 2025 is going to look awesome.
  3. You're correct on that, at least from what I've seen a few times I've been at One Bellevue Place. How's the plaza in front doing, the one that has the Dollar Tree, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond?
  4. Thanks for the response, @DDIG. I'm those people who love greenery and how beautiful it looks in an urban setting when done right, but this place has tried countless times to welcome people but the only people it invites are the homeless. Fixing a mistake with another mistake only brings in another outcome of failure.
  5. Why do Tennesseans hate soccer?
  6. It's crazy how prominent this building is from Briley Parkway when crossing the Cumberland river.
  7. Is Nashville still considered midsize? Awesome picture, also.
  8. ^ 2001: A Space Odyssey Humanity's next plane of conciousness is upon us.
  9. I'm sorry but doesn't Nashville have a Saks and Fifth Ave. in Opry Mills mall?
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