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  1. Wouldn't 5th+Broadway also be part of this canyon? Holy crap, Nashville is starting to look pretty impressive.
  2. Is that due to the hills? As I know going towards Clarksville there's plenty of hills.
  3. Is the Central Park Tower a residential? I thought all along that it would be office.
  4. Romo's Mexican restaurant is also opening up next week I believe. I sometimes wonder how such a town can maintain all the restaurants.
  5. I was living in Cookeville for three months and the rents were pretty high for a small town. It was around $770 for my two bedroom apartment. Houses are now hitting the $1,100 mark, also.
  6. How much Nashville has changed. We're truly blessed to be part of this growing city. Would 5th+Broadway and the Endeavor fill any of the gaps above?
  7. Memphis sure does look like it's about to get going. It's good news for the state of Tennessee.
  8. Is I-65N before exit 92 the widest stretch of interstate in Tennessee?
  9. How many high-rises are under construction or under prep work in Nashville? Every single time I go through downtown I see two additional cranes. It truly looks insane, something I've never seen as I've spent my entire life here.
  10. Sorry if it's been mentioned, but what is being built beside the JW Marriott?
  11. Thanks a lot @markhollin and @Mr_Bond. Very concise and detailed map of construction going on. Going down I-40 sure made me join the forum as I've never seen anything like this in the city, ever. Exciting times are ahead for Nashville and all of us who love development.
  12. Besides Second AVE. Partners building, does Nashville have another project of the size and magnitude in the approval or under construction side of the spectrum?
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