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  1. What’s that huge crane looking thing in the background? That thing is huge.
  2. Do you know if masks are still mandatory on two year olds when on a plane from any major airline?
  3. Holy crap! That’s about the most insane compilation of Nashville projects. Thanks a lot, @smeagolsfree!
  4. It’s insane the size difference between the buildings and it’s creators.
  5. What floor level or height is the tip of the core at, currently?
  6. It doesn’t personally stand out, or at least not comparable to the true diamond building that could have been in NYC — 2 WTC.
  7. Around six floors left, are any floors going to be taller than the average floor height?
  8. Based on the large PDF that was released months ago, the 30th floor is at 790’ above sea level(I assume that’s what the height entails) and the very top floor of the tower is at 837’. So maybe another 47’ to go, plus the spire.
  9. Sport teams in Nashville give off a different type of vibe, in a very good way.
  10. Oh-oh, I actually like the Westin. I'm guilty of loving filler buildings.
  11. Any questions I have are usually answered within the day by @markhollin. Thank you so much for that, and for giving so much to this board.
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