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  1. You predicted pretty spot on in January before it made it to the news in the western hemisphere, but would like to see a peer-reviewed journal of the immunity being so short-lived. I read of one in Sweden where the antibodies weren't prevalent but T-cell memory to combat the virus was present, so in essence -- it could combat the virus much easier.
  2. I know of two people, of close proximity. Ex co-worker and a friend's cousin who are battling COVID-19 in an I.C.U., one was admitted on Thursday and the other on Sunday. One is 58 and the other is 42. Don't wish this upon any person, even if it doesn't kill you, please take it seriously. This virus is starting to get closer and closer to us and it's going to start getting personal as cases start to exponentially grow and our family members start to get infected. Please be very careful and make intelligent decisions not just for us but for our family members, friends, and community.
  3. The Nations is on fire, and so is Charlotte Pike. It's pretty cool to see a crane on the interstate that's not inside downtown or midtown.
  4. Another stay-at-home order will not happen again, society will not tolerate it especially since we're officially in a recession. I guess we'll see going into the fall and winter season how well prepared we are this time around but any form of shutdown is most likely off the list. America and the global economy has taken a massive blow and another hit could create an economic depression we've never seen since modern history.
  5. I agree with this. There's no need to keep it at some sort of capacity when hospital beds are available. I believe NYC's healthcare system didn't collapse or at least wasn't on the brink of collapse and that's considering it was easily the worst hotspot in the world. Nothing of that magnitude would ever occur in our city due to the fact that we don't have a public transport system where people move around. We don't have multi-family homes where many multi-generational families live beacuse of high cost of living in NYC. Also, the fact that single-family homes is what dominates the land and equates to much lesser density compared to even some peer cities like Louisville, much less hard-hit cities like NYC or Philadelphia. I believe it's time to take those things into consideration and make a logical resolution on what constitutes a good and safe reopening in relation to our city.
  6. I happened to have been extremely, extremely lucky and decided to invest for the first time (sidelined for 10+ years just looking at the markets) in my life on March 23rd(the bottom of the market) out luck and pure coincidence. It made me wonder if there would be another shutter to the stock market or if I luckily managed to buy the lowest it'll be at in probably forver(hopefully lol)? Would another wave cause a second dip?
  7. Crap food but that still surprises me for some reason.
  8. "To see you're not a bot, please click on all street posts."
  9. It saddening as I would have loved a 1,000' tower in Nashville. I guess it's not going to happen in our lifetime.
  10. Are office buildings going to be obsolete if companies start following the path of Twitter, such as allowing workers to work from home permanently?
  11. We're heading for 100,000 by the end of June. I'm not a doomer, I'm not an alarmist. This virus seems to disproportionately kill the elderly over the younger age groups, but there's plenty we don't know about the virus. It is true that the overall rate may be 1% or lower, when factoring in those infected by the coronavirus who were never tested. But definitive statements about the mortality rate are misleading to the point of falsehood. There are too many factors that affect the outcome if people are infected with the new coronavirus to make a blanket statement about mortality rates. A person’s age or underlying health conditions, and if there’s capacity in the health care system for proper care are key among them. Further, too little is known about the disease, including the true reach of its spread.
  12. Didn't realize just how much taller the residential would be than the office tower. The office tower looks massive when driving on West End towards downtown. Can't imagine what the residential will do from that same perspective.
  13. What is being built in front of the Eleven North residential building, right beside the bridge? I was looking at the Asurion Cams and probably thought it was the NES Substation, but it looks to be too close to the Church St. viaduct. Maybe it is and it's an illusion from the camera but it looks vastly closer than the development tracker map portrays it.
  14. That's insane, but such cases are not definitive. I believe Iceland's case study was at 49% asymptomatic. This virus has an insane incubation period. But other than that, it's insane how this virus can go undetected with no symptoms to many. Is this something normal on most viruses?
  15. Nashville has some of the most bad.a.s.s. and elite doctors in the world.
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