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  1. Wait.... what? Was that a thing? Sounds cool. How did it work?
  2. I thought NYC had more than 40 cases now, 37 of which can be traced to Garbuz.
  3. Someone should do a Coronavirus thread, with its impacts on the Nashville economy, if it does become a pandemic.
  4. A lot of equipment was at the site today. Also, more fencing has arrived and barricades are being put around the site. I think this one is for sure on full throttle, now.
  5. So amazing for Nashville. Wow!
  6. Finally. This made my day. Finally.
  7. Nashville Yards will be what those projects did to Nashville at the time, what Nashville Yards will become of Nashville for the next generation.
  8. Should the next phases start within the year or onto a multiyear phase?
  9. It's so weird seeing so many trees from that perspective. Just can't seem to grasp where exactly this was taken at, though.
  10. So another hotel is going up on the other side of the Holiday Inn Express hotel by I-65, on 3rd Ave.?
  11. With many buildings over 250' pulling permits this past couple days, does anyone know the count of buildings over 250' under construction in Nashville, now?
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