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  1. Yea, especially given the synergies that would come with a library/affordable housing together, it is criminal that we have any single story libraries in this city. Even just having a second floor with a few apartments would be better than nothing (and not crazy expensive since I think you can have a second floor without elevator and still be ADA compliant).
  2. Agreed and I am hopeful that with time the tree with become more prominent.
  3. That vacant lot has been a blight on the neighborhood for too long. Good to see progress here.
  4. Right now it is just an abandoned pool supply building and a handful of single family homes abutting the last stop on the soon to be completed streetcar. What there is necessary to preserve for a "well-articulated, intricate urban fabric". I understand people want to preserve a number of single family homes, but at the corner of Central and Hawthorne at the last stop of the streetcar? That feels like a place where we should definitely be pushing to have some denser housing options. Townhomes on Sunnyside with apartments on Central feels like a much better use of the space.
  5. No, obviously that's close, but I was talking about the corner on the Elizabeth side of Central across from Metro808.
  6. Does anyone have any idea what is planned for the plot on the corner of Hawthorne and Central. It looks like 1120 LLC has assembled most of the surrounding parcels. I'm sure no one was in a rush with the ever delayed streetcar in front, but now that there appears to be a light at the end of that tunnel, it does feel like one of the most underutilized lots in the area.
  7. Thanks for sharing. Just filled out and got my wife too as well.
  8. Actually there were a few of us skipping on the bridge and doing a photo shoot to commemorate the day. That may sound like a joke, but I am 100% serious.
  9. Just walked across with my dog. I never thought this day would come. Exceeds expectations (which were at the floor).
  10. My anecdotal experience is that fleeing to the suburbs is a half truth. I know a lot of people who left Manhattan, but almost all left to go live with family in the burbs, they aren't relocating permanently/buying. So, Zillow data wouldn't show this as relocating to the burbs. My friends are starting to move back to NYC, but people who had family with decent sized houses (or vacation homes) all left. This goes for my friends who are still single and friends with young children. As a rule of thumb, if you had a family place you could go to, you left, but only temporarily, not a permanent move.
  11. LLM programs do have specialties, but they are traditionally seen as "Lawyers losing money" programs with the exception of Tax. I wasn't saying that Davidson would open a law school -- I agree they won't -- I was just saying they could be prestigious enough to be successful if they did, UNCC isn't. Also, I was really laying out a rule of thumb with specialties. I am sure there are a lot of great environmental lawyers from Vermont school of law (which prides itself on environmental law). My point was more that almost no employer is going to pick a VSL grad over a grad from a T14 school for an environmental job. People care a lot about prestige in the law, but specialties don't enter that calculus.
  12. Law schools don't specialize/focus. Or more accurately, law school specialization/focus is a marketing tool with little real world impact. People care about what your law school's ranking is (and they really care), but no one cares what your law school's healthcare, environmental or other specialty ranking is (even if you are in that specialty.) A classic example of this is environmental law. Someone who wants to go into environmental law will get into Vermont or Lewis and Clark and go there because of how good it is for environmental law. Unfortunately for that person, most places hiring for environmental law are going to hire someone from a better school (if similar grades and interest) and not think twice and how good a school's "Environmental Law program" is. The classic piece of advice is to go to the best law school that you get into that you can afford to go to. Yes, UCI hired Chemerinsky from Duke. But the offering free tuition for the first year and limiting class size to be selective were the more important factors. What university in this area has the resources or desire to take that risk? Also, probably most important reason why it wouldnt be successful here is that UNCC also doesn't have the prestige to pull it off. UCI undergrad is ranked 36. UNCC is 228. UNCC would create a public version of Charlotte School of Law (cheaper so better, but equally bad employment prospects). Davidson could probably pull it off for a small law school but it would be a huge risk for them.
  13. The problem is we already have too many law schools and graduates of low ranked law schools have little to no realistic chance of gainful employment as lawyers. Low ranked law schools are often predatory and do a disservice to their community. Getting rid off Charlotte School of Law was good for Charlotte. The thing is, it would be almost impossible for Charlotte to get a decently ranked law school because any new school wouldn't have the history or brand appeal to carry it as a prestigious institution. The only precedent for a new law school bucking the trend of new=low ranked is UC Irvine in 2007. They invested a ton of money to do that though. They (1) gave a full ride to EVERY student in its inaugural class, (2) kept the class size intentionally low so the only students admitted were ones with high GPA and LSAT scores and (3) hired one of the most prestigious con law professors in the country as its first dean. There is almost zero chance UNCC would have the will or resources to do any of that.
  14. Does anyone know if there are plans to connect the Briar Creek Greenway in Plaza to the nature preserve/greenway in Chantilly Park? Is it possible to connect under Independence?
  15. I assume since the existing line already went under 277 by the Government Center, no pedestrian improvements are being planned there? That is my typical walking route to work (when I decide to be the only pedestrian commuter in CLT). The underpass does really create a mental barrier that separates the walk in a negative way. Spending some amount on pedestrian improvements like the above could be huge especially since there is usually decent foot traffic around there with CPCC.
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