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  1. Has anyone on here had any interactions with a historic district in CLT? Does anyone have any strong feelings toward historic district designation one way or the other? Given that this forum is populated with people who are often both pro-development and pro-preservation, I am curious what the general consensus is.
  2. Eh, college is not busy that far north. Not sure if 9th to 11th and Tryon to Lightrail would be big enough, but if so, I don't think that part of college or 10th/phifer would be particularly missed.
  3. I think this has to be the "other side of the city". They wouldnt move to Eastland for soccer. MLS knows their fan bases are too urban to go out there. Hal Marshall though? Huge plot with lots of developable land near it, on light rail, in uptown.
  4. Does anyone know if there has been so much as a rumor regarding what LH and/or others want to do with the big food truck lot at East/Scott?
  5. Pretty much all restaurants though, no? It would help if one flagship store (Zara/H&M/etc) chose an uptown location, then you could fill surrounding block with more retail, but all of the office space pretty much has restaurants and bars.
  6. The independence already have a deal to use the refurbished stadium. Obviously if we get MLS that would hurt the Independence's attendance projections, but the recent trend in MLS has been to have second tier teams in the USL as feeder teams. It is possible Tepper will purchase or partner with the Independence as a feeder team to get young players more minutes. If they are tied together, the attendance might not take as bad of a hit.
  7. I saw it was mapped as assembled on the development map. I wasn't sure if anyone had tried to reach out to the developer to figure out what the plan is. It isn't definitely them, but it looks like there is an SLT Properties in Greensboro.
  8. I was just looking at Polaris and noticed that 7th Street between Lamar and Clement has been assembled by one owner (SLT Commercial Properties LLC), with the last parcel bought almost a year ago. Has anyone heard what the plan is here?
  9. Does anyone know what the likely timeline is for Tepper going to the city for stadium renovations?
  10. With the expansion to 30 teams, Charlotte's odds of getting an expansion team has skyrocketed. Sacramento and STL look like locks, but Charlotte might be in poll position for #30.
  11. They said the plan is to build on spec, ideally with construction beginning before the end of the year. They have a curved flatiron feature at the corner of 7th and Caswell. The renderings looked great.
  12. I think you misunderstood my point. I wasn't saying 7th street in uptown should be 1 way. I was saying that from Kings Road on through Elizabeth could be 1 way. Right now it is 3 lanes with 1 switching directions. It is dangerous and could be better designed. And regardless, I think RDF's point above stands, traffic has a way of filling what is available.
  13. I commute into work every day from 7th street in Elizabeth. Every time I drive down 7th I think about how dangerous it is that they shift the middle lane from being one direction to the other. I don't have data, but I have to imagine this causes a ton of accidents. If they turned 7th into a pure 2 lane one-way street there would be enough room for a bike lane protected by street parking. That would connect kind of perfectly to this.
  14. I think this will be key. The city is building multi-fam for young professional renters that are basically early-20s dorm rooms and a few townhome options for people that age out, but not enough. It would be great if there were 2-3 bedroom condos that weren't $1MM+.
  15. With the discussion of expanding Independence Park, is there a reason no one has discussed expanding into the space occupied by Kings University? It shut its doors and directly borders the park.
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