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  1. The parking lot across the street needs to be developed. If you have a 5-7 story apartment building at the corner of Elizabeth and Hawthorne with retail down Elizabeth opposite the existing retail it would create a symmetry that is needed (plus the residents would utilize). It's a big lot that extends to 4th. So much wasted potential.
  2. Does anyone know if there is any plan to connect Little Sugar Creek Greenway between the portion near Alexander Street Park and the portion by CPCC? It's so close, but soooo far given how unfriendly the roads are in between.
  3. Plaza Midwood/Elizabeth being a 10 minute neighborhood getting some solid press in support of the 2040 plan. https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nc/charlotte/news/2021/05/27/10-minute-neighborhoods-strive-to-make-charlotte-more-accessible-?cid=app_share
  4. To any Elizabeth residents, the ECA sent a survey to residents about transportation preferences. If you live in Eliz, you should all consider responding. If anyone needs forwarded send me a DM.
  5. That location is going to be demoed, it is just a question of when and what goes there (i.e. how many stories). I'm a little surprised it hasn't happened yet.
  6. Does anyone know if there are any regulations that prevent the City from making the bike lanes along the Streetcar Route (Elizabeth Ave./Hawthorne) protected? There are lines painted but nothing else so no sane person would actually think it is perfectly safe to bike on it without risk of being hit by a car.
  7. They're tearing up the platform at Hawthorne and 8th. Must not have been built correctly because they just finished jackhammering the ramps.
  8. Obviously there are far more rental buildings being built than for-sale condos, but does anyone have any numbers on how many condos were built? My suspicion is that they would sell reasonably well but I'd be curious if there was data to back that up.
  9. Once the 277 river starts flowing these apartments are going to have an incredible waterfront location.
  10. Yea, especially given the synergies that would come with a library/affordable housing together, it is criminal that we have any single story libraries in this city. Even just having a second floor with a few apartments would be better than nothing (and not crazy expensive since I think you can have a second floor without elevator and still be ADA compliant).
  11. Agreed and I am hopeful that with time the tree with become more prominent.
  12. That vacant lot has been a blight on the neighborhood for too long. Good to see progress here.
  13. Right now it is just an abandoned pool supply building and a handful of single family homes abutting the last stop on the soon to be completed streetcar. What there is necessary to preserve for a "well-articulated, intricate urban fabric". I understand people want to preserve a number of single family homes, but at the corner of Central and Hawthorne at the last stop of the streetcar? That feels like a place where we should definitely be pushing to have some denser housing options. Townhomes on Sunnyside with apartments on Central feels like a much better use of the space.
  14. No, obviously that's close, but I was talking about the corner on the Elizabeth side of Central across from Metro808.
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