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  1. I strongly suspect this is one of them (yes that's right there are two)
  2. Whoever buys this (Crescent/Edens or Crescent/Asana) is going to scrape this whole thing, put up their retailers of choice, about 400 apartment units, parking deck, and maybe some creative office. No way this thing can support a large office development - ingress/egress is a nightmare.
  3. On a side note, this is one of the coolest construction projects in the world. They literally have to disassemble the current building because they can't demolish it.
  4. Of all the apartment deals I've seen, this is definitely one of them
  5. Keep an eye on this one over the next couple weeks
  6. This must be it. A bunch is unusable. Meant $1.8M/acre
  7. Sale price is incredibly low for a parcel of this profile. Just about any piece of somewhat clean dirt is going for $5M+ per acre in South End. How does this sell for $1.8M lol?
  8. Came very very close on one of the relocations
  9. Would be very surprised. For better or worse banks are prestige tenants that like to be in the CBD.
  10. All I'm saying is that we are far from done this year when it comes to large corporate relocation announcements
  11. Could very well be mechanical above the lobby but tough to tell
  12. Don't know if it mentions in the article but that should be over 100 people
  13. This may be a stupid question but why in the world would people do this? Why not just stay in cash.
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