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  1. Translation: A one-seat ride to the airport is more complex/expensive than we (CATS) want to take on so we’re blaming the airport. I think the best case scenario here is a Silver Line Airport Station that allows pain-free connections to future commuter rail and the people mover. The people mover if designed correctly could be a catalyst for future Airport District growth.
  2. I-42 and Complete 540 will make Smithfield more attractive for commuters in the near future.
  3. Orange County is the most difficult place to build in the state. It’s not even close.
  4. If the Raleigh and Durham MSAs are combined there is a real possibility Alamance County could be added due to existing commuting patterns. Today Burlington has its own MSA which includes all of the urbanized portions of Alamance County. Over the years I’ve always thought Burlington should naturally be apart of Greensboro’s MSA since two cities have grown towards each other over the last 20 years, but with High Point joining the Winston-Salem MSA, i felt i clearly lacked the understanding as to how MSAs are formed. Greensboro and High Point are virtually the same city. Traditionally Alam
  5. This is very possible. NCDOT intends to buy the S-Line soon. If they buy it, they’ll be able to run commuter rail to show an immediate ROI until the long term project to restore the S-Line to Petersburg for long distance passenger rail is complete.
  6. This will help tremendously with the fluidity of train operations especially with increased freight and passenger traffic expected in the near future. Hopefully the Harrisburg Station is built with two platforms and does not preclude an *easy* future blue line connection.
  7. There is a lot of truth in that statement. Liberal or Conservative ,Orange County is anti-growth with the exception of the part that has spillover growth from Alamance County (Mebane).
  8. They’ll find a home in Alamance County, I’m sure. Exit 143,145, and 148 would be great candidate locations and Buc- ees would replace some of the blight that’s there currently.
  9. A real question to consider here would be commuter rail and intercity rail connectivity. If transportation planners reasonably believe there will be an airport station for commuter rail in the future, there could be advantages to have a seamless connection between LRT,Commuter Rail, and the people mover. This type of rail facility could potentially offer check baggage and check in services.
  10. I agree with you. If the station isn’t at the terminal there are not many benefits to moving the station away from the Wilkerson Blvd alignment. The airport gateway has tons of potential and light rail can certainly act as a catalyst with good planning. One unknown factor is whether the People Mover frequency provides an attractive connection to light rail. I’ve seen long headways at various airports.
  11. Simple solution here, NS leases the line out to CATS or NCDOT. NS retains exclusive freight trackage rights. CATS or NCDOT takes on all maintenance and liability for the leased line. The line is upgraded with long sidings and double track where appropriate. NCDOT or CATS eliminate unsafe and redundant road crossings. NCDOT or CATS fund the necessary PTC upgrades. NS retains all longitudinal utility leases. A 50 year renewable lease under these conditions is more than reasonable. NCDOT (and NCRR) is already geared to work with local governments to add new freight rail customers. This
  12. In other words, freight traffic and passenger traffic must be dispatched together. There will be no passenger only operating windows if commuter rail is allowed. With the appropriate track and signal infrastructure improvements I don’t see this as an issue. This arrangement is not uncommon.
  13. Yes, I-885 will be signed at the I-85/US 70 interchange in west Durham and the I-40/NC 147 interchange in south Durham. Here’s an in depth write up on it. https://malmeroads.net/ncfutints/fut885.html
  14. The airport stop has so much potential. I hope the people mover extends just north of I-85 to support Airport District related growth such as hotels, conference centers, office, airport related parking etc. It would also be nice if this light rail station allows an easy transfer to commuter rail in the future.
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