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  1. I took this photo today from future station track 1 at Gateway Station.
  2. Having lived in both Raleigh and Atlanta I definitely share your thoughts on this. I-440 is starting to resemble the northern arc of I-285 (albeit much more pleasant to drive).
  3. Does anyone know if the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite will be annexed by the City of Greensboro?
  4. All great points listed above. I think an ACC centric redevelopment of the Four Seasons mall property into a true walkable mixed used destination would go a long way… the decline of this area has a had a bigger impact on Greensboro’s image than most will admit. This area has huge impression on out of towners especially during ACC events. I believe Charlotte has already been selected internally at this point and the ACC is going through the motions at this point to save face.
  5. Surprisingly Alamance sends a significant amount of commuters to Wake County as well. If Raleigh and Durham combine as a MSA there may be enough commuters from Alamance to the new Raleigh Durham MSA core counties to shift Alamance to the new MSA.
  6. DOLRT could have provided smart growth opportunities around stations to address this shortage. Oh well.
  7. I don’t think anyone will recognize Pittsboro 10 years from now.
  8. Translation: A one-seat ride to the airport is more complex/expensive than we (CATS) want to take on so we’re blaming the airport. I think the best case scenario here is a Silver Line Airport Station that allows pain-free connections to future commuter rail and the people mover. The people mover if designed correctly could be a catalyst for future Airport District growth.
  9. I-42 and Complete 540 will make Smithfield more attractive for commuters in the near future.
  10. Orange County is the most difficult place to build in the state. It’s not even close.
  11. If the Raleigh and Durham MSAs are combined there is a real possibility Alamance County could be added due to existing commuting patterns. Today Burlington has its own MSA which includes all of the urbanized portions of Alamance County. Over the years I’ve always thought Burlington should naturally be apart of Greensboro’s MSA since two cities have grown towards each other over the last 20 years, but with High Point joining the Winston-Salem MSA, i felt i clearly lacked the understanding as to how MSAs are formed. Greensboro and High Point are virtually the same city. Traditionally Alamance county has always been considered a part of the Triad. With the growth happening in Mebane and Graham it will be interesting to see how that dynamic changes.
  12. This is very possible. NCDOT intends to buy the S-Line soon. If they buy it, they’ll be able to run commuter rail to show an immediate ROI until the long term project to restore the S-Line to Petersburg for long distance passenger rail is complete.
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