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  1. Seaboard Fellow

    North Carolina Intercity Rail Transit

    @cowboy_wilhelm you are correct , the future Southeast Corridor is driving the grade separations of Blue Ridge Road, Millbrook Road, Durant Road, and Rogers Road. There are several other grade separations planned in Wake County including Gresham Lake Road, Ligon Mill Road, and Wolfpack Lane. Active negotiations are happening in NC (NCDOT) and VA (VDRPT) to secure the former S-Line from CSX. The Southeast Corridor (Formerly SEHSR) is a top priority for NCDOT’s Rail Division.
  2. Seaboard Fellow

    South Bank Building Durham Redevelopment

    Another great project for Durham. I hope this gets built. The scale is perfect for that section of downtown.
  3. Seaboard Fellow

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    I used to think of proposals for double decker freeways in the southeast as pie in the sky until I visited Dallas and drove on the LBJ TEXpress lanes. It could definitely work here (minus the frontage roads). Fortunately for I-77 commuters, I-485 is a legitimate bypass for Charlotte thru traffic that has bought NCDOT time to get this proposed widening of I-77 right.
  4. Seaboard Fellow

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    There are several potential factors that can be impacting speed on the blue line extension, I will ask my former colleague who was a part of the BLE construction if she knows the reason. There could be an issue with the traffic signal preemption that has caused concern for local traffic engineers. CATS may be running at limited speeds through the affected crossings until this issue can be resolved for safety and liability reasons (see Denver). I don’t believe any significant improvements could be made to speed up the original blue line that local residents would have an appetite for as it would significantly impact the land use surrounding the line. I recommend talking to the operators if you ever get a chance, you’ll get honest feedback.
  5. Seaboard Fellow

    Charlotte Greenways and Trails

    Not bad, but I thought the trail would be branded as “XCLT” .
  6. Seaboard Fellow

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I agree with you. There are many things to be learned from the issues that Denver’s A Line encountered. I couldn’t imagine having to pay two 24 hour Flagmen a day at each crossing for several months. I remember calling my counterparts at UPRR as I rode the train to find out what the heck was going on. Those crossings also protect UPRR’s traffic on the affected portion which contributed to the problem. Fortunately Charlotte’s LRT doesn’t have that condition.
  7. Seaboard Fellow

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    With the amount of complex traffic signal preemption at each location, I would imagine redesigning each crossing location to add exit gates effectively “sealing” the corridor would be around 150k to 200k per crossing location including labor.
  8. Seaboard Fellow

    The Bad News Report

    I don’t believe my post inferred that Baltimore was better than Charlotte. I was just referencing your view on DC race relations versus Charlotte’s. Those rosy visions you referred to don’t really exist anywhere FWIW.
  9. Seaboard Fellow

    The Bad News Report

    I believe greater income inequality in DC as compared to Charlotte probably fuels those negative descriptions of African Americans as well.
  10. Seaboard Fellow

    The Bad News Report

    The tournament should be held where it is wanted and appreciated. Atleast in Baltimore the attendees won’t be subjected to any type of “CIAA tax”. North Carolina is home to many of the HBCUs represented by the CIAA, Charlotte is the best place for the tournament to be held because many of the attendees genuinely love Charlotte. A lot of the negative sentiment for the CIAA tournament sounds familiar to Myrtle Beach’s negative sentiment towards Black Bike Week. I thought Charlotte was better than that. I’ll end my rant there.
  11. Seaboard Fellow

    Dimensional Place (Common Market South End site)

    Sorry to continue this thread along the off topic path but Atlanta is very much a vacation destination for African Americans (and people of African decent globally) for what it’s worth. As far as Charlotte becoming more of tourist destination, the development of the Gold District and Savona could go a long way. I believe a space needle/ CN tower type project is the only thing that could drastically boost tourism. I’ll add a ”Sceptre” tower to the armchair developer thread.
  12. Seaboard Fellow

    2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    While I agree with some of the concern regarding the viability of DOLRT, I will say that Chapel Hill has several bright spots which may allow the light rail to be a success. UNC has approximately 30K student and approximately 12k faculty members and staff. The UNC Medical Center employs 7,100. Chapel Hill Transit offers free public transit and is the second largest transit system in NC as it provides 7 million rides annually. Chapel Hill transit will find ways to integrate itself with the new light rail service. Chapel Hill does a great job when it comes to land use planning compared to other municipalities in the State and because that I believe Chapel Hill will allow dense developments with the great urban designs where appropriate. I do wish that the Light rail would run in mixed traffic with signal priority or in a dedicated lane up Columbia St to Franklin Street, with a possible spur to Downtown Carrboro via the existing freight line should it be abandoned.
  13. Seaboard Fellow

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    That would be Richmond’s Main Street Station.