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  1. Being an NC native (Graham) that now resides in Wawa Country, I’ve always been amazed that Wawa has not followed Sheetz into the North Carolina market. Anecdotally I would say people generally prefer Wawa over Sheetz where their markets overlap. Undoubtedly Wawa would be a major success in NC. I’ve also wondered similar things about Biscuitville, and why it hasn’t expanded into Metro Richmond for the same reasons.... Damn I miss Biscuitville.
  2. Good catch @Jones_ . That would be a great spot for a commuter rail station if this project along with the Seaboard Station redevelopment happens.
  3. Yes, 23’ vertical clearance above the top of rail. This is an important intermodal line, with more growth expected in the near term.
  4. CSX would not be opposed to any form of grade separation at this location as long as it meets CSX design standards. -CSX Guy
  5. Red pavement markings for BRT may become a new standard when the new MUTCD is released. Hopefully this improves driver behavior in and around BRT lanes.
  6. The Phillip Morris site is the best site for an auto manufacturing plant out of the NC mega sites. It has the best combination of high capacity rail (NS/NCRR Main) and highway access (recently widened I-85). Unfortunately the other States have established supply chains to support auto manufacturing. I think Michigan has the best chance to land this based upon the reasons listed in the article, including the potential use of the now defunct Buick City site. I hate that Auto Manufacturers use NC as a stalking horse to maximize incentive offers elsewhere on an annual basis. I still hear about Mercedes Benz not coming to Mebane in the early 1990s when I visit my childhood home. This has been happening for a long time. I hope that I am wrong.
  7. Fayetteville has a lot of development happening right now with the new ballpark that just opened, the recently renovated historic Prince Charles hotel and the new downtown Hyatt Place hotel. Every time I visit, most of the downtown bars and restaurants appear to be doing quite well.
  8. Its amazing what lawmakers can accomplish when they work together. There is so much potential revenue that would come from relaxing alcohol laws in NC. At the very least last call, abc store hours of operation, open carry in special designated areas, etc should be up to each County like in GA.
  9. It might have been this Top Golf location currently under construction. https://topgolf.com/us/richmond/
  10. I had an uber driver reference the late 70s hub a few weeks ago on a ride from the airport back home. On the other hand, I spoke with some folks who have been in Richmond their entire life, no one seemed to know anything about it. This appears to be a hard story to pin down.
  11. I struggled to keep my wife out of that store when it first opened, she loved it so much. I agree Wegmans would do well in the Charlotte Metro. The Grocery Store war being waged in NC has been largely avoided in VA. The Food Lion/ Martins merger left a void in the Richmond area with several store closures that Publix has been able to fill. On another note, I always been curious as to why Harris Teeter doesn’t have a presence in the Richmond Metro while having locations to the north and east?
  12. I really applaud the developers for pursuing this, the field next to Fulton Yard(CSX) that fronts Orleans Street is bisected by Richmond and Henrico. That has been an issue for many past prospective buyers. I always oftentimes wish for a bridge across the James River to Manchester & I-95 at this location. A bridge at this location would help to mitigate the traffic impact on Dock St and Main St. as this area continues to develop. Unfortunately I know it will never happen.
  13. As someone who works at Fulton Yard for CSX, I couldn’t be more excited!
  14. Great point, I would like to see a spur off of the Silver Line to Eastland via Albemarle Road. It would be a relatively short spur that provides a major positive impact on development and opportunity in East Charlotte. Ofcourse this spur would be in addition to South Park and Ballantyne connections via the Blue Line
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