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  1. I take the commuter flights Monday/Thursday 3x a month. There is a significant difference in the capacity from 2 years ago. Im top tier on American and there are plenty of days I don’t get upgraded going to CLT now. Was always a guarantee before
  2. Yup. He says that would make sense. what a buzzkill
  3. Just confirmed with my buddy who is a Delta pilot. That means it’s being added! I fly up there nearly every week. Going to change my life not having to connect now. thats a lot of hours I get at home now, instead of sitting at CLT
  4. Still can’t see Jet blue coming. Delta makes the most sense with them making Boston a priority hub. I’m shocked we haven’t heard anything on it in months.
  5. Will be interesting to see if any changes are made at security. Lines are growing for early morning flights lately. also - GIVE US THE BOSTON FLIGHT
  6. I fly 4x a month for work. I can’t tell you how much less stressful it is taking a 45 minute connecting flight from GSP-CLT. Than dealing with morning traffic coming into CLT and parking. Beyond that, most who travel often will take the connecting flights for additional segments. Much easier to earn status quickly. I have EP through AA that way. I generally get home 15-30 minutes later if I connect rather than drive. Plus I can work the entire time. your theory might be true for casual travelers looking to save $50.
  7. Cant see them adding a major airline that only has one route to and from GSP, but who knows. Would be AA or Delta I have great status with AA from flying to Boston 3x a month. At this point I would take any carrier direct and start over with points.
  8. Hip hip hooray for Boston direct
  9. Just give us the Boston direct!
  10. Hallelujah on Boston. I make the drive to CLT every other week for the direct flight
  11. I would just like a direct to Boston. Is that so much to ask
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