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  1. Nathan2

    Cap over Belk Freeway (277)

    So we are supposed to just keep going about our days in cars and act like it isn't a major producer of carbon emissions just because you are so used to driving down the freeway to your job? 277 is one of the biggest deterrents to pedestrians between uptown and the surrounding neighborhoods, its essentially a dead zone. It makes walking uptown miserable.
  2. I have to tend to agree that running along a highway isn't the best. While it can help start growth in the area I feel like it will mainly only get people and growth from inside of 277. The highway will act as a wall, though at this point I just want a connection to plaza.
  3. Nathan2

    Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network The article and the comments definitely make it seem as most people are against the project? CATS doesn't seem to help itself out with its poor communication.
  4. Nathan2

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    I wish they would go ahead and at least finish the gold line through the plaza. That neighborhood desperately needs better transit. Wishing it were possible to widen central so streetcars could have their own dedicated lanes.
  5. yea going to have to agree. Looks like a suburban business park building. Tired of all the glass.
  6. Nathan2

    Unified Development Ordinance

    I am new to this site but would like to comment on all the existing and new parking structures that are being built in the city. I feel that with the UDO still years out Charlotte has stunted any future possibility of creating a transit and pedestrian neighborhoods. Even once the UDO is passed there will still be the hundreds of parking structures that people will find more convenient to use because they are there. Why can't they go ahead and pass new parking ordinances to limit this in the future now? Why wouldn't they want to apply the parking rules outside of the 1/4 mile TOD area to neighborhood centers and uptown as a whole? Plaza Midwood, for example, would have been a great addition since it already has a decent pedestrian vibe. All the new apartments would have been great without the additional parking decks especially since the gold line will soon connect to the area.
  7. Nathan2

    Pedestrian Shaming in Charlotte

    I don't think you are fully looking at this deep enough. Yes, those are the rules. But no matter what, pedestrians are at a disposition because our infrastructure is built for cars primarily. There is little thought put into how a pedestrian can get around, which makes it unsafe and in some places almost impossible to get around without a car. People seem to forget that cars are crazy expensive and that there are people who can't afford them or generally don't want to throw their money away at a bad investment. Our infrastructure shouldn't be geared towards one form of transportation but equally helpful to drivers, walkers, bikers, and transit riders.