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  1. I should rephrase, on the actual gold line.
  2. No they are not all bad, but at this point they aren't essential. Even breweries that started off good have slowly started to just give up putting on the façade that they care.
  3. I absolutely love our charlotte breweries and can't wait for the pandemic to be over to frequent them again, but the industry in my opinion has seemed to not care throughout the whole pandemic for the safety of the community. The county and state continue to believe that we shouldn't frequent parks but say nothing of the packed breweries on a daily basis. Wish the beer community would show a better example.
  4. When are they going to start testing or running vehicles on the line?
  5. That is true, but it's still a massive chain of around 400 stores.
  6. Looks like marble slab creamery is taking over Nova's bakery. Slightly disappointed as its a major chain, would have been nice to have something local.
  7. The already miserable intersection here is going to be a nightmare once cars leave this parking garage after work. Not sure why they thought offices would be better than apartments/condos.
  8. Is the grey side of the Ellis really the finished look? If so, that looks awful. Completely lazy.
  9. Everyone always talks about Daniel Levine and how he is holding so much land hostage in the North Tryon area, but he also is doing the same here in Plaza. Its a shame that he is letting so many lots and buildings just sit empty or underused off of Commonwealth and the Plaza. These lots if developed the right way could really give plaza the more urban feel. Anyone have any idea what he is waiting on?
  10. The old buildings at the back of Central Square will be saved now that the rezoning for the site has been approved.
  11. Are we not already doing this with what will be the new UDO?
  12. I had thought that they were going to be keeping those structures. Which is what the bizjournal article mentioned I believe. Though I found this on the charlotte rezoning page. This was reviewed on the 16th of November. https://charlottenc.gov/planning/Rezoning/RezoningPetitions/2020Petitions/Documents/Pre_Hearing_Staff_Analysis/2020_115_PHSA.pdf
  13. Nothing like two giant parking garages next to a future light rail station. Wish they could also somehow get rid of the CVS and work that corner into the development. Though at this point I guess I will settle with anything that gets rid of the current parking lot. I also found this preliminary plan for the site.
  14. Any reason for why they need structured parking and surface parking? Seems like they should just stick to parking structures. Currently a quarter or more of the whole site is taken up by parking.
  15. Agreed. The city council had months to come up with a more permanent plan that would have welcomed the new 2040 plan and cemented their commitment to vision zero. Instead they have once again let that opportunity slide and it will most likely follow with lots of talks and studies that won't amount to anything. I highly doubt that allowing a few cars to park on Tryon is going to do much to save the businesses on Tryon.
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