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  1. or just cap independence while we are at it! Connect Elizabeth and plaza again with a giant park leading to uptown.
  2. Can you drive to a parking garage along light rail and then ride in. I feel like it makes transit and pedestrian life harder for those living there when everywhere has to provide parking for those that don't live in the area.
  3. If only we could do this in Charlotte. The MTA replaced a rail bridge in one weekend. Meanwhile Hawthorne has taken years. https://newyork.cbslocal.com/video/4185477-mta-replaces-bridge-in-one-weekend/
  4. Should this lot be rezoned TOD? Plan for the future as the silver line will eventually run right next to the property. A pedestrian oriented alley or street would be cool through the center of this lot surrounded by shops and apartments and end at the light rail station.
  5. I'm not sure about free, but I sure do hope there won't be any surface parking lot. Walking around plaza you feel like the neighborhood is choked by cars.
  6. I hope any new development keeps the "plaza" brick building look and not anymore of the generic beige we have seen with some of the newer apartments in the area.
  7. I agree. Before I knew DQ was leaving, I always thought that the street presence of the DQ needed some improvements. Would have been nice to do away with the parking at the front and add picnic tables or something. I hope whatever goes into this corner lot does the neighborhood justice.
  8. Capping the 74 independence section from uptown to Bojangles coliseum would be a perfect spot to create the massive urban park that Charlotte is missing. Yes, it wouldn't add development money opportunities like south end but Charlotte desperately needs more open park space. Imagine having a bike commuting route through the park that wouldn't have to use any roads. This would also help re connect Elizabeth and Plaza. Part of the highway already seems to be lower than the surrounding area. Just a dream.
  9. I still can't see this making anything much better. The lanes will only be open during peak periods. You are now going to have people merging from the toll lanes all the way over to the exit/ shoulder lanes causing slowdowns and traffic. Additionally, it'll create safety issues for first responders.
  10. I completely agree with needing to make that a signature corner with retail. I always felt the Julien is one of the nicer looking buildings, at least compared to some of the new apartments being built in the area.
  11. I wish they would downgrade independence to a boulevard to help weave back all of the neighborhoods that border it. Especially since there will hopefully be the silver line running down the corridor.
  12. On the now vacant lot next door. Where the old Charlotte Fire department credit union used to be.
  13. I was told by a leasing agent at the Julien off of Commonwealth that construction for a new Julien style apartment would begin next spring.
  14. Getting in and out of this place on pecan is going to be a nightmare. I just hate how much valuable space these parking garages are taking up in our community.
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