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  1. Can we talk about how the city and the delayed UDO has already failed our city. Every single home that has sold since 2021 in the 28205 zip code has sold for near/at/ or above a million dollars. The homes labeled in white have recently been purchased and since torn down for million dollar plus homes. For an area that is incredibly pedestrian friendly compared to the majority of the rest of the city, this is disturbing. The UDO at this point will struggle to provide missing middle homes as any property that is financially viable has already been gobbled up. I believe the UDO needs to go further in these neighborhoods and allow 6-12 unit apartments. These new homes that are replacing naturally occurring "affordable" housing will be the downfall of walkable, equitable, and successful neighborhoods.
  2. From what I understand fare capping only works for those that purchase tickets in the cats app and does not count towards people who purchase physical tickets or pay with cash. Cash users make up the majority of riders.
  3. There is only so much you can do about road rage, but the city can make streets safer and slower through design. No matter how many people die or get hurt the city will continue to sit on its ass and do nothing. The number of requests I have made to lower speed limits, add traffic calming devices, crosswalks, or even just get CMPD to patrol more along commonwealth have all been turned down stating that the volume of traffic is too high to do anything. In just the past month cars have destroyed the corner of central and Thomas ( the little artsy wall) street as well as taken out light poles on commonwealth and plaza, of course the debris is still there to this day. At any of these locations its a miracle pedestrians weren't run over. Every morning in front of my apartment cars are constantly driving 10 to 20 over and flying through stop signs.
  4. The Town of Huntersville has allowed multifamily (duplexes to apartment buildings by right) in a good portion of the town for almost two decades now. The only areas that it isn't allowed in is in the far flung Rural areas and Corporate business. I think its just your perception of affordability. Great thread on this posted on twitter yesterday.
  5. Sure this is true. But the average person who doesn't bike around Charlotte is only going to bike places if there is easy, safe, and completely protected lanes. When the sole purpose of those bike lanes on the plaza and parkwood are to slow cars ( this is definitely not a bad thing) and not to get biker places safe they aren't going to be respected by the city or the user.
  6. That bike lane along Parkwood is barely usable. The lanes are not protected and the infrastructure that separates the lanes has been completely destroyed already. Not to mention you run a high risk of flatting as the lanes are completely filled with glass, metal, and other debris. This is the story with almost all of charlottes supposed bike lanes except the one mile that is separated by concrete.
  7. This all comes down to people not realizing that there is no such thing as free parking, the cost is added somewhere even when the parking is supposedly "free". The more places start charging for parking the better the outcome for the city. People need to start realizing that quick and easy parking is not normal and is a detriment to a livable city, Unfortunately the more giant parking structures we keep building the more it enforces peoples idea that parking is a right. Its funny as the city has a stated goal of reducing car usage by 50%.
  8. The difference here is that Tariq didn't give his props a choice or in the example of the Eastland market, didn't even tell them what he was doing.
  9. The difference between this "suburb" and the likes of Dilworth, Wesley Heights, etc.. is that they weren't built with giant sprawling surface parking lots originally and each one of them were connected and close by to a vast network of streetcar lines. Even today you do not have to get into a car to get to a major urban area in Dilworth unlike the river district. The river district will require every person to jump into a car to get to work or school, thus furthering traffic congestion into charlotte.
  10. There is absolutely no way the stadium has ever been close to capacity. I said missing in the range of 6-8k as the stadium has varied over the past several weeks. I've been to every game and not a single one was close to full. If that number was the case the Montreal game was at 100% capacity, which it was no where near. Not to mention ticketmaster regularly has tons of tickets left on the day of. I would like to see an exact number on what capacity is because I'm not buying a " in the range of", especially since the camera positions do not take away that many seats.
  11. Average attendance (without the first home game) is 31,479. The lower bowl capacity is 38,000 seats. Also the numbers provided is tickets distributed, not butt in the seats.
  12. I'm just surprised the trader joes, Aldi's, and Lidl's of the world haven't moved into more urban neighborhoods. I feel like these stores would make a killing. An American version of Tesco would even be amazing to have.
  13. This may be slightly off topic... Why are areas like this, with lots of new residential units, not getting small urban grocery stores? Small urban grocery stores would allow these neighborhoods to truly become walkable 10 minute neighborhoods. Its crazy that people in these areas still have to drive to get to grocery stores. What is stopping developers from providing these essential community stores?
  14. The games consistently have about 6k to 8k empty seats. The team seems to be pretty far away from filling the remaining seats as most of the seats are expensive club seats.
  15. I agree, it really does the original façade a disservice.
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