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  1. Tried messing with the app yesterday. The trackers seem to be pretty off. The #17 bus passed my apartment but the #17 on the app still showed that it was about a mile or so away.
  2. Took the Gold Line home after the Panthers game yesterday. The good was that the stations were packed with people waiting to get on the train and once on the train the cars were packed full. The bad was that the wait for the train took almost 30 mins before I decided to start walking home. I walked from Mint station to Davidson st station before the train caught up and I jumped on. It then took an additional 20 mins to get to Sunnyside. The city has to make some drastic changes to the Gold line or it will continue to be a joke. I would never pay $2.50 to ride with the current situat
  3. This is sad and depressing. The lack of urgency is extremely frustrating. This is infrastructure that the city badly needs now and waiting 20+ years is not going to cut it. Why do I want to live in a city that shows no ability to get anything done in order to make it a more livable place?
  4. Yes, Almost every bike "lane" in this city is almost un ridable. In a group ride the other night tires were flatted from debris on the sides of the road. Not to mention that the few "protected" bike lanes have almost completely been destroyed. On the Plaza it seems that neighbors have taken out some of the bike barrier planters and moved them into the grass. I have yet to see the city maintain any of the bike infrastructure. I will also note the cross walks were repaved and back to normal. Missed opportunity. That is a giant missed opportunity.
  5. Would be an amazing opportunity to put in raised sidewalks to discourage cars running the stop sign and look out for pedestrians.
  6. Sorry but not sure why that would be a bad thing. It would be amazing to get rid of parking and turn it into actual usable land.
  7. This would be a great time for charlotte to implement complete street components like pinch points or chicanes. Cars travel at very high speeds on Pecan and it is a street that is used by lots of bikers and pedestrians, which is never a good mix. Unfortunately it seems they have already marked the lines to be painted and bike lanes don't seem to be included.
  8. Is that the final look for the parking garage screening? If so, that is absolutely lazy.
  9. I think people are really getting too worked up over their subdivisions getting "ruined", when this most likely will only affect a small portion of neighborhoods in the city. Most subdivisions have covenants that restrict anything but single family homes on their lots. So alot of the people getting upset won't even have to worry about duplexes being built next to them.
  10. That would be completely transformative for east charlotte.
  11. Can anything be done about this? I feel like this is a major affordability issue that will affect people for generations. We need more housing not larger more unaffordable homes closer to the city.
  12. If the city is going to continue building bike lanes separated by plastic bollards on busy roads they need to figure out a way to keep cars from running them over and leaving the lanes totally in disrepair. The plaza bike lane is constantly covered in filth and the E 12th street bike lane is almost always unusable. They need a more permanent solution.
  13. Lovely, I live within 100 ft. of independence. Could be my bias living near it, but I have always felt that 74 should be getting the same attention as 277 to be removed, capped, or at least turned back into an actual boulevard. Seems like it does as much damage splitting the city apart and would be an awesome park leading into the city.
  14. This is why Charlotte will never have a lively uptown area. The city seems to forget that it takes historical structures and good architecture to create a sense of place. Bland structures like podium apartments will never create the street presence that charlotte always claims they are trying to create.
  15. Anyone else feel like there is a big gap in the first ward area of uptown on the silver line alignment? The 11th street and 10th street areas have a lot of housing that won't really be within walking distance of a station. It would be a shame to leave that whole area out.
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