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  1. I'd love to learn more about this. The Observer hasn't mentioned this, as far as I know, but I might well have missed it. If the areas with deed restrictions banning duplexes/triplexes in single family zones is extensive, it could be a game-changer. Someone should publish a map showing the areas where duplexes and triplexes are prohibited by deed restrictions. I'm in Weddington, Union County, just across the line from Mecklenburg. Here, single family means single family, and mostly 40,000 sf lot minimums. I expect a migration from Charlotte.
  2. There are three planned highway projects which will affect my neck of the woods (I live off Providence Road, in Weddington, just south of where Providence narrows from four lanes to two). The three projects are 1) the extension of Rea Road across Providence to NC 84; 2) the widening of Providence from Rea Road to Waxhaw; and 3) the new Weddington Road interchange with I-485. All are badly needed, and in fact should have been done years ago. The two-lane part of Providence between Weddington and Waxhaw is a nightmare during the morning and evening rush, and it's getting that way mid-
  3. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/article248776350.html Looks like the Belk family got out at the right time.
  4. So the Charlotte Observer was wrong? What a surprise! If the parking deck was not part of the sale, then of course the sellers did well. I suspect there are side deals which we're not yet seeing. If Cousins has indeed purchased the parking deck, they likely have leased a significant number of parking spaces to the new owners of the 200 South College Building (or whatever they call it after BB&T leaves). It would make no sense for someone to buy the building without having parking for their tenants. So that will cut into the total return for Arden. I look forward to a clarifi
  5. DEVELOPMENT Development BB&T office tower in uptown Charlotte sold for $115 million to a New York firm BY DANIELLE CHEMTOB JANUARY 20, 2021 02:15 PM, UPDATED 41 MINUTES AGO The BB&T Center in uptown Charlotte sold for $115 million to a New York company, Mecklenburg County property records show. The sale included the 22-story office tower and the parking garage next door, according to a Tuesday release from JLL Capital Markets, which brokered the sale. The center, which was built in 1
  6. My Weimaraner puppy, Ike (so named because President Eisenhower had one) spies a deer for the first time, from my library (which sounds better than home office). He's now 4.5 months old; these pics are a month old or so. In the first pic, note the doe's fawn, who is a bit shy, in the right background. A staring contest, which lasted about 45 seconds:
  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Some generic thoughts, not about a particular bar/restaurant which is closing or may do so soon, but about the challenges faced in general by bars and restaurants... New behavior, once learned, can be difficult to un-learn. Most of us have, for quite a few months, been doing a much higher percentage of our eating (and, for those who indulge, drinking) at home, as opposed to bars and restaurants. I trust there will come a time, hopefully soon, when the virus is defeated, everyone has been vaccinated, the riots have stopped, and damaged/destroyed establishm
  8. A few topics which don't merit a thread of their own -- I guess this is as good a place as any. 1. What is the status of the proposed highrise in Cherry? It seems to have dropped out of the news. 2. Some months ago, it was announced that the parking garage (but not the office building) of BB&T Center (200 S. College) had been sold. What about the office building? Is it a tear-down, while keeping the garage intact? The "anchor" tenant, BB&T, doesn't occupy much space -- I think three floors ± -- but of course they're leaving, including the first floor lobby. For years,
  9. Were I a hard-core preservationist (spoiler alert: I' m not), I don't think the Barringer Hotel/Hall House is the hill I'd die on. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the beholder would have to be under the influence of some pretty strong "feel good" drugs to see this building as anything other than one of ordinary, utilitarian design, rendered in cheap materials. "Art Deco" elements? Please. A concrete first and second floor facade tacked onto an otherwise perfectly plain box built of the most common brick (a particularly ugly and gloomy dark maroon which I can only surmise mus
  10. An uncomfortable question, but one that needs to be asked, in light of 'rona and riots: how bad a long-term hit has the demand for office space and hotel rooms taken? I don't want to leave out residential, retail, bars and restaurants, parking garages, and public/cultural facilities, which are already having a tough time, but office and hotel demand seems to be in a particularly difficult long-term spot. Years ago, one of the big commercial real estate companies, in conjunction with, as I recall, the Central Charlotte Association (since absorbed by the Charlotte Chamber) kept a runni
  11. I'm a native of Charlotte, grew up near SouthPark, and have lived in Fourth Ward, and the "poor part of Eastover" (a humble condo in the shadow of the manses of the rich and powerful), among other places. But I built a house in Weddington, Union County, a decade ago. I absolutely love Union County. I have deer in front of my house, a pond with turtles, ducks, and a Great Blue Heron in back, and Red Tail Hawks wheeling overhead. If I had to commute to central Charlotte on a daily basis, I might not be so happy, but that's not the case. For all its charm, Union County is, well, quirky
  12. How about bringing back "Downtown"? The word "Uptown" has always struck me as a silly affectation. But some people like it, so keep it to refer to the part of the central business district north of Trade Street, and call the part of the central business district south of Trade "Downtown." The intense development of the Stonewall/Tryon area merits its own geographic name, anyway. And having an Uptown and a Downtown would mirror the same designations as in New York and Atlanta, with Uptown being north, and Downtown being South. (Of course, Tryon runs approximately southwest-to-northeast
  13. Perhaps you need more current data than "more than a decade ago." Marvin Ridge High, founded 2007, and Cuthbertson High, founded 2009, may not even have existed. I know the attendance zones have changed substantially since you worked at WHS. Here's a more current ranking of North Carolina public high schools: https://www.schooldigger.com/go/NC/schoolrank.aspx?level=3 Marvin Ridge, Weddington, and Cuthbertson are rated #13, #15, and #22 in the state, respectively. But note that the rankings include charter schools, early college schools, and tech and arts schools with small student bo
  14. Things change rapidly, don't they? As of a decade ago, suburbs were doomed, and millenials were giving up their cars, and moving into lofts over retail beside the tracks. But by the time this thread started (2017), we were already seeing a reversal of this trend. The word "exurbs" was little used until the 2016 elections. Then, exurbs were discovered, and suburbs rediscovered. Of course, residents thereof had long been aware of their attractiveness. In the Charlotte metro area, the urban/suburban divide is especially sharp once you cross the county line out of Mecklenburg. Taxes
  15. The need for an "art house" movie theater is, to me, debatable, given modern capacity for home entertainment. In fact, the era of movie theaters in general, whether "first run" or "art house" is coming to an end. Showing films in a dark room does nothing to enliven the nearby streetscape -- didn't work at EpiCentre or Ballantyne, to name two recent fiascos. If someone determines there is a market for such films, fine with me. But why in Myers Park/ Eastover? If the concept works at all, it might be in more of a hipster hood -- NoDa, Plaza Midweird, Elizabeth Avenue, or a back street i
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