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  1. ^Considering it says "Heart & Soul" above it, I imagine the E and C stands for Eric Church. As for the "F", not sure. The Heart & Soul are Church's three newest albums. http://ericchurch.com
  2. Thanks. I was only in Nashville for the night and half of today. I was driving back from Port St. Joe Florida and decided to stop off for the night. 8 hours of driving solo wears you out, especially on the backroads of Alabama. I was in town for a few days in August but never shared my project pictures from then. I'd like to post more often here, and may. We will see. As far as St. Louis goes and the soccer stadium at 22nd street, we have a bit going on but nothing on the level of Nashville.
  3. I haven't seen any pictures like this, so I thought I would share them here...
  4. Tons of drone photos plus some iPhone photos... iPhone photos...
  5. ESa has these higher resolution renderings up on their website. Nothing new from what we have all seen already.
  6. Love the design. What are the chances this happens?
  7. May or may not be anything new, but here is an up close ground-level rendering and a side view for the Edition Hotel. ESA Architects also describes the hotel as follows...
  8. Here are is a photo of this from yesterday. I like the brick. Being from St. Louis, this is the type of stuff that many of us would want to fill in our Laclede's Landing area or Washington Avenue. Of course, Three Thirty Three is another example. Can't wait to see the finished product on this.
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