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  1. chriss752

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    The houses in this photo remind me of the movie "Up".
  2. Very much so. I found an even higher quality one and replaced the one above. If you click on it (Desktop) you can zoom in and see more features.
  3. Goettsch Partners posted the rendering on Instagram 2 days ago. I screenshotted it just in case they delete. It confirms the height as 65 floors and 750FT. You can see more details in the design tan what was shown on the billboard. Definitely some zig-zagging façade effects going on here along with LED Lights on the crown. There also appears to be an observation deck/ballroom on the top floor. A very high quality render (must click on to see) of the tower was posted on Facebook as well. Link (Instagram): Link (Facebook):
  4. I know that it would be the tallest in St. Louis by over 153FT (with the Arch 120FT more) so tis will be great for Nashville. The skyline is more balanced out for this so it won't look too much out of place.
  5. The more I look at it, the more I see a rectangular Devon Tower, especially at the top.
  6. More renderings are needed for me to fully judge this. From what I see here, it will look like a diamond in many ways and will have multiple edges but as I said, more renderings are needed. 750FT is great!
  7. So what's been going on here? I thought we would've heard more by now.
  8. I like the way this looks. Seems well thought out with the new building but the reusing of the old façade really makes this special.
  9. They wanted to demolish the midcentury Kansas City Public Library Building for this suburbia crap. Looks like something you would see in the suburbs of any city. Drury did great renovating those old buildings but the Convention Center hotel is starting to show ageing issues which is prompting them to begin discussions on a 30 floor, Laclede's Landing Tower, but that's for the St. Louis thread. Back on topic, this (Nashville's Drury Plaza) will look great in Nashville and fill the gaps in this part of town. While it is viewed as "infill" it's pretty significant as it is the tallest new construction Drury Hotel ever built. The tallest is the 24 floor historic rehab in San Antonio's Downtown.
  10. So far, I'm impressed that Drury would build something like this. It seems out of their comfort zone. Just look at what they tried to build in Kansas City. Hopefully the final product looks better than the renderings, but I'm not keeping my hopes up.
  11. chriss752

    St. Louis Projects (Announced in 2018)

    So far 2018 has been spectacular. Ballpark Village Phase 2 is in full swing. 100 North Kingshighway is in full swing, numerous infill and rehab projects are underway among other things. we have a long way to go as my list on my website shows 165 projects with 60 underway and 105 in the proposal stage. If all get done, which I doubt, St. Louis and the region will look much differently. December normally brings us a new tower announcement so hopefully this December does too. So far this year, the tallest building announced is the 12 floor AC Hotel in Clayton. The tallest under construction is Centene's Tower in Clayton which is 420FT in height and 28 floors.
  12. While this isn't the most thrilling or exciting design for a hotel in Nashville, I can tell you that in St. Louis, we would be gushing over this for a while and be happy that a developer is actually building something new in our general Downtown area. I think this looks "ok" but this should've been taller and could've lost some of that cheap panel cladding. In my opinion, some more brick would've done the trick but that's my two-sense. I'm sure it will do great once it opens.
  13. This thread is meant to breathe some life into the St. Louis Forum on Urban Planet. Future posts by me here will be construction photos and other updates. For a full project list, please visit Here are the largest and most transformational projects announced in 2018 in St. Louis (which includes a sliver of the county). JANUARY Solire: Delmar and Euclid (Proposed but Stalled) FEBRUARY AC Hotel in Clayton (Proposed with a Spring 2019 Start) Rainer One Apartments on Pershing in the CWE (Proposed and Approved) City Hospital Final Buildings (Under Construction) MARCH Arbor on Arco in the Grove (Proposed) Lafayette Square Infill Development by HOK (Proposed and 90% Approved) APRIL: No Large Projects MAY Cortex K by Koman (Proposed and Potentially Stalled) West Pine Townhomes (Artizan Residences - CWE) - Proposed JUNE: No Large Projects JULY SLU ISE Building (Under Construction) 3201 Morgan Ford (Proposed) AUGUST: No Large Projects SEPTEMBER: No Large Projects OCTOBER Elevate Coworking at Delmar and Euclid (Proposed) Crestwood City Center (Proposed) America's Center Expansion (Proposed) Carr Square Mixed Use (Conceptual/Under Development) Columbia Oil Building (Proposed) $20 Million Airport Terminal 2 Expansion (Planned) NOVEMBER Post Holdings Office Building - Brentwood (Proposed) Collaboration District Center and Park - Downtown West (Proposed) The Link in Loop (Proposed) Forest Park-Debaliviere TOD (Proposed)
  14. chriss752

    Margaritaville Hotel,12 stories, 145 ft., 215 rooms

    I'll get this out of the way first, I'm new! Yay! Now down to business, that hotel's exterior looks nice but the rooms look cheesy. I know they are going for a tropical vibe but still. Hopefully the actual rooms will turn out to be better looking than what the renderings show. Either way, great to see this rising. Has it made an impact yet (sorry I don't this answer, I'm from STL. Just checking in)?