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  1. A view from The Green... before it gets obscured by the new Duke building in the future! You can see the top floor and the taller windows for the executives. Too bad the windows on that floor have a seam in them! Looks like they’re using the regular windows and then have a 3-foot high second pane of glass.
  2. Two observations: 1) Is it me or does the hotel have an impossibly small footprint? It doesn’t seem like it’ll be more than one room wide, no? 2) I’ve noticed that the top floor of the Ally tower is taller than the rest... by a good 4-5 feet, I’d say. The executives will have some nice high ceilings in the penthouse!
  3. I definitely see it - from a walk by a little while ago. It also appeared there wasn’t anything leaning in the window, etc. Two off-tinted window panes just above the floor with no windows right now. Odd. See photo.
  4. A couple of photos of the top hat today, taken from Stonewall Station. I see the American flag flying from the elevator shaft, so we’re topped out now, I guess! I also spy the brackets for the Ally logo. I’m giving y’all a bonus: my artistic attempt at the Ally logo using iPhone editing. Better than a third grader? Debatable! lol
  5. Here’s a shot from the Stonewall light rail stop... it’s tall enough to be visible from there, after all.
  6. Ahh! Great catch. I actually looked up the Deufol name on the packaging and didn’t even notice the ThyssenKrupp label on the palette. As a former Otis employee, though, it saddens me to see that. lol
  7. Any idea what these things are? Space capsules? Taken through the portal on Tryon on another lunchtime walk today.
  8. Photos from a lunchtime walk today. 26 (really 25) floors all done and working on the hat. Also some photos of the quick progress on the hotel and garage, including two “in action” shots to add to their Topps cards. (Old school baseball card reference!)
  9. Here are some photos from today. They’re up to floor 26 with the steel on the south side of the building. Getting close! The last pic was taken from the sidewalk outside the Westin on S College. You can only see the top four floors of the building over that massive garage!
  10. Also, those are the last two floors starting. It should be topped out soon!
  11. Some photos from today’s glorious Charlotte day... And my random thoughts: 1) This parking deck is massively high and is THISCLOSE to the main building. I know there are plans to adorn the parking deck, and it’ll need it. You can see one of the photos from the College St side and it looks massive. 2) Will they adorn the side of the parking deck facing the building? If not, that will be one heck of a view from the dark side of the moon! 3) The future hotel is a very deep hole right now. Any idea when we’ll start to see that rise? 4) They’re up to floor 7 with glass, and that grid design looks sweet.
  12. They’re installing trees along the Tryon St streetscape now, along with lettering on the building. Right now, it says “TOWER”. I’m waiting with bated breath to see what the rest of the letters will spell. lol
  13. This building is going to look sweet on sunny afternoons. I cropped these photos to show only the most finished parts right now, and it really makes it easy to visualize how it’ll turn out.
  14. They have begun work building out a bit on the street level. I love how it’s all looking so far!
  15. Now that they have a couple of floors of windows with the little silver trim around it, you can get a better sense of how it’ll all look.
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