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  1. I think they will announce some ACTUAL retail for 2019, as well as maybe a larger Fortune 50 company relocating to Charlotte, most likely from CA or the New England area.
  2. North Carolina was voted the best state in the US for business...
  3. When do yall think they will announce the design? I'm thinking late Q1 2019.
  4. This is fabulous! Even though this isn't my favorite building, i'm still excited for Charlotte!
  5. We have one of the tenants for LU2 announced. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2018/12/11/deloitte-to-anchor-next-office-phase-of-legacy.html
  6. See the thing is with me, because California is going the way it is, Socialism, Liberalism, etc, I think that eventually the people in CA will revolt against large banks that have a presence their, such as Wells, US Bank, even BofA, and since they have such a strong presence here in Charlotte, being the East Coast Regional HQ, that they wil choose to relocate here. However, I think that might only have a 15% percent chance of even happening.
  7. Well, since my other topic had already been made, I thought that this was something interesting. I've spoke to many people who said that they think that this would be possible, but given that Wells Fargo's whole image is about moving west, then idk if it really could. What do ya'll think?
  8. You were correct! They announced it yesterday!
  9. I thought this might be worth it's own forum. I've seen this on many other forums, so if yall have anything to add, go ahead!
  10. That's unfortunately true. When they closed the Flagship at Phipps down in Atlanta, I knew they had truly went un-southern.
  11. I know this is really off topic, but Charlotte needs to entice Belk to build a uptown store. Uptown has been lacking in shopping since they closed Belk in 1988, and Ivey's in 1990. Hopefully, just like how Dallas has Neiman Marcus downtown, Charlotte will once again have an amazing department store in its core!
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