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  1. http://ww.charmeck.org/Planning/Rezoning/2019/105-121/2019-114 site plan.pdf 1. Thought this was interesting to look through. Reestablishing connectivity on Fountain View seems to be a plus as the area moves toward higher density. Not everyone is happy (See picture of a flyer distributed to local residents) 2. As a nearby resident and heavy user of the greenway, I'd like to hear opinions on the likelihood/timeline of the greenway improvements. Especially the new connections onto Lombardy Cir. Do these plans mean the Florence Crittenton building will be razed? (See picture from site plan) 3. The "future construction" photo posted above seems to be centered on the current "Blythe Parking Deck". Do we think that parking deck was designed or could be reinforced to act as a podium for this new building?
  2. Any guess on what zoning that would be? MUDD or MUDD-O?
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