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  1. In this video they talk about the new medical school being "within a 10 minute walk" of the CMC main campus. The fountain view / garden terrace site would have provided adjacency for students and mentoring staff, potentially with a covered walkway for inclement weather etc. If you are going to build a school to create collaboration, then you should go after that goal. After thinking things over for a couple days, I really see this as a huge missed opportunity. The medical school should be part of the CMC campus, not a separate campus. I love the accessibility and how the school will t
  2. 1. This!!! Its a shame to see the silver line used to sprawl the city North instead of providing access to Charlotte's largest single employer, prestigious medical school, South End, and the city's new center (Stonewall and Tryon). I hope everyone enjoys the convenient access to this forum's favorite non-level parking deck that the current routing provides while missing the aforementioned opportunities. (Note: I think it would take something like rerouting the silver line to make removing 277 appropriate. It provides great access to this part of the city.) 2. As a nearby resident
  3. I'm not sure I'm savvy enough to know which building in the render is "the new bed tower". From the rendering I've seen it resembles the building on the right? Therefore, this building would be back on the campus away from Kings Dr and closer to Garden Terrace / Fountain View. This would also account for the elevation change seen in the rendering. Ultimately, I'm posting because I'm curious where the Medical School is going to be located. (Which sounds like will be announced in a month.) I've always assumed it would be Fountain View/Garden Terrace, however when the previous rendering
  4. I'm surprised about the Starbucks remodeling as well, I thought the redevelopment of that area would occur on a much shorter timeline. Almost as surprised as when "Ricky Davis Fan" changed his name... now mine seems much less humorous. I'm very curious about what is loosely being referred to as the "Jim Gross affiliated project" on East Blvd and Lombardy Cir. My backyard/kitchen window gets some very harsh Western sun in the evening. I'm curious if a five story building is enough to block it, or I should be hoping for the eight story building being closer to me. If anyone has inform
  5. http://ww.charmeck.org/Planning/Rezoning/2019/105-121/2019-114 site plan.pdf 1. Thought this was interesting to look through. Reestablishing connectivity on Fountain View seems to be a plus as the area moves toward higher density. Not everyone is happy (See picture of a flyer distributed to local residents) 2. As a nearby resident and heavy user of the greenway, I'd like to hear opinions on the likelihood/timeline of the greenway improvements. Especially the new connections onto Lombardy Cir. Do these plans mean the Florence Crittenton building will be razed? (See picture from
  6. Any guess on what zoning that would be? MUDD or MUDD-O?
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