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  1. I agree. It's one of the shabbiest places in uptown. I don't know the investment in upkeep, but it can't be great. If you look at the stairs near Whiskey River, they crumbling. My concern is that it's slowly turning into a blight in the center of the city.
  2. Dirt continuing to be moved...today from 400 S. Tryon...
  3. Has there been any discussion here about the library that's on the corner of Scaleybark and South? It looks to be moving to a new location down South across from where Performance Bicycle was. Was this a forced move? The current location offers better access (rail stop/bicycle lane/sidewalks/neighborhood proximity). The new location will be best accessed by car. If the library was going to gut a strip mall and retrofit an entire building, it would have been better where it is.
  4. My question is, if the Panthers are truly a regional team, then where does SC show some skin the in the game to help pay for a new stadium? Should there be a special regional hotel/tourism tax to help pay for it instead of everything being on the north side of the border? I assuming that would require some form of cooperative taxing body representing both states, but it's a question worth asking. (Please excuse if someone else has already asked)
  5. I was lucky enough to visit Moscow a few years ago...roughly two blocks from the Kremlin, we rolled up on KK...
  6. I'm sure it's a coincidence, but LU is matching the artwork on the side of the old Duke Energy Building.
  7. I'm not sure it's coming down...have been watching it for the last 3 weeks and it looks like they may be gutting it for an internal redo.
  8. David Carroll. He retired from Wells Fargo last year (or in 2017...don't remember for sure). He wouldn't be considered because he's not external.
  9. I don't think it's likely. Charlotte is Wells' largest employee hub, and some of the large power brokers are here (i.e., Mary Mack running the Consumer Bank as an example). The company tries to fill jobs in Charlotte, Minneapolis, and other regional hubs over San Francisco in cases where possible. This makes sense because salaries can be lower outside of the Bay Area. People outside of San Francisco have a lot of influence on the bank but I don't ever see the CEO based here.
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