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  1. I can't personally speak for the higher ups in Atlanta, but almost everyone on Atlanta boards from skyscrapperpage to citydata is happy with all the development coming to Nashville.
  2. That seems a little extreme. Although some of yall in Nashville might view Atlanta as the "evil" guy who wants all of you to fail. that is completely wrong. Everyone is actually super happy and glad about the development in Nashville, Charlotte, etc. Almost everyone person would probably realize a great deal when they see one. Just look at this Cousins Properties development from Charlotte. They listened to the community and helped come to this final design which looks great. Granted, they only own 50%, but it still looks nice. I think yall would actually like some of the Cousins properties if they expand into Nashville. https://www.cousins.com/property/dimensional-place
  3. Fortune 500 Companies By Revenue Growth and Profit Growth (25) BOA 10.3% 54.4% (120) Nucor 23.8% 79% (126) Duke Energy 4% -12.8% (316) Sonic Automotive 0.9% -44.5% (342) Brighthouse (first time on list) (555) Sealed Air -22.8% -76.3% (separated from Diversey so understandable) (563) Cola Consolidated 7% -120.6% (590) JELD-WEN 15.5% 1237.8% (702) Abermarle 9.9% 1164.5% (962) SPX Flow 7.1% -5.2% Can someone explain how JELD and Abermarle increase their profits by soo much. Also, why did Coca-Consolidated profits fall so much.
  4. I think you are actually missing one. Fortune 500 doesn't count it, but the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance does. https://charlotteregion.com/eco-dev/fortune-500-and-1000-companies-in-charlotte/ Commscope bought Arris for around 7 billion. This should easily help it crack the Fortune 500. https://www.multichannel.com/news/commscope-closes-arris-purchase
  5. https://42floors.com/us/ga/atlanta/3353-peachtree-rd-ne This site has some decent pics of the Atlanta Financial Center. It is a pretty cool building to drive under. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlanta_Financial_Center#/media/File:400S_Buckhead_Underpass.JPG
  6. I think the loss of old building stock has been a big loss for many southern cities in general. Atlanta has still lost quite a lot even though it managed to keep Farlie Poplar.
  7. Vienna, Austria One of the most beautiful and regal places (if not the most) I have ever been. You can immeadiately tell that the place was made from complete and total welath. The museums are exquisite. They easily go toe to toe with almost any museum in all of Europe. The Natural History Museum wa smy favorite. There are thousands upon thousands of birds, mammals, insect, etc. I went to the one in London, and this Natural History Museum felt more than twice as big. It was incredible. The public transportation is absolutely incredible. Definitely some of the best in Europe. The tams basically go anywhere in the city that you could possibly imagine. They are also clean and not too bumby. The U-Bahn is also fast and clean. It is really cool because most of it runs in a "tunnel" almost so you can see the city while riding. I stayed mostly in the historic parts, but the newer and modern parts were also really cool. I often times hear that Vienna feels sterile and boring compared to Prague. When I went to Prague, I was quite unimpressed compared to Vienna. Prague felt dirty and just overhyped (plus it was freezing). All in all, Vienna is an amazing city that is very clean and elegant. It is perfect if you want to spend a couple of days in a city.
  8. I thought that it would just be appropriate to at least somewhat finish up the Emory parking deck situation. Recently, Emory proposed a 3k space parking deck in order to consolidate their spaces for more available land. https://atlanta.curbed.com/2019/4/26/18516721/emorys-urbanize-midtown-hospital-new-parking-deck Today, Emory just announced plans for a 17 story tower that would connect directly with Emory University Hospital Midtown. This may have been part of the plan for the new parking deck. Btw-the article is a paywall https://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/news/2019/05/06/emory-plans-475m-cancer-tower-at-emory-university.html
  9. You were almost there. The Ascent Midtown is actually located in Midtown, but it is indeed MUCH shorter than the one in Charlotte (I think it's a 9 story difference). No offense to Charlotte, but I think ATL got the better looking tower. I'm even putting my bias away too. These were the best pics I could find. Via SSC Atlanta forum
  10. Norfolk Southern is NOT going to the Gulch. Norfolk owned the land in the Gulch. Their relocation to Atlanta was contingent on the fact that the Gulch deal was passed in Atlanta. It was passed, so Norfolk officially anounced their relocation to Midtown. This is the render for their new headquarters that is u/c. It's going to have around 750k sq ft of office space. Of course, it HAS to be stubby and it is developed by Cousins. Also, I can agree that traffic is hellish. I live in the North Fulton area and it never ends. http://www.nscorp.com/content/nscorp/en/news/norfolk-southern-breaks-ground-on-new-atlanta-corporate-headquar.html There has been no definitive action on the Gulch, but these were leaked images. Nobody knows where they came from though. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
  11. https://www.bisnow.com/atlanta/news/office/exclusive-greenstone-goldman-sachs-to-deliver-latest-midtown-office-by-2021-98724?utm_source=CopyShare&utm_medium=Browser http://www.nscorp.com/content/nscorp/en/news/norfolk-southern-breaks-ground-on-new-atlanta-corporate-headquar.html
  12. If only we could even slightly dream of a new tall headquarters building in Atlanta. Oh my! How great would that be. However, we just get thiccccc buildings. (cough Norfolk Southern) What about hotels you say? We just get boxes. (cough GWCC Hotel). Hopefully yall get a tall tower.
  13. I was doing some corporate Atlanta lurking and I found out that a segment of Roark Capital Group is based in Charlotte (Driven Brands). I searched around on the forum, but I didn't see the name po-up at all. Driven Brands has gobbled up quite a few brands recently. http://www.drivenbrands.com/news/roark-portfolio-company-driven-brands-acquires-texas-based-express-lube/ https://www.moderntiredealer.com/news/733099/driven-brands-expands-take-5-oil-change-network Even though one is old, and one is just of some more stores, these acquisitions add up very quickly. This should hopefully mean more jobs for yall in Charlotte. As an Atlantan, I have seen Inspire Brands/Focus Brands (headquartered) in ATL grow very quickly and hire a ton of people. If Driven keeps up, it should hopefully mean more for yall too.
  14. I see what you mean. 3k spaces is a ton of parking, but a hospital also requires a lot of it. Most people are happy about this because it is opening up 3-4 lots that will be prime for development. Overall, people are reallly happy with this. Even if Emory prevents 1-2 towers being built b/c of that one parking deck, it is such a big asset that I think it’s worth it.
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