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  1. Would anyone familiar with Duke and NextEra know why NextEra went for Duke over Southern Company? If Duke rejects again would NextEra look toward southern? Southern’s market cap is around 5 billion lower than Duke’s, so I wonder why they chose Duke.
  2. Thought this was an interesting article. Although, it’s behind a paywall so I couldn’t read the entire thing. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/nextera-energy-made-takeover-approach-to-duke-energy-11601422006
  3. I could see maybe in a few years (would still be a stretch). Centene just built a massive and beautiful complex in downtown Clayton. https://claycorp.com/project/centene-centre/ Just look at it!
  4. Congrats to all of y'all in Charlotte!!! Would've loved to have this in the ATL, but it's still great news.
  5. The Apple store in Charleston was open. It is closed because the windows of the Apple store were damaged/shattered during the protests.
  6. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/coronavirus/article243528837.html I saw this article pop up, and it surprised me to see Meck at over 7k cases while Fulton in GA is around 5k cases. Are the cases in Meck higher because of the border with SC?
  7. Is NC not breaking down their testing between antibody and viral tests, or am I just looking in the incorrect sections? https://covid19.ncdhhs.gov/dashboard/testing It also seems like NC is starting to catch up to GA.
  8. Portman can sometimes deliver stunning architecture, but more often than not its bland. Cue the CODA and Portman buildings.
  9. New Hampshire-based wireless network firm adds company that specializes in serving senior living communities. Single Digits, the Bedford-based provider of scalable wireless network solutions, has completed another acquisition, this time of Inviacom, a firm that installs and manages comprehensive Wi-Fi and connectivity services for senior living communities across the U.S. The acquisition, said Single Digits CEO Stephen Singlar, will add over 30 more Wi-Fi specialists to its team as well as five more field https://www.nhbr.com/single-digits-picks-up-another-acquisition/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Charlotte, North Carolina’s Segra has completed the NorthState acquisition — gaining a high-speed bandwidth services provider in Segra’s. home state. The deal was first announced in December 2019. This acquisition will help ensure the scale, reliability, and strength of Segra’s fiber network and operations, the buyer said. Segra is one of the largest fiber infrastructure bandwidth companies in the Eastern United States. By adding NorthState’s near-3,000 mile fiber network, Segra continues its expansion within the region. The company’s network connects more than 10 thousand locations and six data centers along the eastern seaboard. https://www.channele2e.com/investors/mergers-acquisitions/segra-completes-northstate-fiber-optic-network-acquisition/
  10. Norfolk Southern sold their land in the Gulch to CIM for 115 million I believe which went towards the cost of their new headquarters. NS also sold their old regional headquarters to Cousins Properties which also happens to be assisting in the development of their new headquarters. I'm also surprised Cousins Properties has not ventured into the Nashville market yet.
  11. Atlanta got around that by basically paying for the Benz Stadium with hotel taxes. The convention center brings in visitors which use the convention center and stay in hotels. By staying in hotels they also pay for the stadium.
  12. It could very well be an error, but do remember that Delta and American are competing for premium RDU traffic. AA has a stranglehold on CLT (highest fares of any airline hub), so they figure people will still fly them even if the product is not excellent. AA in RDU might be trying to take away pax from the RDU-CDG flight and I think KL might have a RDU-AMS but I’m not sure.
  13. Whether or not you agree with the political party, conventions bring a MASSIVE amount of money to the city hosting them.
  14. I mean NYSE is already under the control of a southern company.
  15. This is fantastic!!!
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