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  1. It doesn’t hurt to have two of the most popular social media apps in your portfolio (IG, FB).
  2. Google is already taking up all the space in a 30+ story building in Austin. In addition, they just announced they were doubling their footprint in Atlanta and taking 135k sq ft in 1105 WP. I’m pretty sure they’re gonna take a little break for awhile... but I could definitely see another giant like Microsoft come.
  3. I've always wondered this... but what site do you use to find all of these numbers.
  4. As KJH mentioned above... you also have Port of Brunswick which specializes in car imports/exports. . In addition, the state of GA is working on building their second inland "port" in Gainesville. Your argument about NC having multiple ports doesn't make any sense. Ports are often times a big deal since they bring in $$$ and often times encourage manufacturing since there is easy access to imports. http://gaports.com/about/economic-impact GA ports contributed 44 billion to GA's GDP or around 8%. Just as a little speculation, I think the economic sectors that GA has chosen to "specialize" in over NC has also had an effect on the port by having easy access to imports/exports as an important factor. Overall, GA just has much more manufactored goods/logistics business than NC (NC still has a ton with Lowe's, Honeywell). In GA you have HD, GPC, WRK, GA Pac and a lot of other companies and manufacturing facilities. In logistics you have UPS, Veritiv, and now NS.
  5. You definitely see that in Atlanta. Just look at what some of the rappers wear who are based in the ATL... cough cough Cardi. (yes... she and offset live here now so I'm counting them.)
  6. While I do agree that not having the city/county consolidated has been detrimental, it has also been a blessing in some ways. It keeps the premier locations (NoFo, ATL, Cobb, etc.) trying to improve themselves and stay relevant. I don't think ATL will ever have the uber dominant position it once had, but it will still by far be the largest metro for a long time to come, and it will always be a fierce competitor in business and football (Go dawgs and panthers).
  7. I've heard ATL has been looking for a new bank.
  8. Atlanta is definitely a weird bank market right now. A ton of new banks are expanding in the area and new banks are entering the market, so it will be interresting to se how the new Truist will manage their lead.
  9. https://www.bisnow.com/atlanta/news/office/paint-giant-sherwin-williams-eyeing-atlanta-for-hq-relocation-101291 An ATL POV looking at the potential relocation of Sherwin Williams. “I think the early favorites here, based on everything I heard, is Atlanta, Dallas and Charlotte,” The Boyd Co. principal John Boyd said. Boyd is a noted site selection consultant for private companies, although he is not working directly with Sherwin Williams in its hunt. "The common denominator to those three markets is excellent air service," Boyd said. "And also the presence of a top university that is highly regarded in chemical sciences." Officials with Sherwin Williams announced in September that the company was on the hunt for a potential new headquarters and R&D facility, with a move occurring in 2023 at the earliest. The search includes multiple potential sites in Cleveland, Northeast Ohio and several other unidentified states. Currently, the company's headquarters is housed in a 1930s era office building in Downtown Cleveland called Landmark Office Towers at 101 West Prospect Ave. It occupies other downtown buildings for other functions. The company already has its Southeast division office in Atlanta, with 48K SF at 2800 Century Parkway in Atlanta, according to CoStar.
  10. I checked the Georgia Chamber website and it said that manufacturing accounts for around 61 billion of Georgia's economic output. Kudos to NC for being able to snag some great manufacturing.
  11. If y’all want to be up to date on Atlanta projects visit the Atlanta forum and the Atlanta city compilation on skyscraper page. It’s very active. Also, please check out the Atlanta Economic Development Thread because I’m the one who started it and updates it the most. Please update if you feel the need to or if you just ever want to. http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread.php?t=239759&page=3 http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/forumdisplay.php?f=330 http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread.php?t=224553&page=639 also, I don’t think the vacancy rates in ATL are very high anymore. ATL is starting to get some more height, but market conditions and FAR in Midtown make 20 stories more feasible. Also consider you have markets like Midtown, DT, Buckhead, Airport, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Cobb, and Gwinnett all competing with each other. Counties and cities compete to steal companies from other cities and counties.
  12. Delta said Thursday that it intends to buy a 20% stake in Chile-based Latam Airlina Group SA for $1.9 billion in cash and newly issued debt. Under the new arrangement with Delta, Latam will leave the Oneworld alliance of which American is a part. https://www.wsj.com/articles/delta-air-lines-to-take-20-stake-in-latam-airlines-for-1-9-billion-11569535436 I don't personally know the AA/LATAM relationship at Charlotte, but I'm just posting this because I could definitely see it altering some routes down the line.
  13. Is that the plane train from ATL? If so, I've didn't realize that's what it looked like with lights.
  14. Besides the power line, the entire sculpture thingy looks exceptional. Maybe one day I'll be able to see it.
  15. This is in part because of FAR in Midtown and economic conditions not necessitating such tall buildings. The tallest building built this cycle has been a 500 footer in Buckhead. Just look at NS, they chose to go with a massive 400ft building while avoiding anything taller. There were a ton of parking lots that needed to get filled, which has happened. There are still quite a few lots, but there are significanlty less. I believe next cylce Atlanta will see some more height. The areas in Atlanta also have to compete with the areas around the Beltline which are exploding with growth. Atlanta is going to get some height though (maybe not all this cycle though). Opus (690 ft) (No one really knows if this is still the actual height) 1105 WP Buckhead Office Tower (I forgot the name)\ And a 500ft Cousins proposal
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