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  1. Where is that? I’ve never noticed it.
  2. I know I am continuing the tangent, but while I appreciate the desire of a meaningful location to go and honor a person’s memory, if graves were never moved ever, do you realize how impractical that would be? I remember being surprised during my funeral and cemetery law class at Wake (yes, that is a thing) at how unique the American outlook on death is. Pump the body full of chemicals, place it in the Cadillac of coffins, and put it in the ground on a plot we expect to remain untouched for perpetuity. If everyone did that it’d be only a matter of time before the amount of space occupied by the dead starts to seriously hamper the living.
  3. If I am visualizing correctly where that apartment complex is going on Old Pineville right by the split, it should fill up fast and be a good connector for that corridor. That location on South Blvd. for a brewery I always thought was complicated. South Blvd. kind of sucks for retail, dining, drinking atmosphere. It has a ton of traffic and going fast, and it’s not enjoyable to walk down it. If there isn’t accessibility to the rail trail what’s the point? A decent number of empty retail spaces including old Carrarabas and Stache house space and the retail spaces in some of the apartment complexes that have been sitting for a bit now.
  4. I thought I saw someone already reference the lot by Barcelona and Superica.
  5. With a tease like that my mind is going to run wild.
  6. Also, will it extend the entire length of the parking structure? If so, that is a thicc building.
  7. On its own, I think it is a good project for Uptown. Sure, there are taller, more impressive residential buildings Uptown, but there are also much, much worse residential buildings. This would raise the collective quality and add a good number of bodies Uptown. The tragedy is that a historic building had to be lost for it, and that it can’t overcome. If it was an Ascent height level stunner, I’d be able to forgive it.
  8. So what is the plan for connecting 25th street station to, well, anything? I got off there with friends visiting Charlotte to go to Amelies and Free Range, and walking up to the intersection and back to Amelies was ridiculous and half of the sidewalks were closed. You literally get off the train and there is just a wall of barbed wire enclosed industrial properties. Is the City counting on some developer to out of the kindness of their heart incorporate a pedestrian walkway into a future development? Why is the stop even there? It seems bizarre that they go from 7th to a completely unnecessary 9th street station that is a stone’s throw away, then a 25th street station serving ... what? Who?
  9. In my experience, when it comes to deep foundations, you never really know until you’re digging them. They’ve probably already done a geotechnical analysis with test borings, but if they’re going to be drilling caissons to bedrock, they’ll start soon and hopefully not run into any unexpected conditions and take a month or so.
  10. Something about the color palette and the materials makes the hotel look very bland to me.
  11. Incredible. Who is there to hold accountable for this mess that is the Blue Line? It’s so frustrating and part of that is my inability to determine who to even blame or go to to register my disappointment and unwillingness to support future expansion of improvements are not made.
  12. I can’t keep up with what has been reported and discussed, but friend of mine who works for Hearst posted something on social media saying they are getting the boot from the building. Not sure if just her department or Hearst generally.
  13. To me, renderings are kind of like the first time I get to talk to one of my clients about a dispute (I am an attorney). That first account of the facts is the best account I am ever going to get. Unpleasant or difficult facts or situations are omitted or shaded to make the client appear in the best light possible, protect their ego, etc., and by a slow trickle the story “evolves” as time goes on. The end result still largely sticks to the broad strokes laid out in the beginning, but the story ends up including a lot more hairy, no good facts that gives me heartburn. So we know that the building will not feature a curvature and we have an idea of the height, dimensions, and materials they have in mind. Call me a pessimist, but I look at that rendering and think absolute best case scenario this is what we get, and more likely than not it will evolve and not for the better. So if this rendering is the best we can expect, it is a very meh development.
  14. How can you tell anything about the materials yet?
  15. While stopped at Carson crossing yesterday I saw two separate trains heading in opposite directions with not in service on their boards. Terrible.
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