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  1. So is that a good sign for the office market?
  2. Brendv7

    American Legion Memorial Stadium Renovation

    What happens to this stadium and the Independence if Tepper brings MLS to Charlotte and they are to play in BofA Stadium? Does it change anything?
  3. I’d prefer Southend retain some character and identity separate and apart as opposed to morphing into an extension of uptown. I don’t mind the Railyard and the like, but would prefer not to see ~20 floor buildings make their way too far south. There is still plenty of surface parking to be developed uptown.
  4. Related, and also didn’t know where to post after it happened, but I was at UNC Chapel Hill a couple weeks ago interviewing candidates from one of their grad schools for positions in Charlotte, and it is standard for us to explore what is behind their interest in a move to Charlotte as opposed to staying in the triangle area. I was surprised how many of these millennial students said something along the lines of wanting to live somewhere that felt bigger and more like a real city and all that goes with it. For all we hear about the growth of the triangle, I think it is still more of a sprawling type of growth and they lack the NFL, NBA, big city skyline and uptown, and so on. It made me reconsider some of my thoughts on how I prioritize projects or developments that bring that intangible wow factor that can put a city over the top in someone’s mind compared to a peer.
  5. Brendv7

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I am a public transportation supporter, but CATS is an example of the institutional incompetence that people particularly to the right of the political spectrum are skeptical of when it comes to questions like “should we vote to increase taxes or borrow money to let CATS get even bigger.” It is pathetic. Do they not pay enough to attract competent staff? Is there no accountability? Bad culture?
  6. I was always told that with steel you could have longer spans between columns and this enabled a more open office layout and bigger offices.
  7. I wish, but it never seems to happen like this. I think logistically it would be a challenge to close and then reopen, but the bigger issue is that I bet the rent would be prohibitively expensive and/or the new owner would be more worried about keeping office tenants happy and not see a diner as a selling point.
  8. I like Winston-Salem and think it punches above its weight as a small city.
  9. Brendv7

    Dilworth Projects (Kenilworth, Morehead, East)

    I am having trouble visualizing where these are going. There are a couple old ones, but the houses in the block bound by kenilworth, pierce, waverly, and Romany are pretty nice and I wouldn’t have expected a bunch of them to sell to a developer.
  10. Brendv7

    The Good News Report

    You’re right about that. They are much more bitter and nihilistic.