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  1. Makes sense now. I was thinking the green dot on the line was a stop for the APM, but it is just identifying the crossing over the railroad tracks.
  2. I know this is just a concept but if this is the final product for the CLT Gateway stop(s) an APM should work just fine to connect passengers/employees to the main terminal. The frequency and number of stops for the APM will determine its effectiveness. Does anyone have an idea what the green line is referencing, and what is potential future CONRAC operations? Commuter line stop from the River development maybe?
  3. @Hushpuppy321 something is amiss with this statement. Hill St from Church to College doesn't have a ramp on or off I-277. How does sight lines factor into NC DOT retaining the right away south of Hill St? Uptown 550 and Savoy are literally separated by an off ramp.
  4. Tampa Bay and Oakland seem to be the most viable candidates based on stadium age, attendance, etc. I think closing Mint from MLK to 4th to expand BB&T to Poplar Street may be enough to put a 30 or 35k stadium. Losing 1/3 to half of Romare Park will not be popular .
  5. I haven't flow Delta across the pond, but I have been on BA, AA, AirCanda, and Aer Lingus. AA provides the worst flight services without a doubt. I typically fly out of JFK and the AA flight was marginally at best. No individual usb to charge my phone and I had no choices of entertainment on a 7 hour flight from CDG. The best thing was I got 2 glasses of wine with my meal to put me to sleep for 4 hours of the flight. BA was the best service bar none, with AC a very close second. Aer Lingus was interesting almost like flying Southwest. Being able to get Jamieson and Guinness with my meal was definitely a plus.
  6. Is this filing really a surprise? WidenI-77.net, started documenting the corruption of Cintra in 2012 IIRC. Just follow the money from Spain, to Austin, TX to Charlotte, NC. Same pattern create a shell company, take out hundreds of millions in government backed loans. Partially construct the designed highway, file for bankruptcy. Rinse, wash repeat. This should have been canceled in 2012 but it wasn't and now we have a beautiful highway that benefits 5 to 10% of the people who use the highway at most. Yea NCDOT!!!
  7. @Legendoflink Not sure how having 20 miles of eight lane interstate and 20 miles of six to ten lane interstate within 2 or 3 miles of "Downtown Mayberry" looks and feels like the area Barney Fife use to patrol.
  8. I could see Ally or Truist picking up the sponsorship. "Welcome to the Truist Financial Bowl live from Bank of America Stadium in uptown Charlotte, NC" must add NC since this would be a national TV game and no one knows what state Charlotte is in outside of the 704 area code.
  9. @elrodvt not arguing the local comparison, but more to point @eastsider was trying to make that no one in Charlotte would make that trip after working all day. Maybe one day UNCC will be in the ACC and Duke, UNC and NC State will come to Halton Arena on a regular basis.
  10. @elrodvt agree not local by any means, and I am not a season ticket holder so it wasn't every game. I have a family member with connections to both UNC and Duke. They typically get first choice of available season tickets not used by the season ticket holder. I'm not sure why but they never have the UNC/Duke game tickets. With that said outside of the UNC/Duke game most games have some tickets are available. He is a Tar Heel fan and they would offer the available Duke tickets to me.
  11. On the contrary that is quite often the case for lots of UNC, Duke and NC State basketball fans. Through the gates and walking to my seats around 7:10ish and depending on the score leave to beat the traffic with around 2 minutes left in the game and I'm back home walking through the door around 11 or 11:30 at the latest. I have made the drive multiple time and have the speeding tickets in Cabarrus and Alamance to prove it. Now that I-85 is 3 lanes from Charlotte to Hillsborough and I can average 75mph its consistently a sub 2 hour trip.
  12. Thanks @Hushpuppy321! Looking forward to seeing this project fully developed
  13. Does anyone have any details on how CATS will connect the Lynx Silver Line with the heavy rail Amtrak and NS freight lines at the Gateway Station? It has been stated in the past that light rail and heavy rail aren't allowed to use the same tracks so I was wondering if the current platforms under construction account for this separation or will CATS have to build a different platform for the Silver Line?
  14. Widening 74 into Union county is long over due but I never understood the State's reluctance to convert Independence into a fully controlled access freeway. Traffic flow is consistently 60 mph or high even after you get to the stop lights at WT Harris. It is frustrating when driver's cross 4 lanes of traffic trying to get to Albemarle from Walmart or pull out going 35 mph.
  15. NC is over due for a Hyatt Regency! If Greenville. SC has one Charlotte definitely should!!!
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