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    @DPK nailed the reason this project is taking so long to complete. I ride through the US 70 side of this project all the time to go to work . They had to relocate a cemetery, replace/widen a railroad trestle and create three new interchanges and replace the mainline bridges over NC 98. The 1.25 mile "connector " has been complete for 2 years. I will be so happy once this project is finished.
  2. https://www.500nations.com/casinos/nc-catawba-two-kings-casino.asp Looks like July 1st is the official opening date according to the website.
  3. Typical Tarheel fan. I bet you are a Lakers fan as well
  4. Not hotel related, but the article does touch on N. Tryon development somewhat. Despite the hotel plans being stalled, a number of other projects are underway as the North Tryon area experiences a revitalization. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library unveiled plans in late 2019 for its $135 million overhaul of the main branch along North Tryon. The city, county, library and Bank of America plan to sell 3.1 acres along North Tryon between 6th and 8th streets to Virginia-based developer Metropolitan Partnership for a mixed-use development. The $600 million project includes plans for an office tower, apartments, retail and parking.
  5. I really think the Carolina Panthers influence that perception. Whenever I fly overseas I wear Panthers gear and jogging pants so I don't have to take off a belt while going through TSA. Everyone who spoke English asked if I was from Carolina. When I say "NORTH" Carolina they say "Oh the northern part" or something to that effect.
  6. That was the original plan when the Garden Parkway toll road was proposed, but it was dropped early on in the project. Mainly due to opposition to the toll road even though the connector wasn't part of the toll road. NCDOT archived the original source but the link explains what basically happened. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garden_Parkway
  7. @tozmervo beat me to the punch. The airport owns the majority of the property along Little Rock and Wilkinson already and the long term plan is to develop that as a gateway to the airport, so the remaining land will be purchased sooner or later. Shifting the light rail station closer to the terminal makes developing that area more difficult imo.
  8. This once thriving entertainment center is a ghost town. It is really sad to see the cobblestone growing grass between it
  9. MUMPO tabled the Silver BRT option for 5 years to allow additional "evaluation of LRT" options by CATs. The sad part is the Silver line rider projections were double the Blue line for BRT and LRT, but NCDOT has taken 25 years to widen Independence to WT Harris who knows how long before they would have reached Matthews. Even sadder is the upgraded parts of Independence were widen with the original plan specifications so the new road has wider bridges to accommodate the originally planned LRT station locations.
  10. Wasn't this the basic premise of the Independence bus lane which was supposed to be the right of way originally for the Silver line? Not sure if TOD was approved at that time or not. Ironically CATS has abandoned the plan to use that right of way.
  11. The Belk Freeway came much later after the deconstruction of the Brooklyn neighborhood. The creation of Independence Blvd which originally connected directly with Wilkinson Blvd west of uptown was much more impactful in destroying the Brooklyn neighborhood. It basically split second ward into a desirable area which remains inside the I-277 loop today and an area for "Redevelopment" of second ward. https://guides.library.uncc.edu/c.php?g=621704&p=4626874
  12. Makes sense now. I was thinking the green dot on the line was a stop for the APM, but it is just identifying the crossing over the railroad tracks.
  13. I know this is just a concept but if this is the final product for the CLT Gateway stop(s) an APM should work just fine to connect passengers/employees to the main terminal. The frequency and number of stops for the APM will determine its effectiveness. Does anyone have an idea what the green line is referencing, and what is potential future CONRAC operations? Commuter line stop from the River development maybe?
  14. @Hushpuppy321 something is amiss with this statement. Hill St from Church to College doesn't have a ramp on or off I-277. How does sight lines factor into NC DOT retaining the right away south of Hill St? Uptown 550 and Savoy are literally separated by an off ramp.
  15. Tampa Bay and Oakland seem to be the most viable candidates based on stadium age, attendance, etc. I think closing Mint from MLK to 4th to expand BB&T to Poplar Street may be enough to put a 30 or 35k stadium. Losing 1/3 to half of Romare Park will not be popular .
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