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  1. The sad part about it is....look up pictures of Norfolk from the 1940s.. that’s the real Norfolk. It just needs to get back to its roots. There are small remnants of “old urban” and I can see your point. Those places on the coasts you referenced are more alive and that’s what I feel like it should be. We love our little city NORFOLK lol “Thout Shalt Grow”
  2. Okay I understand the name Hampton Roads is historic I accept your point. When I referenced the area being exclusively being called “Tidewater” I was speaking more in general. There is no other metro area in the US that uses Tidewater was my point. I can understand referencing historical facts but we’re talking about branding. Honestly I think most people miss the point in the semantics of all this. I Which actually makes me want to make an important footnote. I’m glad you brought up the subject about any “leading city”. I would like to get to the real fundamentals of all this here. IMO the reason why this region has no leading city is rascim. Period. Norfolk is that but the state politics aren’t working for it. There was another post that someone else posted I think it was in the Portsmouth forum about how Norfolk and Portsmouth growth was basically “boxed in” because of some loophole in this states politics. Virginia Beach and Chesapeake both decided to “become cities” in the 60s (think about that time period...let it marinate) After all that madness about Brown vs Board of Education in the 50s that set off the white flight. Then they erect these horrible monuments in the middle of the city honoring LOSERS in an effort to what?? Scare US (btw I’m black) Let’s get specific....South Norfolk merged with Lower Norfolk County because BOTH Norfolk and Portsmouth were annexing land in that time period. Those rascist people and those walking around complicit in it are the reason the region looks like it does. Let’s take it to Newport News??It’s not a surprise that all the money and investment is concentrated in Oyster Point and points Northward rather than downtown. Hampton??? Just look up “Hampton is Burning” that will tell you all you need to know. We know why people RUN to places like Poquosun and Pungo lol So some white people who decided they didn’t want their kids to associate with me because of the color of my skin is the reason why the political lines look like they do. It’s the “Original Gerrymandering” except these lines are permanent and Virginia mastered it. Virginia could be waaaaaay more than it is but we are going in the RIGHT direction lol Even Richmond. Richmond is a beautiful city that should look better than it does but this state has been historically rascist. Just like America’s history ....rascist 1619 IN THIS HARBOR . Any other excuse is just being blind to the facts. So that same “disunity” that you speak of is a legacy that.....like the name Tidewater isn’t specific to this area but runs within America. On a lighter note I think the region is going in the right direction. The cities seem to be cooperating and thankfully this area is actually more diverse than given credit for. The lines exist how they do now and the cities will slowly be more unified as time goes on. That “Us them” mentality is slowly fading and younger generations just want to move freely between the cities no matter what the dominant name is. I think the cities will slowly just gain recognition by themselves kind of like Dallas FtWorth or NYC everyone knows the 5 boroughs accept everyone wont know all of HR but they could name 2 (Norfolk/Va Beach) off the top.
  3. What happened to the name Tidewater? I see nothing wrong with it. No place has the name and it has historical significance. Literally the marshes could be a big answer to sea level rise. Maybe this might be an unpopular opinion but whoever or whatever group of people that got together and thought “Hampton Roads” was a good name is sadly mistaken. I hate that name with a passion lol. So Hampton is the biggest city? No. Oh it’s Virginia Beach...oh so that’s the major city...not quite it’s beach suburb that just has more land. Norfolk and Newport News are the real major cities but it’s named after Hampton? You mean in NY? England? NO Virginia ...What? It’s just makes no sense. Roads? To where? (Yes I understand what it refers to but I’m making a point here lol) Coastal Virginia doesn’t do it for me guys sorry. It’s sounds like the magazine. It’s BLAND. Not to mention what about NE NC? They are not VA but historically tied to Tidewater. This is the problem IN THIS AREA. We need to take back our ORIGINALITY. Isn’t this the FIRST REGION? Tidewater is an original name with actual historical weight. I honestly don’t think any other name will fit and I’m so tired of always having to refer to the whole damn state of Virginia. This is TIDEWATER.
  4. I agree. I’m very curious on how this will turn out. I just don’t understand why the mindset here is so bland. The new headquarters building is “nice” but for it to be a top Fortune 500 company I just would expected them to build something more iconic. Maybe I’m just bitter because I want to see taller buildings lol. This is a nice project for Chesapeake but the name sounds like another upscale apartment complex (not really) in Chesapeake lol Is this a business district? Future downtown? Town Center?...actually I’m not even sure what town center is lol I’m kinda confused now lol. It’s like this is more of a company being able to spend whatever they want and not really the “City of Chesapeake ” deciding it wants to build a CBD/downtown. If they really wanted to do that they would put the municipal center in the CENTER of the city. I love all 7 cities but Chesapeake and Va Beach just grinds my gears lol they operate like counties/suburbs but are called cities. It doesn’t make sense and that explains why these types of things don’t make sense here. Dollar Tree seems like it would work better with Virginia Beach with its “vision” wanting to be Norfolk**cough I mean a city but wait Dollar Tree used to be headquartered in Norfolk? This place is a mess but I digress lol
  5. Well there is that African Museum/Hotel proposal that the city kind of side swiped And I’m not sure what that’s about. Also the city seems very intent on doing something with the property so I like the mindset. I think the momentum is key. Dont forget that Fort Norfolk has yet to be developed. Thats a nice chunk of waterfront property that actually has a better value than the land by Harbor Park and it’s just more land in general. I just don’t want them to mess it up with some mid rise boring developments lol. Let the waterfront have the tall buildings. Kind of like the Chicago skyline or Miami. Wow they don’t make as much noise when it’s actually positive. That’s good to hear. Yea and it’s actually perfect for tourists. The light rail, Amtrak and highway are right there. It’s a win-win.
  6. People drive hours just to get the experience I think it will. This will be the first casino in Virginia.The city actually comes alive more now so the casino will add to the experience of being here. Not only Norfolk but the whole area. One casino isn’t gonna wave a magical wand solve everything. Cleveland and Detroit have economies different from Norfolk/HR. I can see the comparison but the rust belt cities are in a whole different circumstance and the state politics are very different. This area actually has a mild climate and a beach. The experience is just different IMO. A CITY that is a suburb that is rural?? Is that the impression that this area gives? Chesapeake? I guess yea but not Norfolk tho. Honestly Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News and Hampton are actually legit cities. Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Suffolk are more like suburbs so you can still get the best of “all 3 worlds” lol Norfolk is only 54 sq miles let it be urban please.
  7. The city needs to use some big city style politics and just build it. Forget them. This area will study you to death and still not do anything lol These people should not be allowed to stop progress. I feel like these are the same people that think single family suburban neighborhoods (Ghent Square and whatever that area is through Llewellyn) is acceptable in downtown. (I do like the trees tho) It’s NOT. These people have suburban mindsets in a place that calls itself the URBAN CORE. Please MOVE OUT OF NORFOLK if you don’t want to be in a CITY. I was reading a review at an apartment building in downtown Norfolk. They complained about noise outside.....why would you move to downtown then? I’m praying that they fail one way or the other in the end lol
  8. This makes me think of that project the owners of MacArthur Center are doing. Aren’t the owners of MacAurthur suppose to be expanding that last anchor space? I’ve did some digging on the site but can only find the same renderings. They need to hurry up lol This also reminds me of Denver Pavilions. I took a screenshot of it on google maps. It’s hard to get a good aerial angle because of density. Nordstrom leaving might not be so bad. You could do a lot with that space if you think outside the box. Density, Density, Density!
  9. If they leave the scope then they need to capitalize on Military Circle/Janaf. That seems like the only place to put a large or even a complex of arenas in Norfolk itself. This area definitely can support all major league franchises. I’m also loving the glass for the venue. Harmony seems to stand out with the shapes!
  10. I say do it... Add some type of art or monuments that’s compliments the area to that park. I’m big fan of the “theme” village type plans if that makes sense? Even in the small projects like the sign at Riverview Village on Granby... it makes a difference. OV needs something like that that you can see from 64. We neeed things that are recognizable and iconic. It doesn’t even have to expensive just creative! Am I the only one that wants to tear down that shopping center on the beach and put some type of mixed used vibrant delevopments there??? That area is in the flight path tho so I’m not sure how high you could go in that particular spot.
  11. Thank you. I’m glad you pointed out the fact they can compliment each other. This area is really attractive when marketed right. I agree Norfolk needs to maximize density. I think raising these building heights may bring up property value a lot if those 8-10 stories can get up over the tree line. Maybe have some mini penthouses with panoramic views. We just need more creativity. I wonder what’s being planned with the park? That’s another thing we need....more desirable public spaces.
  12. Young75

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I don’t have much knowledge on the Virginian Pilot and this is irrelevant but it’s just so plain “Virginian” lol Why can’t Norfolk have it’s name in its newspaper? Why do we have to carry the rest of state all the time it’s like dillons law seeps it’s way into everything.
  13. I understand being responsible but I thought casinos were for adults? If you want to go gamble your paycheck that’s your American right lol If you loose it guess what? Go work and get more money ...maybe a job at the Casino?? Lol problem solved. Next!
  14. Young75

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I love the conecpt actually it’s almost like these guys were in my head. Norfolk has so much land yet to be used to its potential. I just hope they make it blend in with the neighborhoods. Honestly that whole quadrant is just a mess of roads. It needs comprehensive zoning and not just that block.....AND let me say that I DONT WANT TO SEE GENTRIFICATION IN NORFOLK. Let’s just say that RIGHT NOW. I don’t want these guys coming in then all of a sudden and now people who grew up and these places loose out. It’s happening everywhere that’s always the side-effect to development boom but it seems like Norfolk is BOSSING UP! Lol
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