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  1. It's tough to carry forth pride for Orlando and not lament the squatty buildings going up. Sometimes I agree that a parking lot would be better than an ungainly proportioned tower.
  2. I wouldn't deem lane splitting as aggressive. It's very common in California and a lot of other countries. And I like driving in Manhattan. It's one of the few remaining places in America where people actually go when the light turns green.
  3. Didn't this recently happen to an apartment building in Metrowest?
  4. I know some have expressed their disdain towards the SunTrust Center, but I have always liked it. It saddens me to know that I won't be greeted by it when entering downtown on 4 eastbound anymore. Also, the view of the SunTrust is blocked by Modera from Lake Eola. Sad day.
  5. And in Lake Wales and Ocala. Also, Kay's in Cocoa is an old Fat Boys.
  6. I would love to be able to take a train to Miami or Tampa as opposed to dealing with crap traffic on 95 or even worse traffic on 4.
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