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  1. When does this officially open/completion of construction?
  2. Any word on any other talks of another building in the works?
  3. Was this the one proposed years ago thag was supposed to be like 12 floors or so. I would guess it’s gonna be the same ole 5-8 but hopefully not.
  4. It’s so strange to see a city booming this much even in the pandemic and so much land be stuck and undeveloped. Just imagine if this was all sold to other developers at once. This would create so much life. Ugh
  5. The most exciting part of this development besides it being a great fill in for the skyline, would be the retail it is adding to the back end because that area is a pretty dead zone. Pretty much until you get to the epicenter.
  6. Southend alone is literally at the peak of having too many 5/6 midrise apartments. It looks too forced at this point. So I completely agree! The variety in heights looks so much more interesting.
  7. They’re literally tearing down Midnight Diner as I type…what a site to see.
  8. I wish they would redevelop the biz journal lot.
  9. I’d rather see hotel or residential anyway. That area has a lot of office. Cities are better with a nice blend. Mix it up. I’m not a big fan of mixuse buildings tbh I’d rather just an array of different buildings side by side. Like I don’t want to live in the Bank of America building…or have a condo above the Holiday Inn
  10. I’ve seen those. That’s just a Lego mock up. I want real ones.
  11. Still no renderings and this is halfway done. Maybe it’s going to be just that basic…I hope they actually do something unique here. Some nice sleek brick or something modern and clean. Just have some character is all I ask for….
  12. And what’s the next stop on it? The new transit system next to the epicenter.
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