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  1. Don’t say it’s topped out without it being 100% true. The Urban Planet Police might get you!
  2. I think that since the front whole corner is pretty dead with just brick and no retail that they should incorporate an installation piece. Some art work to give that large section some life.
  3. What floor is it on. It’s at the point where I can’t count because the glass confuses me on which floor I’m on.
  4. Agreed! The hotel is the best and garage is worst. Office Building is decent but yeah I see laziness all over this development. I would have preferred the original design from like 2016.
  5. They should have taken a look at Vantage South End’s parking deck. It looks like a separate building...oh yeah, with retail too. Unlike this one.
  6. Yes I have. That’s my entire point.
  7. I definitely agree with this! Globalization is seen now more than ever. It has some positives to it but many negatives. I say bring back the individualness of things. And chain restaurants are honestly out of control. I saw a list of fast food restaurants and how many locations they have nationwide and so many of them had between 1000 to 10,000 locations....literally there are over 8,000 Starbucks and 14,000 McDonald’s in the U.S. That’s insane! Ugh
  8. OMG! Thank you! One thing I’d add is that most city’s developments come from out of town/state development companies. Just look at Charlotte, most of these architects and developers are from elsewhere taking advantage of the market and building for the demand. It’s all about money, with little to no thought of lasting impressions or how these developments fit into the scheme of that city. You can literally be in the middle of any US city and open your eyes and couldn’t tell which one you’re in unless you know specific buildings. Glass towers in downtowns, 5 story stick built apartments on the outskirts of downtown, then the copy and paste neighborhoods with a lake and one tree in each yard! YUCK! I’m so sick of it! I often wonder why people flock to certain cities nowadays as if they all aren’t starting to look and feel the exact same. Yes weather, and cost of living but if the place has no character then is it worth the move. And yes, Charlotte needs to preserve what’s left because the iconic old structures are being demolished left and right.
  9. I get that but gentrification nowadays is literally driven by money hungry and greedy developers and realtors who don’t care about architecture as you can see. I’m sure 100 years ago houses were built with more thought put into it. Specifically how homes in certain cities have their own identity separate from others. A house in Manhattan looked different from a house in Miami, or different in a San Francisco vs a Charleston, or a home in D.C. looked different from a Savannah. That’s my point. And now every singe city is building the same exact homes. I’ve seen this exact design in New Orleans, to Orlando, to Houston, and I’m like....wow every city is losing a big part of what separates them from the each other. And that’s their architecture. Tbh this picture at fist glance looks like the photo from an article I read about gentrification in Austin. And don’t even get me started on these apartments.
  10. Hey hey hey! We’ve said that one too! But another great question I have is: Will the hotel be destroyed when they destroy the parking deck?! Hopefully because it’s extremely bland with no retail space. I think a much larger hotel could replace it since there’s so much activity around there. From sporting events to all that new office space in that entire ward.
  11. I’m hoping it comes together like Honeywell because this parking deck is overwhelming! And not in a good way. The renderings look promising but seeing this at his point makes me nervous. Seems like the largest parking decks in the city are usually right off of the Rail Line and that’s upsetting. Only time will tell.
  12. We’ve already had this conversation like 5 times on here! Lol
  13. I get what you’re saying but from a developers perspective pertaining to costs and whatnot. I’m just saying that for Uptown I think a mix of buildings would be good not just lowrise for the rest of uptown. This city is growing so much and larger develops would create less sprawl. I’d rather see more 30 story apartments than a bunch of 5 story stick apartments Uptown. Sure the lowrise buildings have more opportunities to create a more pedestrian friendly vibe but I think the skyline can definitely extend further north rather than a drastic shift to a bunch of lowrise buildings. Yes! That’s another great point.
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