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  1. I would love it if they could put it in the Brooklyn Village development where the planned building that looks like a proposed museum is supposed to go or near 1st Ward park near UNCC. I say those locations because they are dead to those types of things and Uptown needs to spread out it’s attractions instead of everything being on like the two main streets.
  2. Happy for this! I love Lidl. Their products are really good and very cheap. The store doesn’t have the most but your basic necessities are there. I’m glad this parcel is getting some life since Scaleybark is building up.
  3. .....this last picture doesn’t explain what he’s saying but ok.
  4. Someone already said they are preparing for the second tower to start construction soon so idk why it’s so hard to think that. Construction projects are still being announced and some have broken ground during this pandemic so.....
  5. Will the footprint of the hotel extending to the very top cover the entire parking garage? Because we’ve seen renderings of the front but not the sides and back. I ask that because the garage is so wide and didn’t know if the hotel would cover the entire top of it.
  6. Even with the Coronavirus going on there are still some developments slated to break ground and some future developments have been announced. With that being said, I sure hope another building here is announced soon and I would love for the slip of land next to LU1 & 2 to be a residential building that would take up the rest of the block with lots of ground floor retail.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/biz-columns-blogs/development/article244694747.html
  8. Im originally from the Charleston area so none of what you’re saying is news to me. I don’t knew what you’re trying to prove but all I said was that I wouldn’t consider a gradual slow moving of people over the course of decades on to be considered a great migration, and especially because of sea levels rising. Sure have some people moved, but Its for sure not just because of sea level rising. Great migrations are when people drastically move to an area in a short amount of time not decades on down. And that’s my whole point.
  9. Yeah but that’s not due to sea level rising ... and that was my whole point I disagreed with him about.
  10. I’m guess this was directed to me indirectly, but I agree with your point that Charlotte and Atlanta will be top destination, because look at the reality, they’ve been top moving destinations for decades and not due to rising sea levels. But My main point was “in our lifetime” I don’t see anything of that sudden magnitude, that would be considered another “great migration” becuase a great migration is a huge number of people leaving one area to extremely populate another. Like how millions of people, mostly Blacks left the South to work in the industrial industry in the North in the mid 1900s. And the seas are rising at the rate of inches every few years so again, it’s not like people are literally running for their lives on feet. That’s my opinion.
  11. Well Charlotte is like 150 + miles inland so rising sea level won’t make many, if any people in our lifetime move all the way to Charlotte. Lol imo
  12. What great migration from the coast??
  13. Anytime, anytime on this public platform.
  14. Image of planned SouthEnd Aloft Hotel coming to South Blvd. This image comes from jasonthomasclt on Instagram.
  15. I’m not impatient at all. I just don’t look for any good news off this thread about it anymore. If it gets built cool, if not, ehh ok. To me it wasn’t that unique to begin with but that just my opinion. But I still do wonder why people found this one to be so interesting when the renderings show just another glass box of a tower with no real “wow factor?”
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