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  1. j-man

    First Ward Urban Village / North Tryon Vision Plan

    I believe they are on here. I like the height, just not the design or color. It looks like a friendly jailhouse.
  2. j-man

    First Ward Urban Village / North Tryon Vision Plan

    *Old renderings I really wish that they'd keep this design. Lighter brick, with a more modern green space, add in a couple retail spaces, and this would be a decent project tho it takes up sooo much land .Love the slanted balconies too. It gives me Rail Yard vibes.
  3. j-man

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Right, but color is still good. Maybe if these developers had actual visually, not just technically creative people working for them, then it would work out. Like Harding Place (below) apartments are like 90% grey with a pop of like teal and the sleekness are all so simple but look very nice and not cheap.
  4. j-man

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    OMG yes! I was thinking of that. I just do not understand how the colors of some apartments can be so ugly, when it is literally the easiest thing when designing them. like...
  5. j-man

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Those Bainbridge SouthEnd apartments are the definition of apartments that don't have to have those tacky color schemes for a place to look nice.
  6. j-man

    The RailYard SouthEnd

    I freakin hate all the power line in the way ugh
  7. And doesn't steel have an advantage over concrete buildings in the quicker time it takes to build the structure? I feel like this building will top out sometime this Spring. Structurally it looks like they're already on floor #9.
  8. The sunset is going to look so nice on that building. lol LU2 will make this area look so full.
  9. cool. I can see that. makes sense.
  10. What is the benefit from one to the other. Other than costs?
  11. Its growing on me. I don't know if because it's just something new, or what it does for uptown, but I kind of like it. Is it still awkward, to me, yes the placing is, and the shape with the attached garage, but not that bad.
  12. j-man

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    I can understand that, I love brick and stucco buildings in general. I just think the color of this one like many others are sort of dull. I just love how a building can still be in its natural structure, but get a fresh new look, without being changed in any other way.
  13. nice detailed pics. The garage looks so much better from far away and above.
  14. j-man

    Optimist Park / Belmont Projects

    I know they may want to hold on to that historic look, but I wish more redevelopment buildings like this Optimist project, and even in old mills in SouthEnd that are brick could get painted. I hate dull brown brick unless there is something like black windows to make it pop. Hope this one gets that white paint. The green landscape will look so nice to compliment it and make it stand out, because I have seen old factories turned into lofts, and they barely look renovated from the outside.