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  1. Right! I thought this thing had like maybe 200 spaces. Because from ground level it looks so tiny
  2. Just noticed the ground floor detail and exterior is getting more attention. Looks good. I still don’t see why this building can’t ooen this year.
  3. https://www.thecolonyredevelopment.com
  4. Surprised this wasn’t announced. It would be great if they could add a retail space or two.
  5. Well damn! That’s a small amount of office space to say this is the headquarter building. Is there another tower planned because if that’s the case, then there’s almost as much space for parking than people.
  6. Thanks for these great pics. Stunning views there! Can’t believe the siding is already going up! I think the exterior of the building already up will be finished before the second one gets off the ground.
  7. The screening looks horrible! Ugh maybe if it was darker or made of another material but this just isn’t it! It looks like they wrapped fence poles in a roll of white trash bags.
  8. Can’t tell, but are they on the second floor of the office?
  9. I really think this is so sophisticated for such a modern city. It’s refreshing to get this among so many glass buildings. This hotel is going to really liven this little section up.
  10. I’m so excited for this building! Especially the color. It’s funny how each NFL season for the last couple of years, the skyline changes from viewing it in the stadium.
  11. I wish the crown on Ally was glass that could light up instead of whatever it is now. It looks out of place.
  12. So does this mean they will start over, or just not have a second hotel.
  13. I agree so much! I think it turned out ok but not as good as the rendering. Idk I think its the material used for the exterior. They look really cheap in real life and not as vibrant as in the renderings. Especially from behind coming from SouthEnd. And usually I love brick but the dark grey bricks look fake. But still a great addition to this side of uptown.
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