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  1. All of this is sooooo true! And I absolutely hate them all. Some planned neighborhoods look appealing, but for the majority of them, no. Too many rules. It takes away from what a real meaningful neighborhood should be like. Sure there are some people that actually like that structure of living but to me I just feel that is sucks the life out of people and how they even interact with one another. Just copy and paste all around. Country living or Urban downtown neighborhoods are much more interesting to live in and look at. Never will I understand the appeal these days of gated communities, esp
  2. Its going to be an interesting sight to see once all of this migration comes to a stand still and/or people go back to where they came from and all these cites are filled with cookie cutter 5-7 story apartments. Its just funny how we have so much written and photographed history of interesting and meaningful architecture, but in the future they will look back at this time period and think "wow how bland." I just don't understand how people have so much skill and creativity (architects) but nationally I rarely see any new projects that catch my attention. Maybe its too modern for me, but I just
  3. I fully agree. I love how NYC has many beautiful churches dotted around their urban forest of buildings.
  4. I mean to a certain extent yes but I wouldn’t say overcrowded. Charlotte still feels very empty half the time unless you’re center city or SouthPark. And Charlotte doesn’t have the unique character that needs to be preserved like Charleston or Savannah from all the modernization. Like it fits in Charlotte, not the other two. And Charlotte is inland so it has lots of room for growth on all sides.
  5. Developments in cities like Charlotte are growing the city and somewhat making it better. Can’t say that for Charleston or Savannah. Those two cities are being overcrowded and gentrified making them not as good as they used to be.
  6. This is the best photo combo of Honeywell and the garage. I mean the garage is not bad looking to be honest. Great shot!
  7. This project actually looks more Plaza Midwood than a lot of the more recent apartments put into the area. I love the outdoor space and the color scheme going on. Love the office building and the smaller building in the middle. Wish the apartments had a little bit more of a Plaza Midwood look. They are a bit too modern but overall seems like a solid looking project. How will it mesh with the neighborhood, I don’t know, but I hope it is well received and doesn’t displace people or local businesses. And lastly my wish is that all the retail will be local retailers and no big names.
  8. I think the covering for the deck will be one of those things that you’ll like better when it’s finished rather than in the process.
  9. I definitely agree but what I meant by it being dead is moreso in a sense for how large scale of a project it is and what is apart of the development, which is pretty much all office with little retail. That’s why I said I’d like to see residential and retail added to bring the life because even DE1 and other large towers don’t really bring vibrant activity. So yes I’m well aware that it is not fully built out and we are in a pandemic.
  10. Couldn’t agree more!! These mega towers are nice but aren’t doing the street level any justice. None of the major skyscrapers bring much activity other than being a one stop shop for workers/office space. I think there honestly needs to be a unique residential tower with lots of retail to give LU some life. I honestly think the area is kind of dead because it’s so close to the edge of uptown and SouthEnd is really disconnected because of 277.
  11. I agree. Reading these replies, I’m looking like, are we looking at the same building because this looks very lackluster. People see dark bricks and think that it makes something look historic so that makes them happy. Ehh. I was hoping that this would have been a taller residential tower with character. This looks like everything else in SouthEnd. But I won’t complain because at least it’s development in center city making the city more dense.
  12. I mean the Aquatic center never has life to it so i don’t know if that’s the best comparison.
  13. I’m sorry. I said it once and I’ll say it again. I absolutely hate the location of the Aquatic Center. It’s like the biggest dead zoned development recently constructed in all of uptown. It’s a major dead Block that will eventually just be developed all around and there it will sit, a large lowrise building with surface parking and lots of grass surrounding it with no use. I mean the building isn’t even attractive. Personally it should have put an aquarium or something in that area. Like some sort of attraction. The Aquatic Center should be moreso in a more neighborhood friendly area.
  14. LAST FLOOR being poured! Via CLTDevelopment Instagram.
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