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  1. Exactly I’m like why am I only counting 9 floors...one more will make a huge difference
  2. Omg that’s exciting. Hopefully it’s a similar thing like Duke Energy did. Building a towers that rivals its iconic tower. I’m here for another Hearst Tower but more modern.
  3. Why. Can’t they do that with more buildings? Expense?
  4. Any chance they will build a second tower to house more workers
  5. This building was literally just announced and nearly halfway vertical. Lol well I guess it is only a small amount of units.
  6. Yeah you might be right. Maybe late November lol but hopefully LU4 is announced soon and LU3 goes up rather quickly.
  7. I think LU2 will top out in October. Just sayin
  8. Yeah it’s not bad but I just can’t get past a parking deck being surrounded by another one literally right there. But I get it.
  9. Omg I truly hate this about this building tho I love this building at the same time. I like the height and size but I hate tiny parking garages that go up so high vertically but have so little footprint. Reminds me of Ascent and that is just...ehh looks like it won’t last for many decades to come.
  10. Wish they would add some retail at the bottom of the Residence Inn. And redo the entire exterior. That hotel screams “by the airport.”
  11. I hope the design changes. This doesn’t look that impressive but no hate. Very thankful to have it.
  12. I hope the parking garage gets bricked
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