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  1. I have no idea if I’m posting this in the right place, and I’m probably super late to the party, but I noticed they finally updated Google Earth/Maps and now show the development as of mid-to-late 2018. No more Charlotte Observer building! Hello Legacy Union.
  2. So because of the close proximity of counties within the Triad metro area, the Charlotte metro is represented as smaller? Also, I know a few people (not many for obvious reasons) who make the commute from the Greensboro/Winston-Salem area to Charlotte to work each day. It’s really not THAT much longer to be on the road. I know people who live IN Charlotte who have 1 hour+ commutes to work.
  3. I’ve wondered the same thing. “Larger” metros tend to cover two or three times the area of the Charlotte metro. If we’re looking at proportions, it these other metros are sometimes less dense than the Charlotte metro. Does anyone know who the census determines which counties should be included in what metro? And if so, why do certain metros have more/larger counties than others?
  4. Is this a guess or is it confirmed?
  5. I’m geeking out right now!!!
  6. That’d be the best news in a century!
  7. Meanwhile East Charlotte along the Independence corridor is still waiting for its chance at light rail and is a relatively dense area of town. I agree that SouthPark and Ballantyne could benefit from light rail, but I think we need to prioritize as a city.
  8. Anyone know why the light rail has been so slow since the all-star game? It comes to a complete stop at almost all stop lights despite having right of way (which causes traffic issues near the JW Clay station) and it seems to only move at a brisk walking pace during a large portion of its route now. I know we talked about the doors taking longer to open as well which doesn’t help. It also seems to make random stops at some points. The other day, it stopped for almost 5 minutes at the Old Concord Rd station. Am I the only one???
  9. Speaking of the Hawthorne bridge, does anyone know why construction is dragging on so slowly? I think we’re pushing a year now and I feel like I can count on my fingers the number of days I’ve actually seen them working on it? They’ve got a ton of building materials in the center lanes, so...
  10. From my experience, most people know of Charlotte and even speak of it favorably. A lot of these folks can’t quite remember whether it’s in NC or SC. Rarely do I hear of people getting Charlotte confused with Charlottesville or Charleston (mostly because Charlotte is the largest of the 3 and is more often in the spotlight recently). It think it’s kind of like how growing up, I always knew Chicago was a major city, but I didn’t personally associate it with Illinois. The way I see it, for most other major cities, knowing the state they’re located in has been less important for their popularity. It has been more so about the name they’ve made for themselves and how unique they are individually.
  11. The view from the rooftop of my job. This is a panoramic shot of from the same angle.
  12. The corridor is perfect and it bothers me that the Triad have a million different interstates and the Triangle is building a new interstate to Virginia. It just makes logical sense to upgrade 74 to interstate in my humble opinion.
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