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  1. Aerial imagery of the Nashville tornado. https://nashville.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=2b460b2577d7414eb8f8df5a750d00e1
  2. Sorry didn’t mean to come off so harsh. I just wanted to make the point that for certain segments of the population, this is really scary. Just like with getting the flu shot, we healthy people have a responsibility to protect the immunocompromised and keep them in mind.
  3. It’s called flattening the epidemic curve. Look it up. Everyone May get this Eventually, but the healthcare system could be easily overwhelmed if everyone gets it over the next month or two vs the next year. Also, of course there’s research going on to find the best treatments / vaccine. That all takes time. people are dying from this. Have some respect for the elderly and those with weakened immune systems for various reasons. This is potentially life threatening to them.
  4. Literally in the article you link to he says it might be like a severe flu season or even pandemic flu season and you decide that means it’s “b-team flu?” Again this isn’t the end of the world or even close but even if it’s “just a severe flu” that’s a severe flu on top of regular flu season potentially forever. (Hopefully vaccines come out)The reason the economy is shutting down is because nobody knows yet. There’s incredible risk to assuming a new virus will just be no big deal. You cannot go back in time and recapture the early days of an outbreak. Exponential growth doesn’t work that way. I just don’t understand why you come on here and just decide epidemiologists around the world are all crazy. Are you into climate change denialism too?
  5. The fatality rate of flu is like .1% so this is around 10 times deadlier than flu if this estimate is correct. It's like the flu all-stars with no vaccine soon. I'm not trying to be an alarmist. The world will certainly get past this, but there's no reason to downplay the real risk either.
  6. Yeah that's a good point. I think the Cookeville tornado could be counted as a bit of a miss by forecasters. It was just barely outside the area they gave a risk of tornado for. Nashville was in the 2% chance of tornado area. That seems low, but you have to remember there wasn't really a tornado outbreak either. most areas in middle TN didn't seen anything close to a tornado.
  7. This is an inaccurate statement. We were in a slight risk of severe storms. The NWS even told us to expect them between 12 and 5 am. https://twitter.com/NashSevereWx/status/1234675661098213378?s=20
  8. It takes me like 5 minutes to get through with pre most of the time. For those that have it, Is this really worth it?
  9. I think we all just have a different line on how far is too far. Of course I would hope everyone agrees that at some point it IS the DUTY of the incoming Mayor to clean up the terrible deals of the former administration. I think a lot of people on this board felt that what the Barry admin had done did not cross that line. Some do.
  10. I really liked Briley at the beginning. I really got turned off by his attempts to sell off city property for an extremely short term budget fix, and also his pledge not to raise taxes. I think he might have changed that pledge at the very end of the campaign, but that's disconcerting too. Hence my reluctant vote for Cooper.
  11. Well there's a national (somewhat thanks to Amazon, but other populist reasons too) push-back on handouts to corporations, and I think locally there is some worry that the growth is not keeping up with infrastructure. I personally think infrastructure is lagging, but my personal opinion is to raise taxes to fix infrastructure. I think a lot of more conservative people want to go the other way and pump the brakes on growth. My intuition is that Cooper is trying to thread the needle. I personally hope he is setting up to eventually "have to reluctantly" raise taxes.
  12. HAHA no. I'm not concerned with John Cooper. I'm not a huge fan. I reluctantly voted for him in the runoff, but was not happy about it. Like someone else mentioned above. It's just my soap box. Criticize the policy. But come on, man. Nobody wants to be called ugly either. It's just amazing that we can't even all agree it's just kind of a mean thing to do.
  13. I think I was specifically triggered by the word ugly iirc. It's just such a sad word. Nobody wants to be called ugly.
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