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  1. Yes the Hermitage / KVB intersection has probably close to a dozen separate spills!
  2. My guess is a combination of bumps in the road and quick acceleration / deceleration. This would explain why it's mostly at intersections.
  3. Not sure where else this would fit so mods feel free to move. Just wanted to rant. I am getting increasingly frustrated with the shear amount of what I assume is spilled concrete at intersections around the city. If you drive into town on Lebanon Pike to 1st Ave, every light has multiple large piles of concrete. Is there any way to hold these folks accountable? Nashville has some of the worst surface streets I’ve encountered and this along with all of the “repaired” holes that developers dig for utilities is a large contributing factor in my opinion.
  4. https://tennesseelookout.com/2021/01/19/metro-council-vote-could-be-a-final-hurdle-to-oracle-investing-in-nashville/
  5. Hotel cubes. You don’t get your own personal cube, but instead find one for the day that you are in the office. These are of course much smaller than traditional cubes.
  6. Heard from a friend that at least some groups will be moving to a more remote first work setting post Covid with only “hotels” in the office. Not sure if this will have any impact on that 3rd building option or how widespread it is within the company.
  7. No. If better communication was had, the city and hopefully it’s residents would have known sooner that they were going to be flooded. They had to release from the dams or the dams were going to overtop. Overtopping dams fail. The choice was between letting a lot of water out or a high risk of ALL the water. There was a long report on this from the Army Corps and NWS. Generally when I reference it, folks just say it was a cover up because they just don’t want to believe that 20 inches of rain can cause catastrophic flooding of their city.
  8. Smeags has a history of insulting Cooper for his appearance. I called him out once before and the entire board attacked me.
  9. There also were no mismanaged dams. There was bad communication of necessary dam releases that were performed to keep those dams being dams instead of an open river.
  10. I’m excited for this, but personally would rather not work right next to that gas depot / storage tank. I know it’s not like extremely dangerous, but it’s a bit dangerous and definitely unsightly.
  11. Here is the permit for the second tower: https://epermits.nashville.gov/#/permit/3856431?page=1&searchText=1010 Church&searchCode=ADDR&searchType=permit&orderBy=permitNumber DESC
  12. While i disagree with the premise that Obama actively divided the nation, for the sake of argument let’s assume it’s true. What I’m concerned about is not Trump further dividing the nation. I’m worried about him literally destroying democracy in America. That is a lot more worrisome than political division. As i already stated above, he floated the idea of postponing the election coincidentally when he’s well down in the polls. The day after proposing to postpone the election, his administration condemned China for postponing Hong Kong’s elections! He rails against mail in voting with zer
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