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  1. Ok which construction company wants to donate the pedestrian bridge to connect Peeler park to the Stones River greenway over the Cumberland? Get a chance to show up these Bell folks.
  2. From a public heath standpoint, having a peaceful outdoor protest is much preferred vs arresting hundreds or thousands and shoving them in a jail together.
  3. I found the tweet I referenced above.
  4. I think they said today that 3 people that have tested positive participated in protests so far. They haven't linked spread back to them at all. Being outside is a huge limiter of transmission. This is why they are keeping dog parks / playgrounds / pools open in this new phase. They haven't tracked any large spread back to these activities either. Combine that with a decent number of protesters wearing masks and it's a very low risk event.
  5. Hospitalization is a lagging indicator. You don’t get sick one day, go get tested the next, and on the 3rd day go to the hospital. I think it does make sense for somewhat reduced hospitizations as those going out are more likely to be younger and healthier since the disease is now well known whereas at the beginning at risk individuals were out and about just as much.
  6. I think that locations is still juuust a bit off the beaten path as well. It got traffic from concert goers, but that’s not the type of place you want to eat before an outdoor concert IMO. I liked the food.
  7. Those glass panels are pretty impressive in person. I drove by yesterday. From the road they look like they are two inches thick.
  8. That was just the first phase. Later, probably when the international facility is done, it will be completed and used for easier maneuvering and I think some aircraft parking spots.
  9. I'm "progressive / left / liberal" and I voted for Cooper. I did it after reading a few endorsements that to me read like a wink and nod that Cooper was going to do exactly what he's done. He did everything he could to balance the budget, but gosh darn-it, it couldn't happen without raising taxes too. Now Covid obviously threw a wrench into things so we will never know if I and others were right, but I'm definitely happy with this tax increase.
  10. Need these folks for what? You don’t think the council will approve (with tweaks I’m sure) his budget?
  11. Just reading through all this, but maybe Cooper is doing what he thinks is best for the city instead of what will make him friends and get re-elected? It’s not like he’s a young guy eyeing governor or something right? Nashville property taxes are just stupid low. The admins before Cooper screwed this city. Every one of them that thought about their careers instead of the city.
  12. This hotel is not exciting at all, but I also doubt very many people drive by the current apartments and think, “wow look at those historic prewar structures with their beautiful window units hanging off the side! What a beautiful city.”
  13. They tell you what they changed. At a high level, they got more data from countries that have already peaked suggesting a faster time between "lockdown" and peak, and they also got more data on hospital stay lengths and ratios to deaths. Several other things are discussed as well. http://www.healthdata.org/sites/default/files/files/Projects/COVID/Estimation_update_040520_1.pdf
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