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  1. Has anyone found this particular permit they are talking about? I looked a bit and didn’t find anything.
  2. March (1,511,541) and April (1,501,291) passenger numbers are out for BNA. Looks like the second and third busiest months ever. Just barely missing the record set last October. (1,538,477) https://www.flynashville.com/about/Airport Data//042019TotalPassengers.pdf
  3. Found something interesting while snooping permits today. Vandy has started the early permit process for their mid town graduate housing project. It looks like it will include a 30,000 sq ft grocery store. I wonder if this would be open to the public? Would be great for midtown. https://epermits.nashville.gov/download.aspx?id=192862
  4. I live in the greater Hermitage area, and I do not see how these would be financially viable Airbnb’s. There’s just nothing interesting around for visitors. If the train ran on the weekends, I could see Donelson / Hermitage becoming a tourist haven, but until then we are just too far from the action. I’m fine with that.
  5. Wow that parking garage looks huge. I always think that nashville must be running low on concrete trucks with so many big pours like this happening. Anyone familiar with the local industry?
  6. These agreements are easy when the team is 2 years into selling out every single game.
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