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  1. Portsmouth has reached a deal with Rush Street Gaming to build an entertainment district and a possible casino. The City Council and Economic Development Authority are scheduled to vote this morning on whether to approve the agreement; Edit-- the vote passed. https://www.pilotonline.com/government/local/vp-nw-portsmouth-entertainment-developer-1119-20191118-ynufbyfw4fbc3gomk4pectdw4q-story.html
  2. I suspect you're right on both accounts. From their press release, they'll be heavily focused on esports. I know esports is a massive burgeoning market but it's hard to wrap my ahead around as a business in a retail environment. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20191113005234/en/GameWorks-Open-Downtown-Norfolk-Va?utm_content=105535888&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&hss_channel=fbp-130471533652330
  3. Funny how things work out. I'm not sure why they would make this move back at this juncture. Sure, they'll likely get more foot traffic. But they'll be paying a much higher rent and have a lot more direct and indirect competition.
  4. GameWorks is relocating from Greenbrier Mall to MacArthur Mall; https://www.pilotonline.com/business/vp-bz-game-works-1113-20191113-qzelohg435du3e77zc5bxsk7ri-story.html
  5. Looking at ODUs capital requests for the next 3 years (using the search at the following link), ODU has a couple big projects in mind. A new $21 million police station on the east side of Hampton Blvd. The request includes money for land acquisition. I wonder what they plan on buying. Maybe the old textbook shop? A new $128 million biology building, which also mentions they will renovate Mills-Godwin for a new use. Also included are stormwater improvements and the already mentioned health sciences building. http://publicreports.dpb.virginia.gov/rd...talSummary
  6. Sounds like they're kicking the can down the road again. What was the point of the east and west side studies?
  7. I can't answer all of those, but we had Jay Jones at a recent civic league meeting and he said Norfolk State is excited. They are partnering with the casino to start a new hospitality major.
  8. ODU recently posted these renderings of the new Health Sciences building that will go on the open lot on Monarch Way and Killam, and the renovation of the Jim Jarret Athletic Administration building into a volleyball facility. https://www.odu.edu/life/buildings/buildings/projects
  9. Agreed. I do wonder if Chesapeake will ever consider moving their city hall to Greenbrier. I know the Taj Mahal isn't that old but putting it here would provide a lot better access to more residents than the current location in Great Bridge.
  10. I like that idea but why build a new stadium at all? The new ODU stadium is perfectly sized for MLS soccer at 22k seats. And the sightlines are great. A new franchise could spend a fraction on what it would cost to build new and by just investing in a north endzone renovation and adding bathrooms to the concourses on the top deck.
  11. The Stuart School zoning change and CUP application is scheduled to be heard at the Dec. 12th Planning Commission public hearing.
  12. On Tuesday night, City Council approved the sale of the Stuart School to Monument Companies. They have already started doing prep work on the property. Here's the contract; https://www.norfolk.gov/DocumentCenter/View/55897/PH-11-Land-Disposition-and-Development-Contract-with-Monument-Development-Eighteen-LLC
  13. Excited to hear they keep developing along Hampton Boulevard. Would love to see them keep moving towards 38th. However, according to the last ODU BOV meeting, it looks like Raising Canes is going to lot 58 (corner of 48th and Hampton across from Gray's Pharmacy). https://t.co/IirDrwFkzP Edit; I think this is just a permit for demolition of that triplex apartment building on 41st Street. ODU Real Estate Foundation bought it recently and they have plans to build the new Health Sciences Building in that general area.
  14. Where were these folks when the gaming machines got approved statewide? It's pretty depressing to see the folks who are spending dollar after dollar gambling in a 7/11. At least you expect to see that in a casino.
  15. Looks like Brinshore is trying to redevelop this whole area by themselves. The November 14th planning commission meeting has the following listed on the docket; "BRINSHORE DEVELOPMENT (Applicant) Rezoning, conditional use permit and a development certificate to allow the construction of a multi-family apartment community development with 120 dwelling units at 450 Posey Lane"
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