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  1. I wonder if that's a typo and should be 698 instead of 968, which would be the parking lot across the street from Scope. That lot would make more sense given what has been built already in this project. I'm also not sure that they have even gotten to Young Terrace yet in the demolition process which would be necessary to build at 968 St Pauls.
  2. Just got the following email from ODAF about the baseball stadium. There are links at the bottom of the message that include the already shared presentation, a 3D rendering video and a PDF slideshow that goes into a lot more detail: Greetings, Monarch Nation! The time has come to “step up to the plate” in support of the ODU Baseball stadium renovation. The Bud Metheny Baseball Complex was originally completed in 1983 and was once touted as the finest collegiate baseball facility in the Commonwealth. While the 38-year-old complex has been upgraded to feature the Paul Keyes indoor hitting facility and the fan-friendly “Rally Alley”, additional improvements are vital to the future success of the program. Last season, the Baseball Monarchs were CUSA Champions and earned a #1 seed in the NCAA Baseball Regionals. Unfortunately, the Bud Metheny Baseball Complex did not meet the NCAA criteria for hosting Regionals, and we missed a critical opportunity to host the tournament as a #1 seed. Determined for change, Old Dominion University commenced a feasibility study in September of 2021 to examine the potential of renovating or rebuilding the baseball complex. Over the past two months, our team has worked closely with the world-renowned design firm, Populous, to conceptualize a ballpark that we can all be proud of. We’ve greatly appreciated the support and feedback of Monarch Nation as we launch this critical fundraising initiative to upgrade the stadium and transition into a competitive Sun Belt Conference. The project aims to achieve three key goals. 1) Update the stadium to meet all standards required to host NCAA Regionals and Conference Championships. 2) Improve the student-athlete experience and future recruiting with enhanced facilities. 3) Elevate the total fan experience. We hope you will take a moment to click the links below, and feel free to share with anyone who may be interested. Please contact John Vellines with questions, or to express interest in learning how you can support this transformational initiative. We look forward to connecting with you soon. NEW! HIGHLIGHTS OF THE STADIUM PRESENTATION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftwyFx4jPyo 3-D STADIUM ANIMATION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAUHk3qj7VY POPULOUS SLIDE PRESENTATION: https://odusports.com/documents/2021/11/17//ODU_baseball_2021_11_03_DONOR_FINALMED.pdf?id=2919 Thank you & Go Monarchs!
  3. One way streets with multiple lanes end up being used like race tracks. No thanks.
  4. ODU released this short video that shows renderings of the new baseball stadium. Since this is just the study phase, I'm guessing changes will be made to the ultimate project. However, I'm excited to see the progress here:
  5. Norfolk released their plans for the ARPA funds and put it in a dashboard for residents to review, select their choices and assign them a ranking. https://norfolkva.abalancingact.com/arpa?fbclid=IwAR0LOsHvegLQV6GYfk-Xi0wqvNDh9GgvCduxW2R_aHK7-M0waeMYFyGGBTI
  6. Technically, those businesses moved into a separate development. The Railyard development is adjacent to The Colony (IPconfigure's HQ).
  7. No shovels in the dirt yet. Guessing materials delays aren't helping matters.
  8. I'd love to see that patch developed or turned into a park. But that lot is owned by the federal government and I doubt anything happens with it as long as the courthouse is there.
  9. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying to attention to ODU over the past four years or so. ODU has been very vocal and has pushed for a more regional league. They were proponents of a CUSA/Sun Belt re-organization multiple times and got support from USM, MTSU, WKU and Marshall and the Sun Belt. They couldn't get the votes as they were fought by LaTech and the Texas schools, who all had it pretty good in the current CUSA set-up. ODU would want no part in a Texas-based AAC. It hasn't helped us now and the revenue increases wont be enough to balance all the negative that comes with playing in a Texas-based league.
  10. The exit fees in the CUSA contract are two years worth of ncaa distributions which would be just under $6mil. However, I saw they're estimating that the current crop of schools leaving will only have to pay $3mil each in exit fees. I'd imagine if ODU wanted to leave, they could get them waived completely now that so many teams are leaving.
  11. This timeline is all related to the FTA grant funding that would be required in order to fund the project. It's a long inefficient process.
  12. No. Where did you get that idea? They are not going through the tribal casino process, meaning the land will not become sovereign land. So while the Pamunkey Tribe will be the operators of the casino, they will still owe all the associated taxes of operating a casino; hotel occupancy tax, food/alcohol tax, property tax, gaming taxes etc.
  13. Here are the slides that were presented during the meeting. I like that this will connect The Next apartments more cohesively to campus while also extending Monarch Village. Should be a good addition to ODU.
  14. The city is currently conducting a survey on the resilience park that will border the St Paul’s development along Tidewater Drive. https://opentownhall.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=afcceb1b9e6a294a87a9831ec&id=0d883815d3&e=e1ac87f5b8
  15. Norfolk’s department of development just released this survey regarding the project and the three different proposals. Here’s our first chance to let them know what we think; https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/K67QMNN
  16. The ODU Real Estate Foundation is much like ODAF (the athletic foundation) where they have their own director and their own board, but they fall under the umbrella of ODU. They have their own budget and endowment. They also have autonomy to manage their day-to-day operations but ultimately they will need to answer and get the approval of ODU's BOV and the President. I will add that they have had wanted to add a grocery store to Monarch Village for a long time, so I'm guessing they won't announce anything until the leases are signed and shovels are ready to be dug.
  17. Was told construction was slated to start in October. But we will see.
  18. The agenda has now been updated with some documents from the ODU Real Estate Foundation where they list the purpose of this zoning change as the following: To develop a 7-acre multi-story mixed use development to include a grocery store, apartments, retail space and a new parking deck.
  19. From the Sept. 23rd planning commission agenda are two zoning requests from the ODU Real Estate Foundation (pictures attached). I believe this is the lot that the new Health Sciences building will be constructed. However, that building won't take up the entire lot. I'm excited to see this agenda updated with their designs to see how they are planning on using the remainder of the lot. You can see the full agenda at the following link: http://norfolkcityva.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=1&ID=1741&Inline=True
  20. On the August 26th agenda for the planning commission is a new distillery in Park Place at 2618 Colley Ave. It’s good to see some more development along this stretch of Colley. But naming it Fort Norfolk Spirit Company is a bit odd when it’s that many blocks away from Fort Norfolk. You can see the full agenda here: http://norfolkcityva.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=1&ID=1724&Inline=True
  21. ODU is conducting a stadium feasibility study for the Bud (baseball stadium). https://www.pilotonline.com/sports/vp-sp-odu-baseball-stadium-20210609-tvimk7udvnb5tmm47z3vgthjg4-story.html I've been told that there are two options being considered and all of it will depend on whether or not ODU supports ODAF in getting state funding. If they do, the new stadium should be built in the next 3 years (1 year for the study, 1 year for design and then 1 year of construction). They would probably play in Harbor Park while it's being constructed. If ODU does not support ODAF in getting state funding, they'll need to fundraise and pay for it themselves, likely leading to piecemeal upgrades as they have been doing the last 5 years or so (with the hitting complex, scoreboard and renovated rally alley). It should be interesting to watch over the next year or so as this study is conducted and the big donors are contacted for support.
  22. Norfolk Development issued a press release about their hotel occupancy rate outpacing the national average and is using it as a selling point to developers. “By the end of the first week of June, 2021, the Hotel Occupancy Rate was 71.1% for Norfolk/Portsmouth, Virginia. That’s 2.5 percentage points higher than Hampton Roads and almost 11.8 percentage points higher than the Commonwealth, and 9.2 percentage points higher than the Country. ” https://norfolkdevelopment.com/norfolk-hotel-market-outpaces-the-nation/?fbclid=IwAR36fGY063yc4P0hT1Oo6BfQhdsJUtO5EngElt4f6rQNJEdAmtIwlM9tf1Y
  23. Codex has posted some photos on their construction progress in this space. It doesn’t look like much is changing from the space we all remember as Field Guide; https://www.instagram.com/p/CP3FBc1hlAK/?utm_medium=copy_link
  24. Pharrell’s non-profit is opening a private school in Ghent for low income families. The article does not say where in Ghent this will be located. https://www.pilotonline.com/news/education/vp-nw-pharrell-williams-yellowhab-school-20210607-hhyzrj6cmjg7pae4s77tqdl3ye-story.html
  25. It's a shame they couldn't get the bid in on time to host at Harbor Park, as I'm sure they would have hosted NSU and VCU, making for a fun weekend in Norfolk. However, from what I've been told, missing out on this opportunity is motivating a lot of donors and will end up being a catalyst to getting the baseball stadium the upgrades it desperately needs. They've done some good work on the stadium in recent years with rally alley, the indoor hitting center and new scoreboard. Be on the lookout over the next year or so, as the grandstand should become the next target operation for ODAF.
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