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  1. This Charlotte native is clearly salty his city will get passed up by another major league after the MLS picked Nashville. I have lived in Nashville and Charlotte and personally want the best for both cities. I do not appreciate your condescending views which I can only assume are completely uninformed speculation of the future growth of Nashville. Major investors from New York City are building multiple high-rises in the gulch this year and stated (during the pandemic) that they believe Nashville will experience exponential growth similar to Atlanta's growth in the past. While this is only one view, I tend to side with a company who is willing to invest close to half a billion dollars in our city rather than someone with limited knowledge of Nashville. I, as well as, I can only assume many of us, enjoy hearing views from posters from other cities, but there is no reason for this snarky comment that adds nothing to the board. No one, not even the investor groups or the MLB know what the future holds after this pandemic, but we do know Nashville has shown we can support multiple professional sports teams. If the investors are willing to pay to build the stadium, then I think adding another entertainment option for locals and tourists would be a great fit downtown.
  2. From the rendering at the top of this page, it looks like it goes to the end of tower 2 as there are entrances on both sides of tower 2. In the picture, tower 1 is on the left and tower 2 is on the right with upper 10th extending behind both towers.
  3. Arby’s near the corner of Hillwood Blvd and Charlotte Ave being torn down right now. Anyone know if there is a plan for the location? Sign says “Closed, visit location in Bellevue”, so it sounds like it won’t come back. Plus, I’m pretty sure this was remodeled only a couple years ago.
  4. From the renderings, it looks like they’ll keep the square shape and have the road curve through. I think they are going for a “plaza” feel with lots of walking room. In general, you can’t just cut off the edges because you design the slab in a certain way so if you changed it, you would risk structural integrity.
  5. It should. Depends on the complexity of the project. This one should be reinforced concrete for the parking garage though. You can the steel wire in the shape of columns around the project which means concrete. We could see steel higher up but that one steel column is most likely one of a few for the lobby.
  6. Not sure. I was driving so it was hard to tell. It oddly seemed to be down the middle of the site, but it looks like they have been clearing stuff on the residential side.
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