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  1. Unless CM Ed Kindall loses. He’s a terrible CM. One of only 4 incumbents challenged forced into a runoff. Hoping he loses and the new one tries to save the buildings. Not sure if they can actually stop the developers though.
  2. This Holiday Inn (as well as the one at Vanderbilt) is full service. But I agree, glad it’s infill and not featured.
  3. I really like how much this will help connect CBD to Nashville yards. This looks like the new 805 Lea renderings. Now I wish that one parking lot behind Hume-Fogg on the corner of Commerce and 7th would do something similar.
  4. Not sure about groundbreaking but hopefully soon. I know the article about the attempt to move the historical house on the property mentioned that the Greystar wanted the house gone by July or it would be torn down. That was a couple months ago, and we know how much these timelines change.
  5. Does anyone know much about this project or the developers AM Investors No. 2, LLC, Norwood Manor, LLC, Southfield Properties Limited Partnership, of Brentwood. Thank you
  6. https://m.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2019/07/24/get-aggressively-drunk-and-smash-things-while-mini-golfing-at-yet-another-cleveland-pop-up Forget axe throwing, Broadway’s next big thing?
  7. Yes, because a cheap, stucco Red Roof Inn would be so much better than these historical apartments and hundred-year-old trees... There is absolutely no reason to tear these down. The Four Seasons site is completely different as it is one of the most prime locations in Nashville. The people in those apartments had 2-3 years to find a new place. There are plenty of parking lots to develop first. We need to keep as much history as we can in Nashville otherwise down the road, when this big development time ends, we will look around at all of these cheaply built buildings from outside developers who tore down our history for a quick buck, and we will regret it.
  8. New AD just stated they are getting new artificial turf this offseason.
  9. Anyone able to read behind NBJ paywall on Metro incentives want to give a summary? Thank you.
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