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  1. From the renderings, it looks like they’ll keep the square shape and have the road curve through. I think they are going for a “plaza” feel with lots of walking room. In general, you can’t just cut off the edges because you design the slab in a certain way so if you changed it, you would risk structural integrity.
  2. It should. Depends on the complexity of the project. This one should be reinforced concrete for the parking garage though. You can the steel wire in the shape of columns around the project which means concrete. We could see steel higher up but that one steel column is most likely one of a few for the lobby.
  3. Not sure. I was driving so it was hard to tell. It oddly seemed to be down the middle of the site, but it looks like they have been clearing stuff on the residential side.
  4. It looks like all of the columns in the background are reinforced concrete, so there may be a few steel columns if they want a slender column to make the lobby look more open.
  5. That’s what I was thinking. I think the side along Broadway has a rooftop bar that is partially covered. They are working on the walls for that bar now. Along the train tracks, they are pouring the roof for the top floor, but the facade, from what I can tell, will have a tall curtain wall that is 2-3 stories on top of that.
  6. Almost all of the recent construction in Nashville has been reinforced concrete slabs and columns (outside of the 5th and broadway office tower and the amazon tower above their parking).You also have to remember the 5th and broadway tower started earlier than this one. Just a technical terminology learned in school: vertical supports are designated as columns, horizontal supports that connect columns are designated as girders, and the smaller horizontal supports between girders are called beams. Both steel and reinforced concrete have their advantages/disadvantages. Steel can be effective because when you design the building before construction, you can order the steel and use the permit waiting time as the same time the steel is rolled. By the time metro issues permits, the timing can work out so that there is not wasted time. Once the steel arrives, placement is fairly simple and quick. The workers then lay corrugated metal on top of the beams and girders and pour the concrete. Steel, though, requires a lot of codes to check welds. Reinforced concrete is more labor intensive because the workers must build those wooden forms for each floor and then place the steel rebar, but the advantage is their is no waiting for steel from the manufacturing plant especially if there are delays from the plant. It is also beneficial that you can have many workers working at the same time, but it is tougher moving and placing large pieces of steel with only one crane.
  7. It sounds like he knows what the Tennessean property project is and is excited about it. I hope we see renderings soon.
  8. Cummins Station towers. The bridge was supposed to have an entrance between towers 1 and 2.
  9. @smeagolsfree I’m sure Zach Liff wanted this bridge for his new towers, but does this materially affect or delay his development? I sure hope not. Thank you in advance.
  10. For anyone wanting details on units. Here is one for sale. Makes sense that they are targeting corporate relocation executives. Over 80% of the building sold already. They should've gone taller! https://www.weichertandrews.com/details.php?mlsid=2090948&mls=12&ppc=nashcom&view_timing=2
  11. Height on Charlotte + ugly billboard gone = good news to me
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