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  1. SCphil

    The West End

    Looks like they released some early conceptual renderings of the River Street/Reedy Museum and Convention Center here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/greenvillejournal.com/2019/03/19/proposed-downtown-events-center-could-drive-new-tourism-business-to-greenville/amp/ It’s surely too soon to critique, but I’m glad they’re contemplating something both sculptural and industrial for this site. We shall see how this develops overtime.
  2. I noticed that yesterday too! That’s definitely encouraging. I’m ready to see this inactive portion of South Main Street come alive with the addition of Gather GVL and this proposed project. I’m hopeful these developments will spark interest and eventual infill projects in the handful of spots across the street from this project site. With the current construction of the SC Children’s Theatre on Augusta Street, there will be a solid axis of movement in this area.
  3. I’m encouraged to see a church so focused on using its resources to really activate and accommodate the public at large, instilling a true sense of community beyond its membership. I also appreciate their acknowledgement of being a presence along a downtown corridor, which they will begin to reshape with their building design’s new facades facing Washington and Academy.
  4. I’m grateful for the incorporation of a public plaza. Finally, there’s a place for the passerby on the West End instead of having to trek to the park or the north side of the river for enjoying this type of downtown amenity. The proposed height of the building initially left me awestruck, but I’m encouraged by the density this would offer the neighborhood. I also commend the brave creativity evident in the conceptual design.
  5. Yawn. I agree - this site is somewhat of a gateway to downtown Greenville and the site deserves much better. I would hate to see a surface lot flank Academy. There’s enough of those along this street that honestly need to disappear if Academy is ever to feel friendly to a pedestrian. I’m glad they’re proposing brick, but that seems to be the only positive. Back to the drawing board, please.
  6. They were overpriced with small portions. At one time they offered a reasonable lunch special perfect for business people downtown, which they should have maintained as they were always packed during that period of time. IMO, downtown could use more quick-serve, reasonably priced food options.
  7. SCphil

    The West End

    I'm excited to see this particular building receive a new life. With the wide variety of drink offerings, I hope they prove successful and sustain business at this location. Let's keep the development growing to fill the gap between the West End and the Village of West Greenville.
  8. SCphil

    The West End

    The views from the top should be quite nice!
  9. After enjoying time at places like this in our neighboring cities of Charlotte and Atlanta, I’m so glad to see Greenville is finally developing one for us at home! I look forward to discovering the tenants that will eventually occupy this spot...
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