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  1. Has anyone noticed the construction going on adjacent to the garages? If it is what i think it is, the airport is about to gain another major structure. Albeit a parking garage, but if they are going for symmetry (which is what there plans show) it should be the same size as the other large garage. Imo, the large parking garage on the north side of the baggage claim aria is the most visually noticable part of the airport. I have a feeling that when they are done building it(if thats what they are doing) the airport will look much more impressive.
  2. My 2020 wishlist/predictions. Norfolk 1. Legit Site work begins at spq. 2. Site work begins at proposed casino. 3. Improvements are made to the Elizabeth river trail around harbor park. 4. Somthing gets approved for the boathouse site. 5. Granby station opens 6. The future of MacArthur center is layed out. 7. The city approves a new rout for the tide. 8. The city embraces, researches, and promotes its history with the underground railroad, soul music, cuisine, ect. 9. The city makes improvements to aditional neighborhoods like park place, and norview. 10. Site work begins on gateway tower, and a new tower is proposed, and approved elsewhere in the city. 11. The rail yard opens in some capacity at the end of the year. Virginia beach 1. The city does somthing with the ns row it purchased. Weather its light rail, monorail, brt, linear park, ect; somthing needs to be done. Otherwise, its just a waste of money. 2. Major infill projects begin in the vibe district, and the aria starts to feel urban. 3. Major project is approved near town center. 4. The city announces aditional projects/buisness es along rt.13. Enbraces rout 13 as a potential tourist destination. Due to all the projects that have happened there recantly in norfolk. 5. Site work begins at the wave. 6. Sitw 2020 is successful and epic, and an even more epic sitw is announced for 2021. 7. Oceanfront pier development moves forward. 8. Vb relaxes its restrictions on food trucks. Maby even going as far to create a portland style food pod in the vibe district. 9. Vb starts to get rid of its bad reputation of having too many regulations, while simultaneously cleaning up some of the scetchy areas around the oceanfront. ( get rid of the no cursing signs, permit open contaners in certain locations. Increase visible police presence in such a way that it doesn't feel like your going to go to jail for sneasing, but you feel like you wont get caught up in a fight near the nightclubs, or wont get mugged off the strip at night. If there feeling froggy, maby they can set up a nude beach in such a way. it wont be visible to families. Im not a fan of nude beaches, but it would be progressive. ) 10. The city inplements there plan to keep hotels booked year round, by setting up winter atractions. The rest of the region. 1. A comprehensive flood mitagation plan is announced. 2. Portsmouth cleans up its act, and its streets, and adds an attraction to old town that cant be found anywhere else in the aria. (Examples include riverboat casinos, and/or parhaps a night market simular to the ones found around Asia. ) 3. The region begins to attract the attention it deserves. 4. Hampton relizes and takes advantage of the fact that they can call themselves virginias fishermans wharf. 5. Plans for the interstate conecting hampton roads to points south move forward. 6. Site work begans at orf. 7. Kingsland usa moves forward, or somthing else of that significance is anounced somwhere in the region. 8. Amazon opens its facilities in Chesapeake, and Suffolk. 9. legit potential routs are announced for an extention of the tide into places like chesipeake, and Portsmouth. 10. Bus, and ferry service is expanded. Maby including a high speed ferry rout between norfolk, hampton and other cities.
  3. The biggest hurdle this city/regoin have is the mind set of the population, and the arias bad reputation. A large chunk of the population is transient military. They come from other cities and towns that they care about, and dont see this aria as somthing worth there investment because they know that they will eventually leave. To them, this is just another place in the long list of places they have been. Also, alot of born and raised locals are nimbys because they have grown accustom to the aria and fear a change in there life style. Also, lets face it, alot of people like to dump on this aria. People reluctantly leave there home to come here, and they hate there jobs, or whatever, and as a result, they tell there friends how much they hate this aria. With those issues, it honestly supprises me that norfolk has nice things despite all the bad lip service we get.
  4. Thats cool, but does that mean they are fully moving out of there current location under Chrysler hall? If so, i will miss the unique speak easy vibe, that the place had. Its definitely somthing unique, however, i wish them the best.
  5. There are a ton of restraunts in downtown norfolk. Granby st is practically a window shopping situation when it comes to restaurants. I doupt a casino with a few restraunts is going to hurt things any more than waterside, or the main. If you cant take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Granby is prime realestate. Maby we can get some michelin star restraunts if these folks move out.
  6. If somone has good photoshop skills, im curious to know what the downtown skyline would look like if every proposed project got built, and built to there original proposal. I bet it would be epic.
  7. I will miss coelacanth, and agree that they had good beers, but this metro is packed with more breweries than I ever imagined we would have. With the amount of brewers we have, there is invitably going to be intense competition, and unfortunately that means that the little guys are going to struggle. If you dont have anything special to offer, people are going to pass you up for the likes of O'Connor, or Smartmouth. This is capitalism at work. If you look at the fact that brewerys like smart mouth are adding additional locations, it shows that we have a strong beer economy. Maby some day, my family on the west coast can go to the store, and try some el guapo. The beer industry like other industrys has always been a game with winners, and loosers.
  8. If the region could have done more cost sharing in the past, we would have grander versions of what we currantly have. Our arenas, hotels, convention centers, ect would have attracted more prestigious events. Maby our region would have been famous for one of its events, rather than hosting mediocre knock offs. People in leadership dont seem to realize that whats good for one city, is good for the whole region.
  9. I walked by a few days ago, and noticed that they layed down the saline tubes for the ice rink( the large pad in the southwest corner). I would guess the smaller pads are for the various flat rides in the winter carnival. They seem to be in the same locations of some of the larger rides last year.
  10. If there isnt enough questions answered, shouldn't somone be asking those questions, rather than conplaining, and filling pointlessly redundant petitions.?Does anyone honestly think that city council will reconsider there vote for a small handful of signatures, in a city of many thousands of people?
  11. Obviously, this casino isnt going to fix much of norfolks problems, but it breathes life into a part of the city, that is dead. It can serve as an anchor for future development around harbor park. It adds to the list of attractions downtown, and in the whole of virginia. Most importantly, it lets future developers know that norfolk is open to buisness. If the city cant approve such a major project, thats literally been handed to us on a silver platter, how does it make us look? This is a rite of passage for norfolk. We can either grow up as a city, or we can continue to be that place with an odd name, that nobody outside of the mid Atlantic can find on a map.
  12. Definitely a threat. 4,000 signitures is a drop in the bucket regarding the areas population. And the nimbys here seem pretty desperate at keeping any growth, and sucess out of our aria.
  13. I was hoping for number 3, with the canopy from number 4, but looking back, number 1 has been there original expansion plan for a long time. I figure that, if they spent a lot of time, and money developing that plan, they would rather go with it, than throw everything out the window and start from scratch. I hope they can add more restraunts and shopping. Consolidating the terminals eliminates the need for redundancy. Also, when I last traveled via air, I went to visit family in Portland OR. They have a small movie theater in there airport. Somthing like that would be nice considering you may have to wait hours to catch your flight. Also, the walk isnt that bad.
  14. Cjnfkvb

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    We have waayy, too many malls. We can afford to lose a few of them. There are so many things that would be better military circle than a mall.
  15. Nice. This has the potential to turn the railroad district from an idea into a legitimate atraction. As long as they land a good brewery. It would be nice if they designate the entire development as a place that permits open contaners. Norfolk would then posess a legitimate beer garden.
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