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  1. We’re these apartments ever billed as affordable housing? I thought these were market rate studio apartments, which is an option that basically every city not named Charlotte has had a lot of of for a long time.
  2. Express just announced the planned closure of 100 locations last week. I can’t imagine that a location with no street frontage, odd/difficult access, and no adjacent similar retail would be high on their list for store expansion. Until completion of the rail trail, I can’t imagine any retail or really anything dependent on walk in customers being interested in this location
  3. Just pointing out that you need to have modest expectations with a brand like Homewood Suites
  4. Sounds like Publix and an office anchor tenant, there shouldn’t be anything stopping this. Great news. And the future leasing agents at the Ellis just did a happy dance. Walkable grocery is an excellent selling point.
  5. The tenant won’t be moving in for a year, they can and will take their sweet time with finishing this. There is no reason or incentive to finish early now that the primary construction is complete
  6. Agreed. I think what does disappoint me is the lack of contrast between the different color panels. There was more contrast in the rendering with the lighter color popping more, IMO. This is more one note than I hoped. I do like the industrial vibe. Calling this “scary” or like Cabrini Green is a little much.
  7. In reading social media comments, this is what people want: -transit friendly with ample parking -walkable neighborhoods but no height, no density, and definitely no more apartments -no more local breweries but no more chain restaurants -more local restaurants but they need to be cheap -old time local places that they haven’t been to in 10 years must stay open. They still won’t go to them but it makes them feel good that they still exist -lots of new retail locations from companies currently going through bankruptcy. -no office buildings outside of uptown but a short commute from where they live
  8. How else would you know that he’s too good for sports and doesn’t care if he didn’t tell you about it?
  9. Such an apples to oranges comparison it’s stupid. Good luck getting tenants (or financing) without parking in Charlotte. Keep increasing density and keep reasonably expanding transit and progress will continue. That’s the path Charlotte is on and that’s great. I’d love transit to be more of a focus but it’s a difficult balance. Cities like Seattle have a several decades head start. It is what it is
  10. Ate at Mal Pan in Piedmont Row tonight. It’s a taqueria that’s fast casual during the day and table service at nice. Decor is very nice but you do feel a bit like you’re at a fast casual place more than a typical restaurant but.... I thought the food and drinks were excellent. It’s obvious that basically everything is made in house. Split two steak tacos on great housemade blue corn tortillas then got a California burrito with steak and guacamole and fries in burrito. Both outstanding. Had a Paloma which was good. Obviously fresh squeezed juice. My mojito was outstanding. Presentation was great on everything. Hope it can break the Piedmont curse
  11. Two of these buildings plus a hotel is going to have a monster impact
  12. That’s kinda funny in a thread about a building under construction that would be the tallest in Nashville one block away from a recently completed build that would also be the tallest in Nashville and across the street from a 10 year old building that....would also be the tallest in Nashville.
  13. The site is certainly busy everyday. I drive by it twice a day and there is always activity and so far it looks better than that rendering. Still not totally sure about this location. Feels a little bit in no mans land without parking, but hopefully the beer makes it worth a stop
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