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  1. Bruco72

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    Feels less luxurious when you are in the office at 11 pm on a Sunday night for a deal. But the flip side, is that if it's quiet, then yeah, I bolt when I feel like it. Ups and downs.
  2. Bruco72

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    This is a pretty fringy location. It’s on the “wrong” side of Tryon. Anything too aggressive would carry some pretty substantial risk .
  3. Bruco72

    BB&T-SunTrust - New Charlotte Headquarters

    Or to play devils advocate. You have a spot where you can offer ample parking, with close and easy highway access for those Managing Directors that live on Lake Norman. You are still only a few blocks from the light rail for all your junior analysts, plus you have quick and easy access to your new SouthEnd tech and innovation center.
  4. That stinks, hopefully it ends up something other than an unkempt grassy field or gravel pit.
  5. I think they definitely have Any plan for this little piece of land they are using for staging? Be a nice little spot for a park. Is this DOT land?
  6. Bruco72

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    There is certainly more work going on with the framing of the pyramid. Looks like the section I circled might be more of the completed look, which is far better than the rest of it.
  7. Yep. Looking at the advisors on the deal, there were certainly several meetings in NYC. Easy for bank execs to fly to NYC without raising any suspicion. Goldman Sachs books some conference rooms under made up names. That’s how this stuff happens.
  8. Bruco72

    BB&T-SunTrust - New Charlotte Headquarters

    Branches can also often be a poor indicator of “presence”. US Bank is a great example. No branches but has 800 people in Charlotte. Retail public facing banking is only just a part of what these institutions do.
  9. Bruco72

    BB&T-SunTrust - New Charlotte Headquarters

    I don’t think there is any chance they stay in that current building. They will want a prominent spot. I think the jobs in CLT will grow slowly over time. Especially since Wells has a lot of layoffs coming and some of those will surely be in Charlotte. Probably going to be some good talent available that this bank will want to snatch up.
  10. This is monster news. While I doubt the number of new jobs will be transformative, HQs are important and they will want their name on a nicer building than the current BB&T site No way they let Ally, Regions, and Fifth Third have nicer and more prominent digs than them.
  11. Bruco72

    The RailYard SouthEnd

    Appears they are even trying to make the parking ramp attractive and I love the Uber/Lyft lane. All the residents/tenants should be happy about that. It's very well thought out and executed project. Unless they totally drop the ball on the apartments (which seems very unlikely), this project is a major success. I'd be excited if my employer was moving there.
  12. Bruco72

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Agreed. I think its extremely difficult to pull off without large tourist numbers. I lived in Chicago for ten years and never bought one thing off Michigan Ave., but it was packed with hordes of people. It's for tourists from smaller towns that don't have the same retail options, that's who shops there. And a lot of the brands use locations like Chicago, NYC, Miami, etc. as a showroom and not really a profit center. That won't fly in Charlotte. Any stores will need to be profitable. IMO South End is the right spot for a walkable shopping district and now you're seeing that develop.
  13. Bruco72

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    As someone who works on Stonewall, I'm quite excited about the added life and added retail and restaurants that will be added by LU, the Ally/JW complex, Duke 2, and the rest of it. Right now it feels like I "sorta" work uptown but not really. These projects will dramatically change that.
  14. Bruco72

    The Bad News Report

    I'd love to complain, but honestly, based on the sales I've seen in my neighborhood, my valuation is pretty spot on.
  15. Bruco72

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    I also wouldn't blame a retailer if they wanted to slow play it a bit and wait until more of the apartments along this stretch are leased up and foot traffic increases.