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  1. This by its nature will likely have to be uglier as you'll need higher fencing or a whole cage given that it crosses a freeway
  2. The 3rd tower gets pity points for covering up that side of the ramp. I feared that plot could sit for quite a while
  3. True, though I've been surrounded by that group on Tryon as guys were doing wheelies a foot away from my car while going 35 mph and weaving in and out of traffic. Its more than a little unnerving. Luckily they just blow through the red lights, so it was fairly short lived, though they just move on to the next group of motorists. I'm surprised there haven't been more accidents.
  4. This is a massive and expensive project that will take a ton of customers to support, WAY more than the neighborhood can currently provide. If I was putting any money in this thing as a lender or vendor or whatever, I would absolutely demand a lot of parking right off the bat. Down the road less will make sense, but right now, I'd need a lot. Way too easy for people from outside the area to say "tried to go, parking was too hard, won't go back". Can't have that in year 1. This isn't SouthEnd.
  5. They were blasting for months at the Ally site and this only a block away and somewhat similar with a building on Tryon and ramp on College. I can't even guess how many dump truck loads of rock they took from the Ally site. Dump trucks lined all day for months.
  6. Plenty of vacant spots it could have gone in to. Though access is certainly a problem at a lot of spaces that the 74 expansion blighted.
  7. Blasting has certainly started. Just felt a decent rumble over at 615 S. College.
  8. The the "inclusiveness" ranking is certainly what drags that down. Park system and perhaps healthcare quality to an extent probably too. That's gotta be why when you look at a state like Minnesota being #3. Great hospitals, truly fantastic park system (at least in the twin cities), and liberal inclusiveness laws. With that said, I lived in Minnesota and I would rate my quality of life in NC as materially better. Not that Minnesota is a bad place to live. Everyone is going weight things differently
  9. It went from no activity to a very active site quickly. Its a flurry of activity every day now.
  10. They even nailed the door and awning/canopy choices on this project. Great attention to detail
  11. As I can't really light rail it from my neighborhood near SouthPark, I'm admittedly happy about the deck for my visits to SouthEnd
  12. The positive is that it just seems to be from that side and I gotta think that basically vacant lot at West and Hawkins won't be long for this world
  13. Is this the start of the hat brackets? Whole lot of this material has been delivered in the last few days
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