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  1. This is the only thing here that sticks in my craw: the general perception that Atlanta has a deeper history than Charlotte. (I'm not leveling a criticism of you, @jessediebolt, because I realize this is indeed general perception.) I accede that Atlanta's may be richer, because more people means more history, naturally, and Atlanta has nearly always been larger than Charlotte, but it's not deeper: Charlotte was officially incorporated in 1768, and for over 80 years of Charlotte's history, there was no Atlanta. Atlanta wasn't even settled until 1837, merely a quarter century before the Civil Wa
  2. I wish I could "Like" this, like, a hundred times!
  3. I've always thought the Google Fiber building looks so out of place, marooned, there by itself. My fantasy is that the city would actually develop (or more accurately allow a private developer to) First Ward Park's 7th Street frontage--only a narrow/shallow parcel--basically the terraced, paved part on that side. I envision a pavilion-like building, mostly glass facades, housing a couple of restaurants or cafes--it could actually be a few stories and even have a roof terrace--that would help activate the park *and* provide a companion to the historic Google Fiber building, contextualizin
  4. I have long hoped the Johnston Y *property* would be re-developed--but of course I don't want to see the facility leave the neighborhood, or even those two parcels. I know it's not actually historic and is just a 1950s repro, but I wish they would demolish all the supporting buildings except the main structure, and then build a series of new buildings enveloping it, including to the left and right of the portico--and hopefully saving that gigantic oak--basically creating a cool (maybe literally, in the summer) courtyard from Davidson, like the one they're creating at Vantage South End. Th
  5. Wait. Are you sure this isn't Ally???
  6. My personal metric for a great or world class city is the ability to walk continuously from destination to destination without ever encountering brown land or dead zones, in terms of streetfront opportunities. I know--and don't expect--Charlotte will ever achieve this for every street radiating from downtown, and it doesn't have to be every street anyway. There just has to be enough well developed streets to provide multiple, but not exhaustive, robust routes for pedestrians to take from neighborhood to neighborhood. Tryon is *nearly* there, from Uptown to South End--obviously that chasm
  7. I have a geek appreciation for the fact the developer provided micro maps with the positioning of each building on every billboard. Terrific. My immediate (minor) deflation is that it looks like that curve in Raleigh Street remains; I've always hoped the city and/or whoever developed the area would straighten it--as the bridge rises (obvi) as it approaches the tracks, there's actually more clearance for the street if it's shifted slightly south underneath the bridge, to the other side of the initial pilings. At least according to the micro maps, the curve is staying. I know modern street
  8. My many, many, many greats uncle built the original Mecklenburg Court House... The story relayed to me is that he ("just happened to?") own the land where the Native American paths or trading routes intersected--i.e. today's Trade and Tryon Square--but because it was his farm land, the actual population center, however minuscule, of the county was more east--I think I was told more in The Plaza area, but the old Sugar(w) Creek Presbyterian Church would seem more likely. Anyway, he wanted to--as we would say today--monetize that &*#!, and so he built the court house building on spec when th
  9. ertley

    UP Forum Meetups

    I'll miss you guys by a week--back in the CLT for most of May. #NoFOMO, though, I swear!--until you start making too many inside jokes back herein! Regardless, I hope it's a great time (and doesn't rain).
  10. And all it takes is one genuinely cool, unique place to open (but that's the bullseye that's easy to miss), and then momentum--via coat-tailers, copycats and wannabes--just takes over from there.
  11. The best clue, to me, is that it looks like there are light rail tracks depicted in the lower left corner of the rendering, so I would say this represents the view from the NE, just across the tracks--but that's just my guess.
  12. I really don't think this is all that far from the Blue Line: By my rough calculation, it's a six block walk, which, in a lot of cities with established mass transit, isn't unfathomable. There's already a staircase connecting the Rail Trail directly to Morehead's north side sidewalk, which means commuters can walk unmolested by traffic--remember there's only a bridge over South Boulevard--all the way to Euclid, which of course on the north side is just a one block vestige of a street, so pedestrians will be able to cross it without too much delay or hassle, same with Royal Court, making t
  13. So it looks like they're going to cut a new street to Morehead--it looks like it's going to be a curving of Baxter, and rather than making Pearl Park Way the SE extension of Baxter, they'll just intersect. I guess that's o.k.
  14. I just hope and pray that part of those private streets included in the townhouse development on 24th includes the extension of Bancroft to 24th. To me it's a NO BRAINER, and I will be sorely disappointed in the city if it's not mandated.
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