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  1. Mind providing a link to the OxBlue construction cam for this site?
  2. Taken from the Dawson, I presume.
  3. Just checked out their website. Only three properties under their belt. Doesn’t give me much hope. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Pivot half a step to the right and you'd see one of my cars parked on Peace Street. I live in the townhomes behind the KK sign.
  5. I live in Peace Townes so while the Transfer food hall will be closer to me I am much more excited about the Morgan Street food hall.
  6. This is just tower 4. Two towers on one base which essentially makes it one tower. This just takes up the tower 4 footprint. Not the tower 5 footprint.
  7. Cool! I'm the one who shared this with them from Kane's site!
  8. Here are the latest renderings of Park Central (Plaza) and the AC Hotel:
  9. They are going to finish the Ten before they first my Peace Townes (further up person, across from Krispy Kreme). We've been delayed since June of 2014 with progress trickling and excuse after excuse mounting.
  10. Two things. Missed opportunity on not facing the Northeast corner. I feel like that would of made it more of a destination bar as it would offer the best views of the skyline. Secondly, initially it called for 3 retail spaces. No huge issues. All in all i'm happy about the increase of hotel rooms.
  11. http://www.dudapaine.com/north-hills-tower-ii.html New renderings of tower II.
  12. This mystery development very well could be the Wake Tech expansion.
  13. BidClerk has a project listed for Raleigh (Private sector) as Hotel/ Motel Office Parking Garage Retail Playgrounds/ Parks/ Athletic Fields Swimming Pools. The project is valued at $200,000,000. Anyone have any ideas of what this could be? I'm thinking of hotel prospects and I can't imagine the Residence Inn adjacent to the convention center will command that kind of price tag, plus it is already with parking deck. Perhaps this will be the site across from the L? Two hundred million still sounds rather pricey for 9 stories, unless it has been scaled up. If I recall correctly the total cost of
  14. A green roof is being considered, as per Highwoods.
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