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  1. Honestly the Levine lot adjacent to UNCC’s building seems like a decent spot. Next to the school, the park, 9th street station, and the Ellis. Perfect size and shape for it too and could still fit a bit of parking.
  2. Re: LGA, the traffic situation there was a catastrophe for years. Far far far worse than the last couple weeks at CLT.
  3. I get that you might want to face south for more sun, but the pool/amenity deck and most of the apartments/balconies are going to face and open up to I277?! Seems delightful...
  4. Current CTC location provides connection to the two current operational rail lines and is more central and closer to more of uptown. There's hardly any Amtrak service and the silver line is two decades away at best. Gateway offers much worse connectivity and will for a long time.
  5. Not really sure why that’s a bad thing or why it would prevent it from being a draw. If you have the right retailers it could still be a shopping destination.
  6. It’s not like there was any critical reporting before…
  7. Counterpoints: Bank of America issues the Alaska Airlines credit card so it might just be a crossover promo. Also you can book an Alaska itinerary to/from CLT since they have codeshares with AA.
  8. Record spending because of buying more expensive stuff or record spending because of buying more stuff? It's certainly the former. People are spending more on necessities, especially food and shelter. It's highly unlikely discretionary spending has shifted from Amazon to (usually more expensive) local businesses in any meaningful way.
  9. More kid gloves with Danny. Why bother interviewing him if all you're gonna get is bullcrap. So frustrating. "So it's going to - it's happening now." I mean, wtf is that. What a joke.
  10. This is cool data to see, thanks! I looked at rank by seats (since that is what the % change is comparing), and CLT was #9 in 2019 (it is still #9 for seats in 2022 interestingly). Four of the airports ahead of it in 2019 seats have recovered more seats (LAS, DEN, DFW, and JFK). Funny that CLT is #50 out of 100 and also #5 out of the top 10 in 2019 capacity. But keep in mind that overall capacity is still down from 2019 (especially corporate business travel), but higher prices mean that revenue (but not profit) is almost recovered to pre-pandemic levels. There's also a lot less employees and airplanes compared to 2019. I'm not sure I would call the industry back to normal, even though what we see is probably normal now. Not sure how airline capacity recovery correlates to urbanity though.
  11. Looks like there's a rezoning petition open for this parcel, 22-050, to permit residential units. Up to 270 multifamily or 80 single family attached (townhouses?).
  12. TCLT


    And he still manages to get reporters to publish articles about him...
  13. TCLT


    It was announced in April. Although I don't remember seeing this tiny Building 6 "Outdoors Meeting Room" before. It's a hell of a hike across that massive parking lot from any of the other buildings too. What kind of weird crap do these developers think businesspeople need to do? edit: That little building is already there lmao. What kind of weird crap has Clariant been doing? Although to be fair to them, it is a lot closer to where the building currently ends.
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