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  1. But how real was that “plan”? I’m only being slightly snarky. I’m genuinely curious how close that was to ever actually happening.
  2. You’re 100% right but if he didn’t realize that 5 years ago I’m not sure he ever will. The dude wasted the best real estate decade in charlotte’s history and sold a grand total of one parcel. His business acumen is on par with his development competence: prodigiously bad.
  3. This would’ve maybe been believable before he half built an apartment complex and then abandoned it lol. You also have a lot more faith in his ability to build anything than I do.
  4. So it seems like you weren't actually refuting my assessment, just leading to an entirely different argument. In any case, I agree that absent significant government support and stimulus a new round of shutdowns is neither wise nor likely to be tolerated by the public. And it certainly seems like our current leadership has thrown up their hands and are now just going to let the situation run its course while waiting for a vaccine. We'll see if that approach changes on January 20.
  5. I mean... Europe has twice the population of america but okay... Edit: I'm also not sure what you're trying to get at. I mean... sure, we have some company at the bottom of the rankings, but is that really a positive? Congrats we're not the absolute worst, just among the worst.
  6. Europe is about to shut down again because they're tolerating far far far lower levels of death and suffering than we are. They are also providing very significant levels of financial support to their workers not to mention the existing layers of support that are already built into the system there. They're doing much better than we are on any meaningful metric.
  7. The first sentence above is just plain wrong considering nearly every other country on the planet is in better shape than us on both the public health and unemployment fronts. The second sentence is, well, just clearly missing the point.
  8. On the one hand, the Lincoln Project has done some very impressive work and they’re clearly a very talented crew. I do appreciate what they’re doing in this cycle and I hope it actually gets through to enough people who still consider themselves Republicans. On the other hand, I find any whitewashing of the Trump GOP quite distasteful. This was no mistake. The GOP knew exactly what they were getting with him and what they were doing in supporting him. They had a chance to have a spine and morals in 2016, but they cared (and continue to care) more about power than anything else.
  9. If the shoe fits... I’ll also point out that nicholas called me an idiot for not believing black people are flawed as a group, so something something both sides.
  10. You’re giving him the benefit of the doubt that he doesn’t deserve...
  11. The anger is an act for the rubes. There's a lot of pretty low white people in America, and we've got a solid few in our midst here. They make up the majority of the Republican party's base too. And they're easily manipulated, especially when they think minorities are undeservedly getting more than them. The pretending is because a lot of brave people have spent the last half century fighting to make overt racism unacceptable. We've unfortunately seen some backsliding in that regard over the last four years.
  12. Now see, you're responding to an argument that I didn't make. Never once did I say or imply that they're idiots or assholes simply because I disagree with them. urbanlover568 supports a political party that is fundamentally and openly opposed to equal rights and liberties for the LGBTQ+ community and then is shocked when that party works to undermine and dismantle the hard fought gains of that community. Idiot. gman430 is perfectly happy to see the government step in and prescribe with whom, or how, a person has sex. He's perfectly happy to see the government intervene to dictate and limit where, when, and how people can peaceably assemble and demonstrate (if they're black). But he loses his pathetically small mind when the government mandates people wear masks or avoid large gatherings during a pandemic. Asshole. And let's not forget that you, my dear nicholas, are gullible enough to believe (and post) bullcrap conspiracies and think that black people are to blame for their problems and aren't in well paying careers because they just aren't that interested in them. Idiot and asshole. This is a pattern with the right wing of this country. American Conservativism has devolved into an intellectually and morally bankrupt amalgam of destructive white nationalism and shameless corruption. It requires a complete rejection of reality, a staggering amount of hypocrisy, and a depressing lack of empathy. Conservatives aren't idiots and assholes because I disagree with them. I disagree with them because they're idiots and assholes. And if you're gonna get upset at being called one, don't leave the receipts to prove the accusation correct.
  13. I think it’s beautiful. Well well well what have we here? In one post we see both sides of the coin of modern American Conservatism: the idiot and the asshole.
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