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  1. NC stay at home order is less than a week old. Meck order only a few days older. Case counts are a lagging indicator, especially since we’re only testing people with symptoms. You can’t make any conclusions about their effectiveness for another 1-2 weeks at least. And yes these orders could (should?) be more forceful but governments are trying to strike a difficult balance for exactly the reasons you and A2 have been ranting conspiratorially about.
  2. That definitely wouldn't be an airline policy, but I could believe an overzealous agent could've told them that before other FAs on the flight allowed common sense to prevail. Remember that basic economy is not in any way tied to specific seat locations. The ticket could come with any main cabin seat.
  3. Let's be real, they can probably run all mainline flights out of just B.
  4. I didn't see this posted, but all airport parking lots are closed except for the hourly deck which is now $10/day. Employee lots are closed too and they're using the daily deck. Another indication of just how huge the decline in passenger numbers is. Airport Overlook is closed too
  5. Yeah it has to be at least that much at this point. Honestly probably more like 95% decrease. Overall TSA screening numbers are down 50% for full month March and are down 90+% since March 25. On top of that the number of flights operating at CLT is about 50% of a normal schedule and more than 50% of what's left is being cancelled (scroll to bottom of page for cancel stats). Load factors on the flights that are operating are only 10-15%.
  6. RDU, like AUS and BOS, was a play at high margin nonstop business travel. Delta was far ahead of AA and United at maximizing the domestic networks at their core hubs and their core hubs are in far smaller, far less economically vibrant metros than the other two carriers. AA was on its way with the accomplished and planned growth in DFW, CLT, and DCA. United was starting to beef up its core hubs, especially DEN and ORD. Delta simply didn't have the same growth opportunities left at its hubs so it was branching out to grab nonstop market share at nonhub, high growth, high demand markets. With the expectation that Delta (along with the others) emerge from this crisis far smaller, don't expect these focus city operations to return. They won't have the fleet size to make that worthwhile. The majors will pull back to their positions of strength at their hubs until economic activity and demand are back at pre-COVID levels.
  7. I swung by there and I don't think it is related to the ruins. Looked like something was being done in the middle lanes and there was a truck with a cable spool. Maybe something utility related? Second photo is the barrier at the deck entrance on Brevard. There's also one of those at each cutout facing the rusty columns. And the last photo I included because I thought it was an interesting contrast looking through the remnants of Levine's project at the much more ambitious Ellis racing towards completion.
  8. Now we know. Board forgoing their cash compensation until August, Isom reducing his pay 55%, execs 50%, and other leaders taking reductions through June. Doug Parker, the poor soul, has already lost 50% of the value of his stock grant so it wouldn't be fair to ask him to sacrifice anymore. Overall, AA's leadership has been lacking in their handling of this crisis (especially the communication aspect) when compared to United and Delta imo.
  9. [emoji848] And no the site isn’t fenced off, just the driveway. But the garage openings have a fence with barbed wire going across them.
  10. So I probably oversold the leniency of it and that’s my bad. The restrictions should definitely make it more difficult (or at least more cumbersome) for people to gather in any type of group, even small. How heavily LEOs enforce the rule against people gathering is still TBD. And it further reduces the types of retail/business that tend to gather a lot of people in close proximity. Note that a lot of places that already shut down on their own due to demand drop would be covered by these restrictions so there won’t necessarily be a noticeable change for that reason. All that will go a long way to slow the spread. At the same time it seems that most business not already shut down or having their employees work from home can continue, at least in some limited capacity. But it should be the impetus for any businesses who’ve been holding out on allowing WFH to finally let it happen. And individuals will mostly be able to continue to live their lives, move around if they need to, and buy what they need from places still open for business. So you don’t have to get up in arms about your constitutional rights being trampled just yet.
  11. Practice posting-distancing.
  12. It looks like construction is included under essential infrastructure. Page 7, Paragraph 5 of the order. "construction (including, but not limited to, construction required in response to this public health emergency, hospital construction, construction oflong-term care facilities, public works construction, and housing construction);" The "but not limited to" would probably be enough leeway for projects to move forward.
  13. Yup. Reading through it though, there's a lot of activities that fall under what's considered essential so it's probably going to be pretty hard to get cited unless you're doing something obviously prohibited like playing 11 v 11 soccer or having a BBQ and drinking beers in the park with all your friends. Seems like most businesses that haven't been specifically shut down already could probably get away with calling themselves essential based on the definitions.
  14. The county posted the order, but it's missing pages... It was originally missing half the pages but they fixed the document at the link. Must've been double sided and they forgot to scan both sides. It specifically lists everything considered "essential". https://www.mecknc.gov/news/Documents/Mecklenburg County Stay at Home Orders.pdf
  15. Just to be clear, the rate of increase, and absolute number of new cases, decreased compared to previous days. Cases are still increasing, but more slowly, and as far as I can tell new cases still outnumber recoveries. Still hugely positive news as this is the flattening that is talked about and desperately needed, but Italy isn't quite over the hump with this yet.
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