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  1. All of the Tier 1 China route authorities for US airlines are used at this point. There will be no more flights from the US airlines to Beijing or Shanghai unless existing flights are ended. And even if there were authorities available there’s zero chance RDU would land a flight. I suppose a Chinese airline could start the flight to Raleigh but I just don’t see a scenario where that happens. There are much larger unserved markets, including Charlotte.
  2. AA or an AA partner (namely JAL) would probably be the only realistic possibility for a passenger flight to East Asia because of the opportunity to connect to destinations beyond CLT. But not only is there very low demand to and from Charlotte itself to Asia, there just aren't very many unique connecting destinations that would generate enough demand. Nearly any southeastern cities that could generate significant demand from Asia already have flights to DFW and ORD on AA (or ATL, IAD, DTW, EWR, etc on DL and UA) which have ample service to Asia. The handful of people needing to get from Asia to Florence or New Bern or Huntington can double connect. AA has barely been able to make Chicago-Asia work so I just can't see CLT-Asia anytime soon. As some others have mentioned, CLT-Middle East on Emirates or Qatar are maybe more likely, but the environment for those carriers isn't as good as it was in the past and the local demand issues work against them too so that's probably a long shot in the near term as well.
  3. Those frequency reductions are probably due to the MAX grounding and the resulting reshuffling of the schedule. Especially the transcon frequencies. That's a long flight and the airplane is probably better used on 2 shorter segments to reduce the number of flights that need to be cancelled. And flying the evening outbound and redeye return is a much more efficient utilization than a morning outbound and midday return. The aircraft wouldn't be flying shorter trips along the east coast or to the midwest overnight, but does make those trips during the day.
  4. It looks like this rendering is the same as it’s always been. The base of the statue is on the baggage claim level and the statue rises above the floor of the ticketing level. The ticketing level floor is cut out and overlooks the baggage claim level. Edit: formatting
  5. Power ports and USB ports at every seat is part of the mod too. Edit: And a phone/tablet holder is being added to the seat backs.
  6. There's definitely some weird pieces along the River Walk, but in all seriousness the trail is really an incredible asset for San Antonio. You can walk or water taxi from the heart of the downtown tourist area several miles north and south with parks, cultural attractions, residential buildings, art pieces, and food/beverage options all along the way. It's well lit, welcoming, and well activated pedestrian experience. It feels like what the rail trail should be.
  7. Other Air Line. In CLT's case that would be any airline other than AA.
  8. Aer Lingus should be joining the transatlantic JV with AA/BA/IB/AY soon, so flying to an AA hub would make sense. Although AA flies this route already so I'm not sure what would be gained by having Aer Lingus fly it. It seems unlikely to go to multiple daily flights but this may push the route to stay year round instead of just during the summer. And Aer Lingus will begin receiving A321LRs this year. I'm assuming these new routes would be launched in 2020 or beyond so would be good candidates for A321LR routes. That may point to more northeast, midwest, and Canada destinations (I'm hoping CLT-DUB never uses the A321 because that would be a looooong flight on a narrowbody). Because of the JV it might make more sense to let AA fly to DUB from their hubs and have EI handle spoke cities in North America, but who knows.
  9. All aircraft will have satellite wifi installed by this summer, so that's not gonna be an aircraft type indication. The 7M8 fleet is still small and focused on MIA and unlikely to be used for CLT flying anytime soon. I'd expect more of the same LUS A321 on CLT-LAX.
  10. Closing 05/23 and reconfiguring the taxiways should hopefully help reduce the traffic jams from everything heading to the west side of the terminal. And if everything gets built as planned, moving the regional flights to the satellite concourse and expanding A North will help the balance. The eastern additional runway requires the demolition of a lot of existing infrastructure and private residences. Would take a lot longer and would be more expensive to get done than putting the fourth runway in the middle of the airport property in mostly empty space. And I hope the overlook gets retained in some form. It's such a great amenity. I thought someone from the airport at some point said they planned to relocate it after the 4th runway was built, but I can't find anything about that.
  11. That makes sense and I definitely agree the $422 million is probably way underestimated. You may be right about the west runway, but CLT isn't STL luckily. AA alone is going to be up to about 700 peak daily flight by next year and the airport plan calls for significantly more (30-40) gates to be added over the next decade or so. That would be another 200-300 flights. And AA runs a banked schedule which means there are multiple peaks throughout the day. So I don't think any of the runways will go unused. It also probably makes more sense to build the 4th runway as the longest runway rather than extend an existing runway. It'll enable the potential long haul flights and prepare for more expected future growth while not losing use of any existing runways for any length of time.
  12. It's a big expensive project for sure, but not quite that bad. The project is estimated at $422 million, which includes the road realignments. Douglas Drive replaces West Blvd as NC160 and the primary corridor south of the airport per the development plan. Cost overruns are a given but we're not talking about billions of dollars. And even if it were the airport provides a $16.2 billion and growing economic impact for the region annually and the connectivity it provides is a draw for business. Airport expansion is good for Charlotte.
  13. Adding the 4th parallel will allow 05/23 to be decommissioned. That'll open the space for the planned expansion of concourses B and C. It will also allow reconfiguring taxiways which should greatly improve taxi times, especially to/from concourse E. Lots of benefit to the 4th parallel beyond just making flights to Asia possible.
  14. A North is only used by airlines other than AA. The other airlines have much lower gate utilization and much smaller average aircraft size than AA so there's a lot less people in a much larger space. The 4th runway isn't only aimed at passenger flights to Asia. The airport is targeting cargo operations too and the cargo aircraft would need that runway length. I think there's a decent chance CLT gets a cargo flight to Asia and/or the Middle East before passenger flights.
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