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  1. DFW isn't on the list for all airports or north America so I'm a little suspect of this list. It has more scheduled flights and seats than CLT so not sure what's going on. I know DFW had some weather related cancellations this summer but there's no way it was so bad to knock it out of the top 20 if this data was just number of completed flights. If you look at the OAG site that this article sourced from their busiest airport list for scheduled capacity in August is ATL followed by DFW (and CLT isn't even in the top 10 for this metric).
  2. In the city council presentation they mentioned the plan was to create a new entity to manage the projects and issue bonds with the pledged tax revenue as collateral or whatever. Not sure if that structure prevents a mega bond up front or if the city just doesn’t want to take on that much debt all at once.
  3. I mean it absolutely does. But also isn't this less about the total number and more about how fast the money is coming in. It's phased over 18 years because they have to pay for all the projects using the proposed 1% transit tax. If they had $10 billion in hand now earmarked entirely towards transit they can build everything simultaneously.
  4. Edit: Deleted. Info was already posted.
  5. What are retail rents like in uptown compared to asheville or southpark or matthews or some backwoods hamlet? There’s only so many Ruth’s Chris that uptown can accommodate. Either rents need to come down to allow more varied retail or you need a lot more residents to support higher price point retail at volume right?
  6. Ervin building demo is moving along. The smaller building next to it is gone. Most of the window glass on the tower is gone and the openings closed up with plastic so I guess work is progressing inside.
  7. TCLT


    MoRA is Monroe Road Area or Monroe Road Advocates. Not associated with the town. https://moraclt.org/
  8. Legitimate question for sure. However with the number of 787s coming to AA over the next few years there won't be a shortage of widebody aircraft to deploy elsewhere. I don't see CLT losing those easy to fill summer routes and it makes more sense to drop a few extra business class seats for people to burn miles (or SWUs) on than it is to base a second fleet type (or rotate it in from another base) just to get the exact optimal number of premium seats. I agree with you here, but even those might be a stretch given how thoroughly international travel has been decimated. Hopefully demand
  9. For reference, the A330-300 had 291 seats and the A330-200 had 247 seats. The B777-200 currently has 273 seats (albeit with a slightly more premium mix). There's absolutely no reason the B777-200 wouldn't be feasible for high volume summer tourist destinations like Rome and Paris. I tend to agree Barcelona is probably not going to come back as a popular destination for US tourists for a while so we probably won't see a flight from CLT come back soon. I'd expect to see Dublin and Madrid resume on a B777-200 as they've been historically popular and are partner hubs although both could be candida
  10. AA is expanding domestic service because that's where the demand is with the pandemic still suppressing international and business travel. AA is focusing on CLT specifically because it produces above system average unit revenue and margins. It is also perfectly geographically positioned to serve sun markets which currently have the highest demand. This isn't a precursor to CLT becoming a major international gateway. It's just building the existing strength of the domestic hub. CLT will eventually return to being a minor seasonal gateway to Europe, but don't expect more than that in the near te
  11. CLT-ELP (El Paso, TX) also starting at the same time.
  12. Correct. CLT's geographic advantage lends itself to a domestic connecting megahub. And AA has that hub here. That advantage does nothing to incentivize or support other airline local traffic though. Which is CLT2014's overall point.
  13. AA controls about 90% of CLT’s traffic.
  14. What "new" air service should CLT be going after though. There's next to nothing another airline can add that AA doesn't already fly. So I'm not sure what incentive the airport has to seek out other airline service. And the passenger traffic is only 20% local which isn't a huge slice of the pie for other airlines to come in and bleed money to fight for. If another airline starts service that poses any significant threat to AA's local nonstop market share, AA can offer absurdly low rates on the offending CLT-XXX city pair. Since AA has such a huge hub operation, it's likely only a small fractio
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