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  1. As far as I understand the 400 space agreement with the city is separate from the one with UNCC. They have an additional number of spaces. I don’t recall how many though. E: UNCC paid $4.2 million for 300 spaces according to the Observer.
  2. Agree it's still a total shambles, but is it deliverable enough for 400 spaces to be used? E: Or at least deliverable enough for at least 400 spaces to be approved on paper so they can get their incentive money? Because even if the garage is technically opened, I can't imagine it'll be used for anything other than parking of last resort since it's unfinished and there isn't a particularly safe or pleasant walking path from it to anything nearby.
  3. In order to get the financial incentives from the city, the garage (and the contracted public parking spaces) has to be delivered by December 31, 2019. Is there actually a chance they’re attempting to hit that deadline? And if the garage itself was up to snuff to be occupied other than the stairwell walls, what in the world took so long to get this delivered?
  4. Across the way would be Delta. They have all the gates on the north side of old A.
  5. Off topic, but wouldn't an auxiliary highway that extends in both directions off the main 77 interstate without returning not qualify for the X77 naming convention? It would be neither a spur nor circumferential route. If it took the route described it would have to be I-185 or similar no?
  6. New ATC tower with its night light on.
  7. Photo from the corner of College and 9th shows wood framing going up. And a crappy panorama of the College Street side.
  8. I got the below responses from the city to questions about this project. Makes me optimistic that we'll see Brevard restored sooner rather than later. And between ROW fees and the now drastically increased tax bill for this property (on top of the revenue he's missing out on), I don't understand how there isn't more urgency from Levine to get this completed. Regarding the streets: Regarding agreements between the city and Levine:
  9. That lot is the location for the hotel which hasn't started yet. The high rise is on the College and 9th corner and its construction is in progress. Edit: Added a picture of the high rise corner from street level. From about a week ago, but shows the very clear progress being made.
  10. I really hope UNCC isn't wasting money protecting someone else's failure that is preventing them from providing parking to their students, staff, and visitors.
  11. A few pictures of the garage. 1) Looking south along the tracks 2) looking east along 11th Street, and 3) looking into the entrance.
  12. Right turn lane on 11th Street next to this garage is finally reopened! Now they need to restore the Brevard lane and sidewalk.
  13. I completely agree with your points about the MIA adds, and also wouldn't be surprised to see previously suspended routes to South America come back. I also have to think that AA is going to be rethinking running A319s and MAXes on some of the longer flights and B763s in general because those aren't competitive products. This seems to be the best guess. Disappointing that CLT won't get that additional service. The last time AA flew this route was before the immunized joint venture with BA, before adding US Airway's BOS presence with the merger, used aircraft with less efficient seat layouts, and BOS international demand has certainly grown in the past decade. So the conditions should be much more favorable for the flight now. I think this addition (as well as Delta's add of BOS-LGW) is aimed more at making JetBlue's upcoming foray into transatlantic service much more difficult than it is at competing against the other network carrier alliance. And the most likely reason for choosing the 777-200 is that it's the most common type for AA at LHR right now. Using it allows the aircraft to be routed to swap from and to other hubs over LHR. So the plane could do something like JFK-LHR-BOS-LHR-LAX-LHR-JFK to maximize utilization and avoid having to run a domestic widebody flight to BOS to position the plane. It may also end up allowing AA to run the 777 as a domestic transcon between LAX and BOS if they are looking to add a more premium product to the route. LAX-BOS-LHR-LAX for example, and if this new BOS-LHR flight is run as a daytime flight that 777 could operate a redeye LAX-BOS. It'll add flexibility to what AA is able to do with the schedule. Nice catch! I missed this detail.
  14. Looks like AA's first response to the LATAM defection is to increase frequencies to a few major South American markets from MIA. One additional daily flight each to Lima, Santiago, and Sao Paolo (all LATAM hubs). Also announced the addition of BOS-LHR and extension of the season for some of the seasonal transatlantic flights. I'm really surprised that none of the CLT flights got a season extension and we still can't land a third daily flight to LHR. http://news.aa.com/news/news-details/2019/American-Airlines-Solidifies-Leadership-Position-in-Miami-and-Adds-New-Nonstop-Boston-to-London-Service-NET-ALP/default.aspx
  15. No pics but the sidewalk on 11th is now fully poured from the bridge to the corner of Brevard and the curb strip has seeds and straw laid down. Lane is still blocked at the moment.
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