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  1. LOL @ posting replies without context. One of which was a reply to a beloved UP'er making calls for political violence. Perhaps go research how stadiums are funded and where the funds to build a new stadium would come from. Maybe go see who is responsible for creating and expanding public transportation. (Hint: its not Lincoln Harris). Funny how 1 down vote on a post that made zero sense can lead to pages of meltdowns and digging up old posts hahaha. You have issues.
  2. I stop by here once a week and post maybe once a month. Sad that I am such a big part of your online life. Sorry dude, im just not that into you. You down vote people all the time, I guess that makes you a hypocrite.
  3. That's the guy who thinks that a new Panther stadium will be funded by sales and property taxes LOL. Now hes getting upset over parking decks being built for over 1 millions square feet of office space. How else are people supposed to get to work? Should they walk until more light rail lines are built? Or is it Lincoln Harris' responsibility to build up Charlottes public transportation infrastructure? The fact that posts like that get voted up shows how shortsighted the majority of this forum is with the inability to see scope and the big picture. Let the triggering commence......
  4. Only misinformed posts like yours. Maybe lay off smelling your own farts over there in Seattle, its clouding your judgement.
  5. LOL cant argue with that emotional (yet incorrect) theory! Pre 1965 the overwhelming majority of immigrants came from Europe..... WW2 ended in....... 1945...... So sometime after 1945 attitudes towards non-European immigration (which was almost non-existent) dramatically shifted according to you. Also why would 2 wars fought in Europe make people hate non-European immigrants? Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.... you guessed it! 1965...... Your post doesn't quite add up but has an appeal to emotion and plenty of America hating. I guess that's good enough for some of the dullards on here.
  6. You forgot your caption *Stolen meme and post from reddit..... word for word. I bet you were excited to pretend you were clever though. Nice LARP.
  7. I dont have time at the moment but I would like to see where Australia sources their immigrants from and how many are considered "highly skilled". I would wager its not a free for all like it is in the EU right now. I think I will compare the fastest growing economies over the last 20 years and see if immigration played a role in none, some, or all of them. A side note, I do know that they depend on China a lot and this "trade war" could have dramatic effects on their economy depending on if Trump gets re-elected. I originally came here to post since I am involved in real estate and development/investing on a smaller scale (so this kind of stuff interests me). I just happened to make my first post in this thread and RDF had a meltdown since there was 1 post that went against the echo chamber. He said this thread shouldn't exist and was extremely bothered (Yet hes fine with all the Drumph/Nazi posts that followed after I stopped posting) and started following me around the forums trying to police what I posted. Political discourse is dead in this country so perhaps I was foolish to think otherwise. There is also a really strange dynamic on this site among some members that I wont even get into and wont participate in. So yes, I look at the pictures and click Thanks on posts I like and appreciate and down vote posts I think are wrong. Well within the rules of the TOS. This is a really well made and functioning forum though and am appreciative of it, but a few authoritarian members have kept me from contributing and becoming a supporting member of the site. Perhaps CD will get his wish and get me banned for down voting him on a post he was misinformed on. If not, I guess he can try writing his congressman next.
  8. I simply asked what "much more accepting" means and provided data to make things easier to visualize. The economy is a vast topic and I believe immigration has a big effect on wage growth (which is at a 10 year high in this country). So high that establishment hacks are saying we have a "wage bubble". Meanwhile, Australia's wage growth has been stagnant. Must be a coincidence huh? Do you have anything else to add besides a triggered comment?
  9. Because its wrong? CD seems to have skin that is too thin to post on the internet so I spare correcting him and leave a down vote and he still has a meltdown. He must live in a padded room. First his statement that Australia "has never had a major recession" is just flat out wrong. Many of their banks and financial institutions collapsed in the recession they had in the early 90's and unemployment was at 11%. Not to mention just last year they fell into a per capita recession. Some people even say that there is a major housing bubble and they may experience a collapse that resembles the US in 2008. That article he then posted is junk and written from a establishment point of view that foolishly thinks our economies are similar in any way. Pretty much advocating open borders and entering into the TPP like they so hoped we would. As if not a single lesson was learned from NAFTA. Also what exactly does "much more accepting of immigrants" mean? In 2016 Australia accepted 223,500 permanent immigrants. An actual decrease from the previous year. Meanwhile, the US accepted 1,183,500 permanent migrants. This does not include the thousands of refugees, H1-B visas, green cards, illegal immigrants etc etc. This place is just so misguided and calling for a recession year after year. Growth may slow but we wont be in a recession anytime soon. It reminds me of novice real estate investors saying they are "waiting for the next crash" to happen so they can scoop up properties for 50% below their peak price. They will be waiting on the sidelines for a very long time. This place should be more welcoming to view points that are outside the echo chamber. When that recession (that everyone here is praying for) hits, this place will become a ghost town until the "next cycle" without enough diverse viewpoints to create dialogue. But, not my problem. I come here for the pictures.
  10. You are complaining about parking for people needing it to get medical treatment. Your desire for a Panera Bread doesn't take priority here. You're come off as extremely privileged and out of touch. Grow up.
  11. You have made comments other than that when it comes to politics (the latest example is you commenting on the BOA sign skewing to the right) you clearly dont know anything about tariffs or the economy at large so keep living in your bubble of ignorance. If you think you decide who belongs here and who doesn't then feel free to delete my acct. Theres no way you are taller than 5'06".
  12. LMAO I disagree with everything this guy posts but he is spot on with his first sentence. I got brigaded, downvoted, and personally insulted for posting about politics in the political thread, and that same clique who says we shouldn't post about politics at all (they really mean anything they disagree with) always seem to take 'clever' political shots and try to make political points in development threads. I am glad I didn't shell out any $$ to support this site like I usually do when I sign up places. Its a clown show with a circle jerk of misinformed divas who try to bully people off the site if they don't conform to the imagined hierarchy. I must say I do appreciate the photos from a few members here. They helped steer me to certain neighborhoods for investing since I dont have boots on the ground all the time in Charlotte. You guys are the real heroes.
  13. Its not random. I have a special algorithm. Besides, my vote down to post ratio is absurd and I am not complaining.
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