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  1. The leasing agent told me that USC-Upstate leased the space.
  2. There is finally a SOLD sign on the front of the property!!! Great news!!!
  3. I was in there today and they were doing a lot of work behind the drywall.
  4. Someone said that USC Upstate leased the space.
  5. I do not understand your point. They took an empty building that no one else would, and are creating more downtown apartments and retail space.
  6. I believe you can go back and look at that city council meeting and all city council meetings on the City of Spartanburg website. You can get your answer to your question. I just happened to go to that meeting and I learned a lot about our Mayor and our Council members.
  7. Thanks! I remember when that deal was cut with Spartanburg Water. I just have not heard it discussed since it was set into place.
  8. Who with the city is in charge of annexations and trying to get people to annex into the city? Who with the city is keeping up with new businesses and new apartments that are being built within a mile of the current city limits? I thought they were suppose to be annexed into the city if they used city water?
  9. I work out of town so it is hard to make it to the City Council meetings or the D.R.B. meetings. But I would encourage all of you to try to go to those meetings. You can learn a lot. Especially at the D.R.B. meetings. And at the D.R.B. meetings you can find out who the developers of the projects are. And if you are outgoing and interested in the project you can actually introduce yourself and talk to the developer. You too can become an Insider.
  10. Don’t be mad at me. I want this project and every project that passes the D.R.B to be built. I live in Spartanburg and work out of town. I love Spartanburg and have lived here a long time. We have made great strides downtown. But I watch other cities in our state like Greenville, Charleston, and Columbia doing much more than we are to develop there downtowns. I have lived in Columbia and Charleston but chose Spartanburg because I love it here. I just want our city leaders to be more aggressive in the area of economic development like the three cities that I mentioned.
  11. I want to be wrong! I hope that I am. I hope that all of you are right. I am pulling for this hotel. I went to several D.R.B. meetings concerning the hotel. We need for it too happen.
  12. I just live in Spartanburg. I have nothing to do with the city of county. Just wish our city leaders were more aggressive about economic development.
  13. Very simple just ask the developer.
  14. It is very simple, just ask the developer. He will give you the info. that you want to know.
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