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  1. I think a surprisingly low number of flights take the polar route. But yes, it would be the most efficient way to reach Asia on a direct flight. Flat Earthers need not apply for the journey.
  2. Question - Does the black line below at the base indicate the width of the lot? I'm trying to visualize how wide this is going to be and how flush it's going to appear against the Gantt center and the church.
  3. Thanks @ricky_davis_fan_21 I love how the glass angles inward and gets narrower toward the top. Should be a sharp looking tower with some nice visual interest. I still think the tower should front College to be more offset from DEC, but I understand why they chose to front Tryon. I'll settle for a couple of retail spots on College. Interesting how they're treating the south facing side. The window cut-out should look nice against the Gantt Center. So excited!
  4. Really just showing the garage progress at this point. On the corner facing 277 and the stadium, they were pouring concrete into the 12th floor of the deck - which I found odd. Based on the progress, it seems like every corner of the deck is going to end up with a slightly different design.
  5. I couldn't get the colors/gradients to match this particular test scheme - But this gives you an idea of the side lighting. It will definitely stand out - I'll be interested to see it all tied together along with the crown/pyramid.
  6. For those folks curious about the progress of the other FNB Tower under construction in Raleigh. Their 22-story FNB tower broke ground in May 2018 and currently looks like this. All photo credit is attributed to: xtremetoonz of the https://community.dtraleigh.com/t/fnb-tower-charter-square/14/622 forum. For comparison, ours is 29 stories - I believe. Raleigh's new tower is looking great!
  7. The Ellis will really help stretch the skyline from this view. May not pop above the trees much - but should be noticeable.
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