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  1. I love this building but I am concerned seeing the deck screening go up. Why not spend the money to paint the parking deck exterior black? Then add the screening over top. Would make such a difference.
  2. This project is literally saving and tastefully incorporating historic structures. The only historic charm in Plaza Midwood IMO is residential along Thomas Avenue. And arguably the business frontage along Central. I'm all for this project. And this is 1.5 blocks from the gold line terminus. We should be encouraging this type of development. It has LOTS of retail, office, and residential. And continues Commonwealth through the development, effectively extending the urban fabric of PM's core. PM will never be the PM of 15 years ago. So odd how people like to complain (not saying you are JacksonH
  3. Would have been better to run it into the heart of Midwood via Pecan instead of Hawthorne, IMO. But excited nonetheless.
  4. 100% agree. Demolishing a college/culinary school and a black church? .... Why not just say what you really mean? Unbelievable.
  5. Charlotte had 123 murders in 2020. Tragic, yes. Each and every one. But to suggest that Charlotte can "keep the murders" is a bit callous to families and friends who have lost someone to violence. And among its peer cities, Charlotte has a comparatively low murder rate for a city this size. #59 on this list and we're the 15th largest US city... and 22nd largest metro in the US. 123 murders in 2020 was 1 murder higher than the previous high set back in the 90s, but the city's population was much lower back then too. I've never felt unsafe living in Charlotte but I know that economics, lo
  6. I'm confident the residents of first ward would appreciate better connectivity and dining options. Filling in the parking lots between first ward park and the residences of first ward should be a priority for the city. The arena is right there, too. We're talking about entertainment districts, etc but why not build around the arena which hosts WAY more events than BofA Stadium.
  7. DANIEL LEVINE introduces the following uptown venues. Part of the Levine "FWF" Collection. First Ward Field Bring your own tent (no, seriously). Just not that kind of tent. Sweeping views of preferred parking. Signage in place! Surrounded by bustling entertainment First Ward Fjord Introducing uptown Charlotte's ONLY body of water Enjoy intimate waterfront dining and wildlife Chain link fencing provides industrial ambience First Ward Failure Black tie? More like black eye Uptown's premier post-ap
  8. CHARLOTTE, NC, USA: Officially home to the world's tallest Lowe's Home Improvement.
  9. Great resource for active and planned projects. Scroll down and click on any project name/expandable carrot underneath "Destination CLT Projects" https://cltairport.mediaroom.com/destination-clt
  10. This is looking TALL from the northside/N. Graham and looks awesome from 77 heading southbound.
  11. When Spectrum Center's naming rights are up, Honeywell needs to jump on them. May I present: "The Honeywell Hive"
  12. I like the idea and aesthetic of midnight diner - but their breakfast is terrible.
  13. Last I heard from folks in the know - the hotel portion will be continuing. The fact the crane is still there tells me all I need to know.
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