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  1. Kinda scary how fast that went up. How would it withstand an earthquake???!
  2. Can someone please refresh my memory... Is it correct that the Northern/new section of the blue line’s stops were all built to accommodate three cars? Whereas some/none of the original Southern stops cannot accommodate a third car? Is that accurate? And is there a plan to lengthen all of the stops to accommodate a third car? A lot of the rush hour trains could use a third car in my opinion. I know increased frequency is always another short term solution, too.
  3. KJ - I’m shocked that was your first time! It’s such a great place to be present. And will only improve. Rain or shine, Optimist Hall is a win for the city. My favorite brewery, Fonta Flora, is actively hiring - so their tasting room location cannot be far off from opening. Also - I heard Protagonist breaks ground (net new build) on their Optimist Park brewery in January. It will front Brevard - and is right next to the apartment building across from the Parkwood blue line stop. Corner of Brevard and 21st if I understand correctly.
  4. Urban Cowboy


    My understanding is that there are only 1-2 units left at CityScape Townhomes - and they're the 2 story versions with detached garages (no city views). I toured one a month or so ago and found the layouts to be awkward. I cannot speak to the train frequency at CityScape, but I live in Elizabeth and I probably hear the train 1 time a day on average (same track). I know there is a railroad bridge at Siegle, but you will definitely still hear the train horns from where it crosses Louise. As far as Ryan Parkwood Square - all of the townhomes that front Parkwood are sold, as far as I'm aware - so you wouldn't have that traffic noise. And yes, Parkwood is a busier street but they're putting in a light at Parkwood and 16th, and there is a plan to install traffic softening medians. I think Parkwood Square is the better location long-term, because of the development along the new blue line and other projects in the works in Optimist Park. Cityscape is more nestled into an existing neighborhood. Whereas Parkwood Square doesn't feel like it's a part of the existing community as much - for better or worse. I would walk around both areas and decide on the vibe. I prefer the industry of the railyard and the walkability to Optimist Hall (Parkwood location). But there are train noises in each location.
  5. Leaves are late-changing this year. Yeeeesh.
  6. That’s a bummer - it’s a cute corner as-is. Should’ve gone with the giant vacant lot across the street, between Scott and Kenilworth.
  7. It’s always bittersweet to see a crane come down. Just me?
  8. 9?!?! Blue-button down, Black Patagonia vest yuppies love starbucks!!! But lemme tell y’all - Starbucks can never beat the open range and a good pot of cowboy coffee. For those city slickers who don’t know - I prefer my coffee over a fire and brewed in a kettle. “No filter” needed for my grounds, just gravity and time. For those want to know the TRUTH only: https://www.roastycoffee.com/cowboy-coffee/
  9. Honeywell had their official ground breaking today. Gov Cooper was in town! https://www.honeywell.com/en-us/newsroom/news/2019/10/5-things-to-know-about-honeywells-new-charlotte-headquarters?utm_source=TW https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/biz-columns-blogs/development/article235728407.html
  10. Sharp eye! Let’s hope you’re right!
  11. I’m thinking it was - otherwise we would see the wood facade by now. The exterior wall that faces toward the West looks finished to me.
  12. A blue tower crane is fully up at CPCC's new student center site on Elizabeth Ave. There is a second, separate base that's awaiting a crane install - so looks like there will be 2 here. I was running so no pics - sorry!
  13. They would take down the oversized and ridiculous WeWork sign on 128 Tryon, I’d hope.
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