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  1. Agreed... jasonthomasclt "wishes they'd just be honest. Just say in an effort to generate more revenue." If we're being honest, how can someone self-described as an informed urbanist be against this move? Seems like it could encourage blue line ridership and is clearly aimed at preventing people from ordering a coffee and hogging a table for 3 hours. I see no problems with it. Limiting comments limits knee jerk reactions from uninformed users who don't own businesses and don't have to think about revenue/access to their businesses. Parking is an issue there and this should help stimulate turnover and open up spots. FREE 90 minute parking to visit a food hall? Count me in. You mean I can't leave my car there for 7 hours for free?? I'm sure some savvy people were using the OH lots as park and rides for commuting into uptown. Did jasonthomasclt consider that? It's not all about greed...Why choose the path of bashing a local business and destination if you're in a position of "influence?"
  2. Is he really though? He posts personal opinions on his instagram. I seem to recall a couple of stories he wrote for the Agenda YEARS ago. Not sure either qualification makes someone a planning columnist or journalist. I think he works for a bank if I recall correctly and blogs about development announcements. Does he have a social following? Yes. Does he post about what developers are doing? Yes. Does he want you to know that he's "in the know" with his teaser stories? Yes. Does he draft or influence policy or development decisions? No. He seems to be a development nerd who likes the attention, frankly. I appreciate a lot of his takes, but he comes off as bratty a lot of times too - as if any of these developers care what he thinks. I think he's done a good job at making more regular citizens pay attention to development in Charlotte. Which is very important and I'll give him credit there. But I've seen him troll people on instagram and then delete entire comment threads before. A journalist wouldn't do that. My understanding is that underwriting drives a lot of the decisions when it comes to inclusion of retail. Do I think being vocal about the lack of retail helps? Sure. But we're not the ones writing the checks. I personally look to CLTDevelopment for announcements and opinions because I appreciate his professionalism, credibility, and consideration.
  3. Lotta armchair quarterbacks in here! I will reiterate my opinion. I have gained immeasurable respect for David Tepper for sticking it to South Carolina. He has the money. He has the attitude. And he proved he has the balls. The bankruptcy move for a shell company is just smart business. If people view him negatively then I can't imagine they understand the full picture here and what transpired. It's not like Tepper entered into a $800 million project with the intent of bowing out. He's losing money here, too. But he's so rich that he'd rather lose some, and stick it to SC for A. Not holding up their end & B. Stupid politicians running their mouths. He hasn't said much, but you know he's fuming. His actions are speaking LOUDER than words. Why is he a bad owner? Why do people think this? Because they are lazy and repeat what they read and hear from uninformed palmetto staters? Last I checked he's not Jerry Richardson'ing female execs. Is that a better alternative? Do we want a good ole boy who's willing to make it work, even if others aren't holding up their end? This is Charlotte and this IS the NEW SOUTH. And as Billy Joel never sang, despite what you may have heard, there's no funny money here. Tepper is clearly not happy with mediocrity on the field - so he's making moves while also trying to trust the process. He'll figure out - just give him time. I'd rather have a passionate and invested owner than the alternative. Years from now, after the border war is done. Historians will look back and wonder who fired first? Tepper or SC? Tepper is becoming a true North Carolinian. Hating South Carolina comes with the territory. Welcome David!!! Welcome!! You're embodying our spirit. Esse quam videri. TO BE, RATHER THAN TO SEEM!
  4. If I was as rich and salty as David Tepper, I would 100% abandon the entire SC project. I'd throw a ridiculous amount of money at the bickering Brookhill parties, and then build the new facilities there. Throw in some truly affordable housing + a community center at the new site - and watch for the hero's welcome. I would love for Tepper to then rename the team Charlotte Panthers, and then yank those 2 SC flags off the top of our stadium. I'm so tired of the two states one team thing... And SC flags flying over NC. And yes I am petty - and I hope Tepper is too! I choose to live in Charlotte, invest in Charlotte, and be a part of the community in Charlotte. I want Charlotte and its citizens to be successful. York County and frankly any of the communities/residents over the line are siphoning away tax revenue while continuing to use our city's infrastructure and benefit from our economy. I don't think we should be actively rewarding SC at all for taking away jobs or residents. I'm glad this is blowing up in SC's face. I don't understand how Tepper looks bad in any of this - despite reading a lot of mixed opinions about his handling. Alienate all of South Carolina! In fact, I like the guy more for playing hardball. SI SE PUEDE NORTH CAROLINA!!!
  5. Looks like LU4, but viewed from behind.
  6. This office would have THE best views in all of Charlotte. Since Novant is too scared to do it, I hope Atrium makes this their HQ.
  7. "No, I swear officer - I was just taking photos of the floor"
  8. New Orleans is a truly incredible and authentically American city. I've never felt unsafe or thought it was dirty. There's a lot of poverty, sure - but there's a ton of civic pride there. Truly one of the best and unique city experiences this country can offer. The only reason I would compare the two is because they're both tourism destinations. However - outside of Mardi Gras, I would argue that New Orleans' tourism is NOT centered around getting hammered. Nashville on the other hand, is the Texas Roadhouse of cities. Probably some of the best people watching west of Gatlinburg; And that's only because they attract the same clientele.
  9. I flew into C on Tuesday morning and could not believe how gross the terrazzo flooring in the men's room looked. It was grayish brown in many areas. The CITY of Charlotte needs to press the airport on this topic. It sounds trivial, but 80%-90% (can't remember exact number) of passengers switch planes in CLT. So the impression of Charlotte for many travelers is CLT. Can we at least keep the renovated areas clean? Please. White terrazzo in bathrooms was a bad idea -or- maybe it just wasn't sealed correctly. Something needs to be done. Fingers crossed that Vi Lyles is reading this.
  10. I feel like there's a joke somewhere here about the government and LEAKS!!!! Thank you for sharing instagram screenshots. Beautiful from what I can tell. I'm excited for the official announcement with additional info and hopefully more angles.
  11. Hi Ryan! I sent you a PM. I’m a realtor here, and would gladly sit down and review condo and apartment options with you. Welcome to Charlotte!
  12. Street trees are coming down now. Just drove past and the chainsaws and bucket trucks are out. Progress.
  13. Thank you for the drone photos @Mgelbach. Always appreciate your contributions! The drone shots show just how big this footprint is. And IMO, larger footprints usually negatively impact "strollability" because there's less visual interest and buildings on a smaller pedestrian scale. No gripes on that front here - since we're replacing a parking lot. I think people forget that. But as South End continues to change, I do think the larger scale buildings are going to impact the character. Part of what's unique about south end is the industrial/old warehouse vibe that some of the buildings evoke. I think the choice buildings are all going to be saved. Except... One building that I personally worry about is the Charlotte Alamo. A global icon - we must protect the Alamo at all costs. Originally a historic Spanish mission and fortress compound - this is one of Charlotte's earliest buildings. Founded in the 18th century by Roman Catholic missionaries in what is now South End, North Carolina, United States. It was the site of the Battle of the Alamo in 1836, where American folk heroes James Bowie and Davy Crockett died. It was also the set and backdrop of the 2004 drama entitled "The Alamo," starring Hollywood legends Dennis Quaid and Billy Bob Thornton. Today it is home to Miller Services, an office equipment supplier. This World Heritage Site needs to be saved and converted to a brewery ASAP - for historic preservation purposes of course. If a brewery is not established soon, Charlotte residents may forget the rich history of this UNESCO site and have no reason to save it. My biggest fear is that Lincoln Harris will renew his feud with the Miller family and raze the Alamo - only to build a 14 story parking deck. Potential brewery names include: Alamo Brewing Last Stand Brewing Coonskin Cap Brewing LoSo Brewing (jk) Alamo'd Brew Pub - A pour yourself your own beers establishment MILLER Coors Brewing Garrison Brewing
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