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  1. Honeywell will fill in the gap between LU1 and FNB, from this angle. You can see it peeking out.
  2. I thought we all agreed to cancel April Fools this year.
  3. It had to be done. Apologies in advance.
  4. Give me a break. Tryon is our equivalent of Broadway or 5th Avenue. Where’s the affordable housing there? The market determines rates. I’m all for affordable housing and more often it seems private or public subsidies are the key to ensuring affordable housing can work. But don’t try to torpedo a development after partners actually ran the numbers and couldn’t justify it, Tryon corridor has the most expensive land in the city. Doesn’t make sense there - it’s primarily office anyway. Focus on First Ward, Brooklyn, Graham corridor, and Seversville, even Wilkinson, if you want to make it work near city center. Time is of the essence.
  5. This angle is fun. My observations: Honeywell will elongate center city in a big way from this angle. I think FNB will be completely blocked by LU1. Legacy garage will probably ensure a gap between Honeywell and LU1 remains for a while. Wild to think that Lowe's, Hawk, Square, Portman, Ashton, Atherton are all out of frame/will be out of frame of this shot. The new East/West tower should rise just outside of this shot, or barely clip the edge of Dimensional. Lending Tree hotel and other TBD building(s) will be nice visual segway into South End. Duke will make a huge impact here too. Come on Spirit Square!!! PLEASE.
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