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  1. Crescent should take some notes from Spectrum/Vantage on how to properly screen a garage.
  2. Truist must be cowering from the pressure of that hard-hitting segment! Have they booked the helicopter for removal yet? 493 people have signed the petition so far. That's definitely not insignificant... I wonder if Truist is aware of the backlash?
  3. Do you recall if the petition was mentioned? This whole overreaction when considering other 2020 happenings makes me laugh. As humans, we’re capable of being aware of and caring about more than one thing.
  4. I’m hearing that Truist allegedly pushed to have their rezoning hearing on a day when there was nothing contentious. And they pushed to get the hearing before there was robust opportunity for virtual opposition. Truist made sure it was as quiet as possible and the city was complicit. @captainjack Thank you for sharing Charles Hull’s NEWSWORTHY words. Hopefully the news reports them!!!
  5. In all fairness KJ, Truist only had square footage outlines/footprints approved during the rezoning and city council vote. Truist didn’t show what the signage would look like in terms of material or design. The public comment period was also during a pandemic and presidential election - hypothetical signs weren’t on the top of people’s lists. So I’m not surprised there wasn’t an outcry. But there is now.
  6. @atlrvr It's a very trivial thing to get worked up about, I get that. And I agree with your sentiments. But damn! these signs look terrible. I fully expect them to be there for at least the next 10-15 years. I just think they could have designed them so much better... Removing the backing and floating them in the same spot would be a marked improvement. Just an unnecessary vanity project executed in the worst possible way.
  7. On today's episode of Label Maker, Kelly King goes overboard.
  8. Awesome pic! National guard and all. Looks like BofA/Nations Bank construction was just wrapping up! Tower crane still present. Side note - It's hard to imagine we all know who owns the BofA tower without a giant BANK OF AMERICA sign on top.
  9. So far, no one with any “influence” will share the petition. No one will even touch it - they’re worried about the potential business ramifications. Too worried about ruffling feathers - this is the South after all. Or "it's just business." Let’s not poke the bear. When ad dollars, career, or business opportunities could potentially be impacted...There’s no such thing as a free "press." I get it. And I can’t blame them. We just need more eyes on this petition somehow. I was hoping its existence would be newsworthy in itself and get picked up. But everyone is worried about offending the company that chose Charlotte without incentives. Which is why this signage was approved. https://www.change.org/remove_truist_signs If we all go quietly into the night then the signs stay. It unfortunately has to become uncomfortable for Truist in order for any action to occur. We're already over 100 signatures and that's with zero publicity.
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