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  1. https://twitter.com/robhughes_/status/1260275031487250432?s=21 Mr Tepper have some news for us?
  2. Today at 10:40am. Uptown is eerily quiet except for the one guy in the picture hammering.
  3. How big are the big fish in relation to this announcement?
  4. When will this happen? I have a JetBlue jfk flight in a few weeks
  5. Wanted a new tower but this makes sense. Wonder who the next best chance for a 600+ foot building will be now.
  6. First day with no parking allowed on the lot. Just 3 personal vehicles for construction workers.
  7. This hasn’t even broke ground yet right? How could this be finished in under 18 months?
  8. The machine was about 30 yards to the right yesterday, and more of the parking lot was blocked off. Seems like they opened most of it back up.
  9. Most of the parking lot now closed off and they were drilling/piling with a single machine in the center of it.
  10. “Asked whether Dole is moving its corporate headquarters to uptown, spokesman William Goldfield said via text Monday that “nothing is currently planned.” You don’t move your executives to a business friendly state and not plan to move your HQ there.....right?
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