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  1. A few years ago along the riverbank, towards GVSU and the museum, there were issues with former gypsum mines and subsidence of the surface. Anyone know the extent of those mines? Is this area a potential problem for either aquarium, soccer stadium, etc?
  2. I live on a major trunk road and have watched them stringing fiber in front of my house. There's an AT&T switch building of some kind about 1/4 mile down the road. Yet, AT&T says fiber isn't available at my house. Are they limiting installations to areas with critical mass?
  3. Here are the leagues the way MLB reorganized...
  4. I've always thought it would be cool for them to move up a level or two as well. Unfortunately, that's not likely to happen any time in the near future. The structure of the minor leagues and majors kind of has them locked in where they are. MLB just exercised the highest level of control they ever have in the minors and imposed a new reorg plan on the minor leagues. The geography of the leagues and MLB priorities to keep the leagues geographically concentrate--this will not present an opportunity for the Whitecaps to move up for many years. High A ball is midwest focused now (the former Midwest league) and AA ball is not present in this region, so MLB would frown on moving AA here because of longer travel for games for all the other league teams. AAA Detroit is VERY unlikely to leave Toledo, and the Whitecaps benefit greatly from being part of the Tigers farm system.
  5. I actually kind of thought putting the soccer stadium next to the Whitecaps stadium might be a reasonable location, if downtown was not going to happen.
  6. IIRC, this is the same developer that's building on the old MSU Ag station site between G.R. and Standale, right? Behind Lincoln Square...
  7. The Whitecaps own their stadium. Chamberlain & Baxter have no reason to walk away from that facility and the revenue associated with it to go to a CAA or municipal-owned site downtown. I just can't imagine it ever happening.
  8. I don't see any way the Peter Carlberg/John Ball Neighborhood association folks are gonna see the space carved out of the JBZ/Park for this...
  9. Not sure if there's a better place for this story, but thought it worth noting... https://www.grandrapidsmi.gov/Our-City/News-Media/Parking-enforcement-duties-transfer-from-police-dept.-to-Mobile-GR
  10. Is this in essence the "movers and shakers" resolving the issue that there is a limited amount of space to further develop downtown and setting out a long-range vision for which direction they'd like to see it go?
  11. Compare/contrast minor league baseball with college baseball vs. minor league basketball and college basketball. Dramatically different paradigms aren't they?
  12. looks like the Hansen Center at Cornerstone. Much smaller capacity than the DeltaPlex.
  13. On the opposite side of the river from the shot you posted is an ocean of parking for the Titans football stadium. Don't misunderstand that photo to imply there isn't a tremendous amount of parking connected to that site.
  14. There was some dialogue in this thread a while ago about the Whitecaps changing levels in the minors. A restructuring of the minor leagues was imposed upon the teams by Major League Baseball that removed a couple dozen teams from the new minor league structure and moved the former Midwest League to High-A ball (was low-A). Here's the new structure Minor League Baseball overhaul unveiled | Ballpark Digest
  15. Nashville could be a really good comparison to study...
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