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  1. If you take a look at the leagues (Eastern League is where Erie belongs) you'll see that geographically the Whitecaps are in a natural fit now and it would be challenging to switch for travel and natural rivalries. The stadium is owned by the Whitecaps and they're unlikely to move for that reason. It's a profit center for them I'm sure. They do need to keep innovating in the facility and may have gotten lazy on that count the last few years with only premium seating areas the real changes to the stadium itself...
  2. My thought has been that a transit-oriented project there would be a great fit since any use with vehicular orientation would be incredibly complex for ingress/egress traffic. Such a convoluted intersection on top of high volume at peak times.
  3. I've been a lurker here for a long time, enjoying the dialogue. This Laker Line/Silver Line conversation is the thing that finally prompted me to jump in... I live along LMD on the LL route. My twenty-something kid uses the rapid often. This route will be hugely successful. Partly because of the choices they've made in the process. If they'd tried to get a dedicate lane, it would still be tied up in battles. And on the lower part of the route (John Ball to downtown) it wouldn't work anyway. Standale and Walker are undoubtedly going to reap HUGE benefit from LL. Four stops out there were planned carefully. by contrast, they opted not to put a stop at LMD/Collindale and I wonder if Family Fare will regret that... The stop at Covell will be a pretty big deal. What would you all do with the former Westdale building on that corner if you were looking at being TOD strategic?
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