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  1. When did First Companies acquire that building? or are they brokering it?
  2. The eruption on We Are Westsiders on FB would be epic...
  3. False alarm... upon further review, it's 'available' not 'for sale...'
  4. Noticed last evening that there's a for sale sign on the Westdale property at Covell/LMD
  5. I also think managing drainage from that hillside is a pretty big deal for those downhill with an apartment development. I'd be very concerned if I were below that property...
  6. It feels like their desperation is creating some real bad communication, including mischaracterizing the proposed development, motivations of people in the city government (I actually saw a post where they said that too many gay people are involved in these businesses, so people want them out), etc. They're going to squander what goodwill people have for them very quickly. MANY years ago, there was a similar (same?) bunch of antique dealers (booths) in Lowell (Flat River Antique Mall), then some of them migrated to Bridge St., and moved around a bit til they wound up at Sligh. I suspe
  7. The neighborhood association there views the park area as their neighborhood park and raises a holy stink every time any change is discussed. A building outside the current footprint of the zoo proper would again bring wailing and gnashing of teeth from that area and likely legal challenges et al...
  8. I'm planning family vacation out west this summer, and watched a show with my kids recently about Columbus Zoo, where they have a huge conservation park... AND we were at the zoo last weekend and I was commenting on their inability to do long range planning well. The Eberhard expansion from late 70s has now been much demolished for a newer plan. If they looked around at the space around them (besides the park area that the neighborhood won't let them touch) they'd see more opportunity and plan better...
  9. ...connected to the aquarium discussion in the other thread... Wondering if the zoo could put a buffalo herd or other grazing hoofstock on the dump and walkways around those for observation.
  10. Folks I know at GFS say at one point there business down so much it was really scary. Adding a distribution channel to their business to diversify within their field seems a huge win.
  11. I'd like to see them build the aquarium ON the river. So there can be gigantic windows down to the riverbed and the natural exhibit becomes river life in addition to the imported sealife that they exhibit from other locales.
  12. Lincoln Country Club development proposal is back in front of Walker planning commission: https://ciwalkermi.civicweb.net/document/70745
  13. The great thing about the Hilton and Marriott affiliated hotels like Hampton (Fairfield, Courtyard, etc...) is that no matter where you go, you have a pretty good idea what you're getting... The bad thing about those same hotels is that no matter where you go, you have a pretty good idea what you're getting.
  14. It would be really cool to see some new blood get in on this project. For instance, if the Gordon family were part of the stadium backers, the money from concessions would benefit their business... I'm not even a soccer fan and I'd take my family to a couple games for fun. Rallying the community around this will be big.
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