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  1. wow, that was hard to read. where have all the writers gone...
  2. This. Exactly. I grew up out there. This is not the same as the reliably republican county of my childhood...
  3. Behind Lincoln Square senior living community on the last piece of the old MSU ag station property that's not been developed yet.
  4. I seem to recall that one of the regulars on here built an ADU... was that you, WhiteMice?
  5. in one of these threads, we've had some conversation about the old gypsum mines, and I found an old map I posted there... Fulton would cross those mines, and the sinkholes that exist in that area. I suspect a thoroughfare of the kind you're suggesting would be problematic. I live in the Shawmut Hills area and we go through LMD/Wilson and down Wilson frequently. It's quickly becoming a major traffic headache, and lots of people on this side of town are finding ways to avoid both. MDOT and GVMC need to take a real close look at long range plans for this area.
  6. I talked to someone with Acrisure recently who said the HQ building is pretty much full. Also said they're very happy being part of that area of downtown and all that is developing in that area, with an eye towards further development in the area that will benefit their employees as well. FWIW.
  7. I enjoy a whopper, but it seems universally service levels at BK has dropped off.
  8. This seems like the best odds of this whole discussion. I think the city would work hard to accommodate this kind of thing if developers came to them with it. Doing anything with the rest of the public buildings in that corridor? Can't imagine them doing a thing to entertain that...
  9. Thanks. Knew they were now interconnected, but the relation between the two I couldn't recall...
  10. Is UICA a subsidiary of KCAD now? Wondering how they're part of this...
  11. KFC didn't make it, and Tim Horton's didn't make it... I wouldn't bet on something called Vibe Energy Cafe.
  12. Does anyone realistically think that building will be purchased to replace it with something else? Reskin, maybe...
  13. One of the original titans of self-storage, who died a billionaire from that business, said “I saw a method of holding prime land with income" about that business model. Hopefully the MySpace Storage folks are seeing this as a real estate play and when a deal makes sense that building will see a better use.
  14. I'm wondering when the cost of borrowing becomes an impediment to building more stuff. Thoughts?
  15. huge employment boost for that county... Same reason officials used to lobby to have prisons built in rural counties.
  16. I don't think I've seen anyone this 'official' go on record with this kind of comment. Nearby land. 1500-1700 housing units.
  17. this part was interesting: The current plan calls for a 12,000-seat amphitheater on the site, with as many as 1,500 to 1,700 housing units spread over nearby land, according to Jeremiah Gracia, the city's economic development director.
  18. Granholm Celebrates Cascade Engineering's Commitment to Alternative Energy (michigan.gov)
  19. I've been listening to the zoning/city commission work session with JAG & Cherette on this project, which occurred in August. Really interesting. The mixed use aspect along M45 is lost on the developers, and TOD as a concept is a nonstarter for them too. Seems like that SilverLine stop at Ferndale is a gift to a developer, but these folks don't get it. Gonna be a long slog for the Walker team having to negotiate this through...
  20. https://techcrunch.com/2022/06/01/columbus-ohio-is-quickly-becoming-the-midwests-tech-hub/
  21. Columbus took aim at this niche more than 10 years ago and brought in VC $$$ from Silicon Valley, transplanting some key players who have made a big difference. Not sure Right Place is playing in the same league…
  22. This comes up a couple times a year…. LMCU is privately owned and a cash cow. Until Chamberlain and Baxter decide to retire and sell the club to DP Fox, the ballpark ain’t moving. (and probably not then either)
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