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  1. 2 hours ago, MJLO said:The ultimate dream for me:  Build a stadium on the west side of the river. GVSU enters FBS as an independent or a group of 5 team.  GVSU administration and local wealth have the institutional and financial commitment to build a competitive program.   Meijer sponsors a bowl game at new stadium.   For the first time in history aerial night shots of GR appear on ESPN :D

    That’s a fun dream.  After hearing a lot about Miami struggling with attendance at football games because they don’t have an on-campus stadium, I have to wonder if any schools have done well with stadiums that are not on their main campus…

  2. 6 minutes ago, GRLaker said:

    Yep. The damage control denial. All while saying the GLIAC is on life support, Division II is a dying fruit, the "entertaining looking at some possibilities." It's happening. They just don't have the logistics fully ironed out yet and the news broke prior to their set timeline of announcement. 

    This kind of begs the question of WSU... they've got to be making same calculations and looking at their options...

  3. 40 minutes ago, GRLaker said:

    According to interviews with football recruits committed to GVSU, the coaches have been telling them GVSU is moving up to Division I with football competing in the Ohio Valley Conference in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) by 2023. GVSU's athletic department has hired a donor relations director for the first time in school history, which tells me that they're preparing financially to make the jump. The school has been denying the claims, but everything points to it being damage control in light of the players getting out ahead of their process. 

    why on earth would they join OVC instead of MAC?  The regional alignment is awful...

  4. 3 hours ago, GRDadof3 said:

    Then move. :)

    I see those same assholes all over downtown, on streets. It's not the highway's fault that is bringing them downtown. They'd find a way to get there no matter what because it means they have an audience. 

    I hate to say it but I don't know how the police are going to stop this behavior. The highways are really State Police jurisdiction and they're all spread out around West Michigan. By the time you call them, the assholes will be long gone. 

    If I’m not mistaken, Grand Rapids does have a noise ordinance.  There are (were?) scattered signs posted around town noting enforcement intentions of this ordinance.  Not that is practical to actually enforce, but if we have laws on the books that are literally never enforced, then their value is nil.  

  5. 1 hour ago, grandrollerz said:

    whew, i am so glad to finally see students on the Laker Line BRT.  I've been watching it out my office window throughout the last year and it has been empty almost 100% of the time.  It just drove by at 400pm and it was FULL. :-) 

    I live along the route, and it is definitely operating at a low volume compared to the ridership pre-covid on the line it replaced.  I think it will be a long recovery curve to see ridership at the levels it would have been at otherwise...  

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  6. 4 hours ago, joeDowntown said:

    The Planning commission agenda packet has a lot more information on the Red Hot sign. Looks like they want to fully restore the sign and place it in the parking lot next to Swift print. Total height of the sign would be 24 feet. I really hope this goes through as I think it's a great nod to the past, and I'm a vintage neon sign nerd. I'd love to see other businesses ad some neon to the area. It just fits in this area (Anchor Bar has a fantastic neon sign). 


    Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 9.17.54 AM.png


    Just playing devil's advocate here, but couldn't that be kind of confusing to all the people who have no frame of reference for that sign?  That's an advertisement for a restaurant, but if you pulled over to check it out, there isn't one.  


  7. 3 hours ago, cstonesparty said:

    From this morning's DDA meeting...


    arena activation_Page_2.jpg





    I wonder if the building Khorasaurus was noting in this pic is maybe a take on the ramp/liner building that was once envisioned for that lot behind the arena.  

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  8. 39 minutes ago, Khorasaurus1 said:

    The conceptual building on Oakes probably is a longshot, right? The arena's loading docks still need access (although I guess that could come from Ottawa in this drawing?)

    A future project for Van Andel might be burying the loading docks underground, like they are at Little Caesar's Arena. 

    I would guess that the internal alignment of the arena with a below-grade dock would create some issues.  You would conceivably off-load a show on a floor below the arena floor that way and I'd think that very problematic...

  9. 1 hour ago, NoDustBusterNoMore said:

    So I just got a phone call regarding this building, did some digging and found this:


    The flyer in the link mentions building a ramp on the Ellis lot south of this building.

    And this:


    And have been told that 7 stories might not be the final height of this building once all is said and done.

    Keep in mind this is all still very speculative.

    When did First Companies acquire that building?  or are they brokering it?  

  10. On 2/4/2019 at 12:06 PM, GRDadof3 said:

    Per the usual, landowner wants way too much for that corner. You'd have to build a 12 story building to make the numbers work. I think it's owned by the Westdale family estate? They probably want even more now than even a few years ago. 

    Noticed last evening that there's a for sale sign on the Westdale property at Covell/LMD

  11. 3 hours ago, joeDowntown said:

    I read it a bit different. I think it could take years for all phases, but they’ve also been working on it for ten years. I’m sure we’ll start to see some whitewater in the next few years. Sounded like they will start on the lower portion first?


    I was guessing the lamprey barrier would be first thing.  

    Without going back to look it up, seems like there was a mussel that needed to be relocated too before work in the river.  Those environmental permitting processes, I would think, are the things slowing down the start of work.  

    The public will become cynical about this if things don't start to happen though.  And if it drags out for another decade of crawling process, it will REALLY lose people's interest/confidence.

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  12. 34 minutes ago, GR_Urbanist said:

    From what I understand, the city is thankfully ignoring these people because they honestly are just becoming out-of-line, and deranged.

    Do they also not know that they have closed their own shops already by behaving like this? The owner of this building, in the remote chance they scuttle this, will rightfully jack up the rent on everyone that participated to the sky, putting them out of commission or bankrupting them.



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  13. 3 hours ago, GR_Urbanist said:

    I have to agree with the neighbors. Not so much that there should be nothing there at all, but they should try for something a bit more aesthetic and more integrated than this typical Wyoming/Grandville apartment complex  with this generic apartment complex parking setup.

    I also think managing drainage from that hillside is a pretty big deal for those downhill with an apartment development.  I'd be very concerned if I were below that property... 

  14. 57 minutes ago, joeDowntown said:

    I quit Facebook a while back, but heard about this group from reading an article on WOODTV:


    It's interesting to read, as it's obviously organized by current tenants. Does anyone know what the current tenants pay per square foot? It seems like their battle cry is based on a ton of inaccurate, or convenient information. A few things that really annoy me about this:

    1. They're scared that the building will be torn down, yet the developer is looking to restore it and get the building designated on the National Register. 

    2. They say 200 "micro businesses" will be put out of business, yet the main tenants are benefitting from low sq. footage costs, and then charging the micro businesses for booth space (I would imagine, at a cheap rate because they're rent is lower being in a distressed property (where, as a frequent visitor, I'm always pondering if it's truly up to code (giant metal sheets that spans suspect areas of floors, shoddy electrical). 

    3. There are other antique stores (one of my favorites is Eastown Antiques) that are in a good location, yet seem to make the same business model work. They seem to curate their collections a bit better (as opposed to the everything and the kitchen sink approach of say,  Warehouse One, which almost claustrophobic), or Lost and Found, which is wide open, great to browse, but definitely benefits from the 30,000 sq. feet of (what has to be) cheap real estate. 

    I feel like their rally cry is really "keep the status quo so we can rent cheap space". I'd love to hear from the people behind this page to figure out what they really want. It doesn't seem like they are going about it in a very genuine way.

    This one perplexes me as I am a fan / shopper at these stores. But I'm having a real hard time with their messaging. :)


    It feels like their desperation is creating some real bad communication, including mischaracterizing the proposed development, motivations of people in the city government (I actually saw a post where they said that too many gay people are involved in these businesses, so people want them out), etc.  They're going to squander what goodwill people have for them very quickly.  

    MANY years ago, there was a similar (same?) bunch of antique dealers (booths) in Lowell (Flat River Antique Mall), then some of them migrated to Bridge St., and moved around a bit til they wound up at Sligh.  I suspect they'll unearth another suitable building, undoubtedly without the same historic character though.  People love these shops and will support them as they move...  


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