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  1. I think I recall reading somewhere that there was going to be work on other bridges in that stretch (this year?)
  2. Kentwood Community Church announced to the congregation that Orion Construction has purchased the undeveloped portion of its property to develop housing.
  3. Anybody know if they can curtain off the upper bowl of VAA? I’ve seen it done elsewhere. Going from 5k seats to 11k is going to need some creative strategies to not have that room feel empty.
  4. I can think of only a couple airports I’ve flown through that were not connected to a highway. It feels small-town and un-serious. If we’re content to be like Sioux Falls, then I guess that’s that…
  5. Seems like with the volume of youth sports tournaments, a smaller arena could find a lot of opportunities
  6. Could not agree more on the tunnel concept. Direct connection to 96 seems so obvious…
  7. I was recalling reading that some arenas struggled with keeping basketball floors from problems like condensation and warping when they have ice installed. Since the Pistons now share LCA with the Wings (and I’m sure other examples), it must be that there are adequate ways to deal with those issues and efficiently changeover between teams.
  8. I think it’s way too big, and the overlap with hockey will be a logistical challenge.
  9. I remember going to a couple of Owls hockey games there around ‘79 and even as a kid I thought that name was stupid.
  10. That’s nice to hear. I live in that area and love stopping for apples, peaches, etc. Urban farms are a great thing!
  11. Tall timber exiting to Wilson is the part that was highly debated, and I’m not sure it was resolved. Traffic at the Wilson/Leonard intersection is squirrely, and with the traffic circle at Remembrance, there’s no natural breaks in traffic SB on Wilson.
  12. I'll look up the PUD from Walker planning commission later, but I know the SW corner of that proposal was commercial buildings, with condos behind; then the area you've now told me is called Winchester Woods is the single family homes portion of the development...
  13. Are you talking about the commercial portion of Lewis Farms on the corner? I remember the PUD for that whole thing had some ongoing wrangling about traffic management and I don't know if it ever got resolved. That intersection is BAD.
  14. This map popped up (again) recently depicting extent of gypsum mining in that vicinity…
  15. I’ve been curious about the orchards for a long time. There’s a power transmission corridor in there that I think limits desirability of some potential lots, and the eastern part of the orchards may be over gypsum mines (?). But otherwise that’s a LOT of property in a very close-to-city location that would seem to be highly desirable for residential. That family has to be nearing a generational flip that maybe has kids desiring to do something else. Could be interesting to keep an eye on it. Visser has had a sign at Wilson/Leonard for quite a few years offering that site. They did a bunch of pre work on it around five years ago then stopped… The property behind Meijer in Standale was cleared last year. I kind of expect to see crops there until a plan comes together for Westown2.
  16. Lincoln Country Club / Savannah at Waterford Village planning commission review of Final Area Site Plan is apparently tonight. Sounds like still some fights going on… could be interesting.
  17. People have been campaigning for years to rebuild 131 with drastically different designs that would restore connection between the sides. At a mammoth cost. I suspect if I searched here, I'd find those conversations here too. But here we are discussing for creating connectivity that are substantially less disruptive. As for a high rise with 131 going through it, the Eisenhower in Chicago goes under a big building going into downtown... so it has been done.
  18. I'm just pointing out the fact that when people want to find solutions other than spending a hundred million dollars on a freeway rebuild, there are creative ideas... If you hate that freeway, it has to go, but if you want to get land developed in a creative way, then there are actual ideas to be had. --end rant--
  19. interestingly, there's been longtime conversation that 131 is an obstacle to connectivity and should be redesigned, yet in this case those two parcels are being viewed as connected, which is contrary to what's been said over time...
  20. So, I was thinking the proposal was 15,000 seats. I was wrong. Red Rocks and Champions Square (New Orleans) are both under 10k... As are MANY of the amphitheaters around the country. So, to the point earlier that we'd miss shows with a venue not big enough, many (most?) amphitheaters getting the shows we're talking about are slightly smaller than the proposal. But I was wrong about the proposed capacity anyway...
  21. Interesting comparison. But it reads as ‘park with bandshell’ they way the writer put it. I hope our amphitheater comes across as parkland as much as possible. the ‘suites’ part of that rendering was curious to me too. Reminded me of grandstand seating at the free fair. Will be interested to see what becomes of that. I still think capacity is too large…
  22. If we were building this in Millennium Park, that would make sense.
  23. I'm anxious to see more details on the actual amphitheater as they are nailed down. To be frank, it's really big and really expensive... The Nashville amphitheater I've pointed out as a reasonable comparison in site, etc. is only 7,000 seats and cost $40million. ( Riverfront Park & Ascend Amphitheater | Architect Magazine ) The proposed GR venue having 15,000 seats is pretty big for that site, and for the market. I don't know if another city of our scale has one this big. I'd hate to see it half empty instead of consistently sold out (as Meijer gardens is because of it's small size). If it were my project, I'd go more like 10k seats. It will also be really interesting to see how they site it on the property to take advantage of sightlines of skyline, etc and to think about sun-glare, etc... How much covered seating vs. lawn? I'd go big on lawn. We're still a pretty thrifty community here so cheap(er) seats will do big sales.
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