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  1. Here is the information on the re-grand opening this Saturday: https://www.meijer.com/remodel/wyoming-michigan.html
  2. The reason there are so many grocery aisles is that the aisles are split in half, kind of like Knapps corner. The frozen foods are generally in the same area, although slightly moved towards the east just a little bit. Where the dairy is now used to be backstage. It's roughly where the meat counter and the lunch meat were. They have not opened a restroom at the front of the store, although I wouldn't be surprised if they're still going to work on that. They're building the new nail salon.
  3. Here are some photos from Tuesday: Interior: Temporary location for cereal aisle
  4. The grocery entrance opened late last week: And the cart storage: They are now working on the exterior where the temporary entrance was. Also, the grocery department is nearly finished. Looking pretty nice.
  5. Here's a photo inside the new entrance. You can see the old exterior brick.
  6. The general merchandise entrance is now open. The temporary entrance is also still open.
  7. It does look like that'll be the customer service area. They moved the Coinstar and Redbox machines in there. The retail entrance is further along now, obviously. I suppose it could open this week or next. The grocery entrance looks to be a couple weeks behind.
  8. Here are some recent photos: (Taken 5/16) This is the new general merchandise entrance. Note, it was built further north than the previous entrance, as you can see where the former shelving of the HBC department was located. (Taken 5/16) This is the exterior of the grocery entrance. Again, it was built slightly to the north of the previous entrance. (Taken 5/20) This is where the dairy used to be. It has been relocated to the rear of the store, where the meat counter was previously.
  9. The old Huntington branch has now closed. The Meijer Optical store is permanently closing. Patient data will be moved to the Gaines Township store.
  10. Here's the grocery entrance as of today: The general merchandise entrance is a little bit further along, but I wasn't able to get a pic. The new Huntington Bank branch should be opening next week, near the grocery entrance.
  11. These photos are from last Tuesday: The old meat department: The new meat department (where the old bakery previously was located): These photos are from last Friday: The new pharmacy drive thru is now open: The new GM entrance under construction: Current front of store (can see grocery entrance under construction):
  12. That is my assumption. The decorations thus far match, such as the bakery and the new pharmacy.
  13. They are making very good progress. I'll try and take a photo of the new pharmacy drive thru under construction next time I'm there. Here's the current state of the north entrance: Here's the temporary entrance between the two permanent entrances:
  14. Here's the new pets department (where the electronics was previously located in the northeast corner). Note the new LED lighting on the right side of the photo. Most of the lighting on the left is the old lighting that is being replaced. Also note the ceiling has been painted a dark grey: Here's the new bakery area. This was built where there previously were a few grocery aisles (also note part of the ceiling has been painted grey): Here's a shot of the front end of the store. Note all of the wires that were mentioned in earlier posts. These would have been hidden above the drop ceiling:
  15. The drop ceiling is being removed and the exposed ceiling is being painted a dark grey (similar to Hudsonville, Gaines Township, and the Grand Haven store (which is currently being remodeled)). The new pet department is complete (located in the former electronics area).
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