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  1. Tenants are not going to pay for an expansive rooftop deck. A lot of ‘cool’ office buildings that would be candidates for a rooftop are already pushing it in terms of common area factors.
  2. I’m sure the owner thinks that he/she is sticking it to the big, bad developer by not selling, but now holds a property with effectively no value. What a shame for all.
  3. Looks great. This design is a huge step above the other South End office product.
  4. Stayed here last week and it’s a nice hotel. Unfortunately, a pipe broke on a floor above me and they were in the process of drying everything out. I also noticed that the hotel is severely under-elevatored. Had to wait 15 minutes to get on an elevator after checking in around 4:30. Throughout my stay, spent a good amount of time waiting on those elevators...
  5. I’m with you on there being very strong demand in the range you stated. Me saying three floors was a mistake as that’s an anchor tenant for many buildings depending on the floor plate.
  6. Ahh must be my iPad then. There are a lot of tenants in the 1-3 floors range from what I understand. Haven’t heard of anyone new out of town looking for major space, though. Care to divulge any info?
  7. I don’t know what that means? I see three squares in a row?
  8. Are there rumors of other major tenants in the market to take a full building or become a major anchor? I thought Lowe’s was the last/most recent.
  9. Canopy provides for some leniency in terms of brand standards, so that could be a possibility for South End given the general feel of the neighborhood. They may even provide some key money. South End will see a ‘real’ hotel soon enough, although it is going to skew more toward the select service side than any higher end, full service offering. At this stage of the cycle, any developer (especially in South End) needs to have a brand to drive room nights. The South End office pipeline is incredibly supportive of future hotel demand. No way will a West Elm gets capitalized in South End. Not even by the most aggressive of the debt funds.
  10. My issue with nearly all of the projects in South End (this one included) as well as Uptown are the structured parking decks adjacent to the building. I understand the economics of it, but it is such an inefficient usage of space and detracts greatly from the overall streetscape. People should pay more attention and offer kudos to the developers who can figure out how to either partially bury their parking or include some sort of podium. Unfortunately, Charlotte office market rents coupled with high construction costs make it incredibly difficult for podium and/or buried parking to pencil for developers.
  11. This is not a Portman Holdings’ project. It is being done by New City.
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