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  1. 55 West

    I ate a gringos a couple nights ago after a night of clubbing. I had a burrito, and it was very mediocre. To top it off, they were accepting cash only, and I was the only person in there. I can see Gringos failing very soon if they don't get their act together.
  2. SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    wait... so HSR AND sunrail are getting done? That's great news! I have a feeling someone will find an economical way to get from the airport to downtown. Currently, i have to take a cab every time I need to travel, and it takes me almost 30 minutes from downtown to get to the airport. It's terrible having to travel down semoran every time I need to catch a flight. I can see this system actually being successful if it can find it's way to get from the airport to downtown, the convention center and the theme parks.
  3. THE Orlando Photo Thread

    took these from my balcony at aspire on 9/4/09
  4. 55 West

    I've heard nothing but good things about 55W from those who have looked at it, and the prices are very comparable to what I'm paying right now at The Aspire. I think when my lease is up in May I'm going to take a serious look at 55W. Hopefully the prices will still be as reasonable.
  5. 55 West

    yep. I live in dynatech as well. The train is audible, but not so bad. Wall St. Plaza on the otherhand, is unbelievably loud. It can be really rough when you want to fall asleep early on the weekends. I'm on the 22nd floor
  6. Amway Center

    nice pic posted on the orlandosentinel 7/1
  7. Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    that's good to hear about black olive. When I visited during their soft opening I was less than impressed. Hope to make it back again at some point to see if it really has improved
  8. The Plaza

    the escalators are finally fully operational. There are now 2 large digital screens out in front (probably to list movies & play times). I rode the escalators up, and the interior seems to be ready to go. Only thing missing is a fully stocked concession and ticket area. Will take pics soon
  9. Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    I actually had dinner at Black Olive last night. They are still in their soft opening so they did not have a full menu. However, I got to try some appetizers, the caesar salad and a few entrees. The presentation on all the dishes was top notch. Service was excellent (mainly since the place was dead I assume), and it felt more like an experience than just a meal. Had octopus and mussels for the appetizers. Mussels were pretty mediocre, octopus was done well, did a good job of neutralizing the flavor. The caesar had a grand presentation and took about 5 minutes to make in front of us. It had a spicy kick to it, but again I wasn't overly impressed by the taste. I had some veal for my entree, the portion was a bit small but the presentation was excellent and the meat was perfect. My friend had the pasta and it was obviously home made... very thick noodles, unique flavor and once again excellent presentation. Overall I would say the service was excellent, the food was decent, and the overall experience was very enjoyable. I will certainly be back. I just hope it catches on with the locals, it was DEAD when I was there, though I know it has not officially opened yet.
  10. 55 West

    well if that is to be the case, has anyone heard on the status of getting the units open as apartments? I am anxious to get that god awful fence down that's blocking half of Church st
  11. ARCHIVE: Downtown Orlando Master List

    interesting tidbits Condo sales/rentals seem to be picking up. I was looking at other places to live downtown, and decided to check out Paramount and Dynatech. Paramount was booked solid w/ prospective buyers/renters for almost a week, finally got to see some units & wasn't that impressed. However, it surprised me how many people are looking at buying or renting downtown in this horrible economy. Checked out Dynatech. Seemingly not as busy, but the lease agent told me they did 7 leases just last week. That's pretty good. One was a man who owns a house in Windermere, got tired of being far away from everything and wanted to move downtown. Dynatech has absolutely GORGEOUS units, for around the same price as Paramount and much much nicer. I will probably be moving in w/i the next few months. My point is, interest in downtown living seems to be picking up, despite the economic downturn. It's mostly bargain hunters now, but when things pick back up I easily see downtown being poised for more towers. The demand will be there.
  12. ARCHIVE: Downtown Orlando Master List

    had an acquaintance from NYC visit me yesterday. He saw my place in downtown orlando and couldn't believe the price I was paying. "for something like this you'd easily pay over $1 million in NYC". He also couldn't believe how active downtown was on a tuesday night (went to the social & i bar), and raved about how cheap drinks were. Made me feel proud to be living in downtown and see just how good we have it here.
  13. The Plaza

    concrete is being poured now through tomorrow for the new movie theater. This thing is well on it's way!!
  14. Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    surina are you in some sort of diners club? That would be a fun way to try new restaurants
  15. Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    say what?? the girls that work there are smokin...