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  1. don't forget about the knowledge park area....newly renovated lowenstein building, the garage, sports arena.....more student housing, hotels, and independent senior living still to come never thought much of rock hill as a kid, but i couldn't imagine being anywhere else i'm not too keen on the whole tax incentive, but it's still pretty damn cool to get the practice facilities
  2. piles going in at the Hawk
  3. 2016-79: 330 unit deal being looked at here
  4. Didn't know there was a meeting last night. I think there's another neighborhood meeting tomorrow, as well, to address any concerns. Just imagine a 90' x 100' 13-story, precast building with large windows.
  5. it's probably obvious now, but yes, that's the site for a 13-story 71 unit deal for RAM. They have the wood framed project down the road as well at Hawkins x Dunavant
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