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  1. https://gsabusiness.com/news/architecture/81088/
  2. I actually meant to say Go Kart, but was slightly distracted as I wrote that. Thank you for clarifying! I wonder where they're going to end up locating.
  3. Group Therapy will be the first and only indoor entertainment venue in downtown Greenville to offer an 18 hole wacky mini golf course, ice curling, ping pong, axe throwing, and tons of backyard games in the Camperdown Plaza. Special event nights will bring karaoke, trivia, and even bingo back to the mainstream once again. With specialty cocktails, a 30 tap self serve beer wall, and tons of shareable menu options, Group Therapy will be the premier destination for any group outing, corporate event, team builder, birthday party, bachelor / bachelorette, or even first date. https://www.groupt
  4. Seems as if some "street view" footage has been somewhat updated since Camperdown is built from the perspective on River St, but on Main St Deca is still under construction. Edit: appears much of street view downtown has updated. Only view that doesn't appear to be updated in my preliminary view is Main St near Camperdown.
  5. If Greenville is leaning into this "From Here You Can Change The World" campaign, I think we should be leaning into the people that are from here because some are truly life changing such as: *Charles Townes, co-created the laser *Thomas Goldsmith, co-created the world's first 'video game' *Jeese Jackson, arguably the first major African-American candidate and of course a civil rights leader
  6. Sheesh, when is Google Maps going to update satellite imagery of Greenville? Looks like Camperdown garage is still under construction in most recent imagery. I almost just wish they'd update whenever Unity is finished at this point but it is still amazing how it hasn't been updated in years.
  7. Repurpose the existing convention center and upgrade this "conference center" into a full fledged convention center. The building itself won't be all that short IMO, since I've counted 5-6 floors. I can't but help but to think of Mint Musuem in Uptown Charlotte which would be a great size for this building if it were strictly a convention center. I think if the building is built to current sq footage, then it should at least be built "expansion ready" in case it truly isn't enough space. I do also wish GCMA 'annex' was larger. In a dream world, GCMA would locate to the County Square deve
  8. "The layout for the playground area is beginning to take shape, as contractors prepare of the arrival of playground equipment"-Unity Park official website
  9. I'm genuinely surprised that a building would ever even be considered on such a small plot of land, and so close to an existing building. I don't say that negatively either, I'm all for density!
  10. I just discovered this gem not too long ago called "Place of Peace" at Furman University. I'm sure many of you know about it, but for those who don't it was built in Japan I believe in the late 80's and moved to Furman University by a Japanese family that lives both in Greenville and Japan. I know it's not part of the current plan at all, but I think if the tower can't be built to a satisfactory height, it would be brilliant to once again move this Buddahist Temple but this time to Unity Park. Truly, it deserves to be seen by more people. It's a much, much better attraction than a 8
  11. As long as Grand Bohemian and .408 Jackson cranes don't come down anytime soon, Greenville will be right back at its all time amount of five cranes in use in the near future with a possible sixth with Broad View.
  12. Wings of the City statue vandalized in downtown Greenville's Falls Park https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/local/greenville/2021/06/12/art-wings-city-statue-vandalized-downtown-greenville-hispanic-alliance/7668108002/
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