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  1. The public-private partnership would grant the developers "air rights" above the conference center to develop into residential and hotel, with 200 units each, and 10,000 square feet of retail space. The event center would be 68,500 square feet on the top level above 58,500 square feet for the BJU gallery and 30,000 square feet for the Greenville art museum gallery. The bulk of private contribution is in the $25 million land donation, with $100 million of private development total ultimately. The event center would cost $33 million to build, minus the land donation. The BJU museum would cost $17 million, the Greenville art museum $9 million. The center would require both above and below-ground parking at a cost of $32.5 million, which would provide 1,500 spaces.-Greenville News
  2. This project may move faster than I anticipated.
  3. Regarding the retail portion, this is listed on the website: “The corner entry is reserved for a major retail tenant to focus steady activity at the intersection throughout the day.” - Rome Office Overall, it seems like there will be one anchor tenant + additional spaces for other offices and that’s just in the two cubes. There isn’t any information available four bottom floors of the base other than Street-level retail. [anchor tenant in one cube, additional tenants in the other] Whoa. The architect of this project previously worked at BIG, one of the top architecture firms on the planet. BIG-esque and Foster + Partners potentially having projects in Greenville? That’s amazing!
  4. I counted 11 on multiple renderings.
  5. Right haha I don’t even need anything constructed for a few years but the crane must be erected tomorrow!
  6. Throwback Tuesday’s: renderings of Falls Park. I would’ve loved this other version of Liberty Bridge just as much as the one we have today.
  7. An article from 1996 highlighting Downtown Greenville’s efforts to reinvent itself. I love reading old articles like these because when we’re mentioned in articles today, they always make it seem like things began to improve in the late 2000’s during the recession instead of decades ago. https://www.mcall.com/news/mc-xpm-1996-09-22-3099739-story.html A few highlights: “Since the early 1980s when those two steps took place, eight major office buildings have been built downtown and more than 40 restaurants and bars have opened. Also, a $42 million arts center was developed.” “Hunter's firm came up with the idea for anchor projects at both ends of Main Street, including Greenville Commons, and the beautification of Main Street.” “Greenville Commons, they hoped, would become a focal point for center city. And because of the project's magnitude, covering 4 acres and costing $34 million, it would give private investors faith that a city of only 60,000 people could do things on a grand scale.” “The latest projects include the Peace Center for the Performing Arts, anchoring the south end of Main Street five blocks from Greenville Commons, and the $63 million BiLo Arena, a 17,000-seat center. The Peace Center opened in 1990. Earth-moving is under way for the arena.”
  8. Considering the existing building is 2-3 stories, I would imagine it’s all coming down since the rendering shows the base being four floors. Would be an extensive (and perhaps expensive) renovation and expansion otherwise.
  9. Despite what critics might say, I’m a huge fan of this design. It doesn’t scream modern at the street level, but the top floors are absolutely awesome.
  10. Conceptual rendering for TWO by Bob Hughes, where ChartSpan is currently located. Considering ChartSpan is expanding (200-300 people), I wouldn’t be surprised if they commit to leasing space here. Link for more information and renderings: http://romeoffice.us/#/eloise/
  11. Random thought, but the more I look at this building, the more it looks like an Apple Store belongs in it. Haha
  12. Considering high office, condo/apartment, and hotel demand, a mixed-use tower including those components should’ve been proposed.
  13. GVLover

    The Gateway Site

    What’s sad is every proposal on that site, for as long as I remember, I’ve been optimistic about. Always thinking “this will one will be the one.” So disappointing that I’m so gullible.
  14. Posted this rendering so we don’t have to keep returning to the document to see how it looks.
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