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  1. Mural coming along nicely! I can’t wait to see the final product.
  2. I’m honestly astonished how many people aren’t wearing masks downtown.
  3. Exactly. It would be irrational of anyone to say they’d prefer to let this virus live on. I can’t help but to think of the Lost Generation of children because of this virus that will have skipped valuable lessons in school because of this virus. It didn’t have to be this way, that’s unfortunately due to both government mismanagement at all levels + a generally misinformed population that is susceptible to believing in conspiracy theories. (And no, this isn’t an anti-government rant, I simply want an effective government)
  4. Ultimately, everything is political. You did not say there would be a vaccine and the CDC director said they‘d send their child back for no reason, just like I didn’t point out the contradiction of it all for no reason. We must not engage in fairytales in the way many people seem to want for us to move forward. Am I supposed to not acknowledge that a significant portion of the population are now anti-vaxxers that refuse to wear mask? This irrefutable as we witness the skyrocketing of COVID-19 that will kill hundreds of thousands of people in the winter.
  5. Lol. Of course the CDC director isn’t going to contradict the President and he hasn’t been an effective director in the first place. There will be no vaccine by October; it’s impossible to go through trials that quick. And even then, what about the anti-vaxxers and their “freedom” to spread this? They don’t want to a wear mask, but somehow we all think they’re going to be willing to be vaccinated when they think the government is doing this microchip us for the new world order? COVID-19 is going to here a long time (I imagine at least until 2023 minimum), so might as well get used to this.
  6. The streetscape project looks wonderful.
  7. What does a vaccine matter if tens of millions of Americans are anti-vaccine? Lmao
  8. I feel I should’ve provided a warning. maybe we’ll hear an update soon... like.. totally within the next three years.
  9. I wonder what the status of this is. I wouldn’t be totally surprised if it’s still somehow on schedule. By the time it’s completed, COVID-19 may be gone but there may be a large economic depression waiting on the other end of the tunnel.
  10. This a good decision. It won’t be needed for a long time I imagine.
  11. Speaking of Ponce City Market, if I’m not mistaken the new A/C Hotel rooftop is designed by the same firm that designed Ponce City.
  12. No activity since May 10th. Yeah, that’s definitely something to be concerned about.
  13. “The Swamp Rabbit extension bridges over Haywood Road, Woodruff Road and Verdae Boulevard, which the city had committed $4 million to ultimately, received a $1.5 million infusion from an economic development fund.“ https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/2020/05/19/swamp-rabbit-trail-unity-park-greenville-sc-covid-19-coronavirus/5219981002/
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