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  1. So beautiful; now all we need is the Grand Bohemian to have one put up.
  2. Not totally transit related, but I didn’t want to put this in the Coffee House section. Does anyone have the Greenville News App? I get alerts just every few day it seems about a pedestrian being killed in Greenville County; really gives you an idea of how bad it is.
  3. Was just about to post this, I found this interesting: At full build-out in about a decade, the land could generate around $23.5 million in taxes for the city of Greenville, the county and the school district, according to estimates prepared by the project's developer. Of that $23.5 million at full build-out, the county would collect just under $4.2 million annually — $41.8 million over 10 years.
  4. A great day for Greenville and Greenville County. I look forward to seeing County Square redeveloped and the benefits it provides to the people of Greenville County. Now, let’s us all take the time to imagine the skyline with all those tasty cranes! After all the anxiety must of us faced these past few weeks, it’s well-deserved. Haha
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wspa.com/amp/news/greenville-cocouncil-votes-on-county-square-plan/2017099783 Phil Mays, Principle at RocaPoint “We are pleased with the outcome of tonight’s vote. From the beginning, we’ve been steadfast in our commitment to Greenville and this project, and the council understands the value the County Square redevelopment is bringing to the community. Each facet of the development is purposeful and will infuse Greenville with increased economic development, while also creating new touchstones of the district – including gathering spaces, walkability and creativity. Now, we’re looking forward to moving along with the development, working closely with the Council and creating new jobs and revenue for Greenville.”
  6. You and I are in the minority my friend. I’ve said I believe it will pass, but the convention center/museum won’t happen (albeit, Greenville Co. portion of the cost [$26 million] could be funded with less than two years of County Square being fully realized). I do hope RocaPoint is firm on requiring the County to move into the Foster + Partner Building.
  7. Rephrase: Instead of eventually making upwards of $500m over 20-years in property tax alone, the County Council may opt to pay RocaPoint $10m (on top of the $3m already spent) and see no development of County Square for 10 years. Ridiculous. So yeah, $13 million dollars the drain when all the county had to do is have foresight for once. I’m trying to remain confident about this, but now that the day is here.. I’m not feeling so great about it.
  8. Driving South on Church St will look amazing with cranes from Camperdown, Bohemian, the Courthouse, etc. Hell, I find myself driving from near North Pointe (which eventually will have a Harris Teeter) alllll the way to August St HT just to drive over Church St. Haha
  9. I hope what is classified as “optimism” is more so having confidence the county council will do the right thing. Is it known how regularly members of the city and county council communicate? I’d hope Mayor White, among others, is applying pressure on those thinking of killing this project because it has a huge affect on the City of Greenville itself. I will say this: the more I read and hear about how bad the council bungled this, the more I feel certain people should be replaced. I don’t mean to be problematic here, but the county needs progressive leaders (progressive in the sense of being forward-thinking, not necessarily politically ). If the county had multiple Mayor White-esque members, we could actually get things done but instead we have people who aren’t focused, who don’t get the big picture or frankly don’t want Greenville Co to progress in any sense. It’s really embarrassing.
  10. Swamp Rabbit to extend to Laurens County https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/local/2019/05/20/greenville-sc-swamp-rabbit-trail-planned-laurens-county-how-far-it-could-go/3668691002/
  11. I’d love for the city to buy the land the county planned for the County offices, in order to preserve the Foster + Partners building as City Hall + the police headquarters. If the county feels so strongly about moving from downtown, then this presents an excellent opportunity to sell the current city hall building, move city hall and put the upwards of $33m for a new police HQ towards this project (police HQ locates there as they’ve already stated their desire for a downtown location but have concerns about downtown land cost). Again, Greenville County Council will approve this project in some form, but the City will definitely need to step up in another way.
  12. $16-33m for a new police HQ? This would be the perfect time to build a super complex of State Offices from County Square, build a new city hall and police HQ at one site. Is that too ambitious of a project? Perhaps such a project would “save” money for each respective entity in their pursuit of finding/building new space.
  13. Is there any reason why it’s been difficult to attract such offices?
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