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  1. GVLover

    The West End

    I’m ready!
  2. I’ve never seen a TJ Maxx in what I’d consider to be a top shopping center, let alone in a city center/downtown. I think it’s more likely to be Tesla, than TJ Maxx albeit it’s also not likely to be Tesla either. WE NEED AN UPDATED TENANT LIST!
  3. Definitely cannot be TJ Maxx. I assume in Camperdown would be too expensive for them to rent.
  4. Agreed, and how it fills the block is impressive. Definitely a great structure. Agreed, and how it fills the block is impressive. Definitely a great structure.
  5. Tornado, flooding, then snow?
  6. After this week, if people do not believe in climate change, then nothing will convince them.
  7. I had a revelation while driving. If the tenant does begin with a “T”, Tesla could fit the criteria for a new ‘store’/experience that Greenville doesn’t currently have.
  8. I was looking at renderings of the McClaren just now, and I noticed the “clinic building” doesn’t appear the clinic is moved. Does anyone know why it’s being moved or where it’s being moved to (I know it’s supposed to be on site)? Maybe they’re moving it a few feet closer to Academy St?
  9. Are there any public drawings/renderings available?
  10. I had no idea there’s a second phase proposed/planned.
  11. Exactly, the City is already planning what it wants to do this District. It would be nice to have a tech incubator of some kind there.
  12. There’s already a Trader Joe’s in Greenville, so that wouldn’t be taking Greenville to the next level.
  13. Haha, while I agree it’s beast *for Greenville*, it would also be a beast in most DT’s. Most places in the US don’t have buildings that are 16 floors lol Dang, only four more to go, eh? Should be topped out in a month or two tops.
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