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  1. I'm not opposed to pausing until new zoning laws are in place. We can't keep playing this game with NIMBY's who refuse dense projects while simultaneously complaining at the rate our green space is going away. It's not as if this project will begin construction this year as it is, so a pause is perfectly fine by me.
  2. It's a real shame that Canvas retail and office space remain completely empty. I'm hoping the "Cultural Trail" does exactly what it's promised to do which is bring more pedestrian activity to that side of downtown.
  3. We need more destination retail spaces in downtown, not necessarily additional restaurant space. I wish we could have the Adidas employee store, for instance, in a project like this. Also there demand for office in downtown, in a perfect world we'd have office, residential, and hotel mixed into this project but if anything, the hotel is a bit overkill IMO considering Kimpton is likely to build around that area too.
  4. Lol https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/square-feet/board-of-zoning-appeals-approves-self-service-storage-unit-in-central-greenville-sc-business-district/
  5. Goodness gracious, when are we going to hear about a new major mixed use project in downtown? It's been ages since anything has been announced that's exciting.
  6. Albert Einstein does have a connection to Greenville. Again, he has a grand child buried here at Woodlawn Cemetery off of Wade Hampton, he’d visit often due to his son and daughter in law living here, and if I’m not mistaken, he lectured at Furman in Downtown once. (Photo of Albert Einstein at Furman)
  7. Personally, I see no reason to rename Church Street but fully recognize that there would be a double standard if Coffee Street, for instance, were Mosque Street and how people would demand a change. I would find either argument to be petty, and wouldn't waste a breath debating on either side especially historically there was Church or Mosque on X particular street. Wade Hampton BLVD is different especially once you look into his history. He was one of the largest owners of people that were enslaved, and literally played a role in the only US successful coup in Wilmington, NC. He betrayed his Country in favor keeping Black people in chains for the sake of his pockets. Disgusting.
  8. We should have a road named after Osama bin Laden, I'm sure no one would be offended. It's all about learning a lesson. In all seriousness, the road didn't even exist during the P.O.S. Wade Hampton lifetime, so it literally has no historical significance *at all* outside of reminding people that yeah, this knucklehead existed. If I'm not mistaken, doesn't Albert Einstein have a grandchild or two in a cemetery off Wade Hampton? I'm all for changing Wade Hampton to Albert Einstein BLVD/Avenue. Albert Einstein BLVD would be more historically accurate than what exists today, and actually names it after someone that is universally praised instead of a person that clearly offends people (myself included). https://greenville360.com/history/alberteinstein/
  9. This is old news, right? Not trying to downplay any development news, just wanted to be sure this wasn’t anything different than their previous announcements.
  10. The way I see it, the City is about to adopt new zoning rules in December/January if I’m not mistaken so while it’s a shame that it’s not currently passed, I don’t view it as totally dead.
  11. I recommend switching to “Private” or “Incognito” mode on your browser to read GSA. That said, here’s an excerpt for you: The Gateway to Greenville development is far from the only proposed affordable housing project riding on the FILOT greenlight, but if it is allowed to move forward, it may be one of the most high-profile projects within city limits to receive incentives since the 262-apartment Project Unity Gateway development, which included 52 units of affordable and workforce housing. “So we have to get the county’s participation and that’s a bigger issue than just this one project,” the mayor said. “That’s a bigger issue than just this one project, but we have a number of projects that could include affordable housing if there were a FILOT but right now we’re sort of frozen.” So far, all discussion with the county on the topic have been “nothing but positive,” he said. But the residential component of the project is old news, according to White. He’s most excited about the retail and restaurant space planned for the ground level of the apartments, creating the pedestrian-friendly entertainment destination lobbied for by resident respondents to a spring survey.
  12. I've watched several videos by the City that mention that prospect of redeveloping McCalister Square. I fully anticipate that it will be rezoned sometime early next year for mixed use development.
  13. I wish the City and County had more of a vision as far building the new administrative offices. In hindsight, it would’ve been a great move to build a joint City HQ-County Administrative complex. In my view, it’s of the upmost importance to continue building a symbiotic relationship between the two governments for the benefit of all who live here and how we plan to grow lockstep (I’m for a Greenville City-County Consolidation, but that’s another story). I’d rather not have courts in such a beautiful building that could’ve easily housed our City Hall.
  14. Whole Foods would do exceptionally well in Downtown in my opinion. Also, here’s a video from a few years ago of McAlister Square: https://youtu.be/OlqTU4f6uVw
  15. Not a development per se, but this was an excellent video highlighting how “Nodes” and “Corridors” will be developed over the next couple of decades.
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