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  1. Highly questionable from the start by listing Lower Manhattan as one of the top Downtown areas, then proceeding to list attractions in Midtown Manhattan. I refuse to believe Plano, TX, for instance, has a better downtown than Raleigh.
  2. If you’re like and me and love satellite imagery, Greenville has been finally updated on Apple Maps.
  3. In my view, it looks cheap and not something we’d keep up for 50 or 100 years.
  4. Sheesh. $2300 - studio $2700 1 br $3700 2 br $3700 3 br, 2 ba https://www.apartments.com/the-mcclaren-greenville-sc/eshghjp/
  5. Sorry, I should’ve clarified that the last two pictures are a “Restoration Hardware” gallery — I posted them just to show that the Main St portion of the development would be perfect for such a store/gallery.
  6. The portion of the development that fronts Main Street would be awesome if it were a Restoration Hardware, but I imagine we have some time until we can support such a store. —Below are Restoration Hardware locations—
  7. Can someone explain the history of the parking lot at the intersection of Main and Broad? Is there any particular reason it hasn't been sold? It's absolutely prime property and it's such a shame that it's reduced to being a parking lot.
  8. I don’t think Greenville DownTown is the final name of this project, and if it is, then RocaPoint/Georgetown should absolutely consider changing it as it’s a terrible name (only Mauldin can truly have a project named DownTown and I’d be fine with it for obvious reasons). If the name were truly “Greenville DownTown”, I’m sure there’d be more branding on the marketing materials as opposed to said materials simply stating “Greenville DownTown Redevelopment Project.”
  9. I’ll be honest, I had no idea how long this project had been trying to get off the ground. 2007? My god, yeah I’m hoping gman is right but then again I wouldn’t be totally surprised if it didn’t start.
  10. Women’s clothing store Madewell to open 2nd SC spot on Greenville’s Main Street 125 N. Main St. https://www.postandcourier.com/greenville/business/womens-clothing-store-madewell-to-open-2nd-sc-spot-on-greenvilles-main-street/article_cfad1a56-4fdd-11ed-a1c5-6bf7dcc5623d.html Is Camperdown that expensive? Sheesh.
  11. Greenville and the State of South Carolina need to what we can to secure BMW NA HQ from NJ. Other than that, great news yet again for Spartanburg County and the Upstate as a whole. Greenville County eventually will have a large announcement of its own.
  12. Hopefully this is a second factory but this time in Greenville County that exclusively builds electric cars! A man can dream...
  13. Apartments potentially on the other side of the garage, right?
  14. Electric car company focused on ridesharing sets up HQ in Greenville-P&C An electric car company is establishing its headquarters in Greenville County thanks to a relocation grant by the South Carolina Research Authority. Dash EV will set up its home base at 355 South Main St. in the Camperdown development in downtown Greenville and initially create at least 10 new jobs. The family-owned micromobility company is known for its production of "Dash, an electric and solar-charged car aimed at growing the carsharing industry at universities and in cities like Greenville and Clemson University. — https://www.postandcourier.com/greenville/business/electric-car-company-focused-on-ridesharing-sets-up-hq-in-greenville/article_b4b7eeb2-4a54-11ed-bdbd-9f8b2bd9faa4.html
  15. It’s unfortunate as the former Chef was Michelin starred.
  16. This is the most local branded mixed-use development I’ve ever seen. Not *one* national retailer has committed, though one could argue Cinergy is a national retailer if they stretch it. I don’t mean any of this in a negative way entirely, but it’s interesting that Greenville County overall hasn’t attracted more retailers countywide. How we aren’t on our fifth Target (downtown Greenville absolutely should have one + another in Cherrydale), our second Whole Foods, our first H&M, and so on is quite surprising.
  17. I'm not opposed to pausing until new zoning laws are in place. We can't keep playing this game with NIMBY's who refuse dense projects while simultaneously complaining at the rate our green space is going away. It's not as if this project will begin construction this year as it is, so a pause is perfectly fine by me.
  18. It's a real shame that Canvas retail and office space remain completely empty. I'm hoping the "Cultural Trail" does exactly what it's promised to do which is bring more pedestrian activity to that side of downtown.
  19. Volvo planning $42 million investment in Greenville County "Volvo is planning a more than $42 million investment in Greenville County, and County Council members will consider offering the company a Fee In Lieu of Tax (FILOT) agreement of $35 million, according to next week's County Council agenda. The proposed FILOT agreement says Volvo wants to build a tooling facility, and lists two locations in Greenville County, one on Moon Acres Road in Piedmont and one on Woodside Avenue in Fountain Inn. The car manufacturer anticipates an investment of $42.6 million and would be required to invest at least $35 million into Greenville County over a five-year timespan." https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/local/greenville/2022/09/16/volvo-asks-for-filot-tax-break-plan-to-open-plant-in-greenville-county/69499606007/
  20. What is this project exactly? I could be totally making it up, but I feel I have a distant memory of a small hotel proposed on or near this site.
  21. I’m not opposed to this design though I recognize that it’s unimaginative. As long as the ground floor is activated rather than just another empty storefront, then I see this as a win. It’s definitely no Camperdown, Riverplace, or ONE but it adds nice density to the West End.
  22. West Elm or Pottery Barn would do well in Camperdown for sure.
  23. I know we all can find things to nitpick about Greenville, hell I'm the number one person for that, but one thing people will always be able to say about Greenville: it's punches well above its weight. I have to marvel at how far this city has come over the last decades, and hopefully things continue to be bright for our future. Greenville absolutely has the overall attraction to be an artist retreat, to create songs, a place to film movies, to attract young creatives and projects like this move of us another step in the right direction in that regard.
  24. We need more destination retail spaces in downtown, not necessarily additional restaurant space. I wish we could have the Adidas employee store, for instance, in a project like this. Also there demand for office in downtown, in a perfect world we'd have office, residential, and hotel mixed into this project but if anything, the hotel is a bit overkill IMO considering Kimpton is likely to build around that area too.
  25. Lol https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/square-feet/board-of-zoning-appeals-approves-self-service-storage-unit-in-central-greenville-sc-business-district/
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