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  1. Wings of the City statue vandalized in downtown Greenville's Falls Park https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/local/greenville/2021/06/12/art-wings-city-statue-vandalized-downtown-greenville-hispanic-alliance/7668108002/
  2. I assume this new women's soccer team is what this sign was referencing?
  3. Randomly found their hiring page for General Manager. Hopefully they are still on track for a late summer opening but from what I'm seeing, it'll be fall. Whenever they open, I will book a room and hopefully be among the first guests to ever stay there. I think this building will be around for a very long time, and it would cool to be to say I was among the first guest to experience it. https://www.hcareers.com/jobs/general-manager-1624176/
  4. You're right! Either way, as I said, it did have plenty of pedestrian activity and ultimately that's what matters most. Once they're able to secure additional retail tenants, that plaza will be even more amazing. None of this negates that the plaza should've been larger. I attached a rendering that I just discovered that seems to show Camperdown without the random suburban aesthetic buildings in the plaza and personally, I think the plaza looks more alive this way. Either way once Camperdown is truly complete it will be of the best mixed use developments in a city of Greenville's si
  5. I took a short getaway and stayed at the AC Hotel this past weekend and was able to spend time in the plaza at Camperdown. I wish those free-standing buildings for Insomnia Cookies and "Camp" were never built as they feel misplaced and blocking what could've been an even better public space. Still impressed with the level of pedestrian traffic considering the overall lack of retail.
  6. Would a statue of a tower crane suffice?
  7. 179 doesn't seem like a lot of density considering the size of the site or am I just being a high-density hawk?
  8. To clarify, this building will have retail on the "Jackson Way" side, correct?
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if Falls Park is among the top 100 busiest parks in the country, in fact I would be more surprised if it wasn't. It's not exactly a fair comparison between Unity and Falls and the visitor numbers will reflect that. Hopefully once the new conference center + museums are built, they'll be busy and Unity park can attract some of that traffic since its not too far away via the SRT.
  10. It would make sense. I remember reading somewhere (don't ask where because I do not remember) that there was going to be space for a coffee shop on the ground floor. I wonder how many retail/restaurant spaces will be available. This is definitely a positive sign because while I love the architecture of the new County HQ, I feared that it would be just a huge dead spot whenever government business isn't being conducted.
  11. Said this a few days ago when the Synnex news broke. It's in the long term economic interest of the State of SC to attract their HQ. I'm not typically in favor of tax incentives for large corporations, but in the case of this, it's vital. I hope economic departments on all levels have already begun communications to Synnex expressing interest in attracting their HQ. If we fail at winning their HQ, it speaks volumes and there should be significant scrutiny of public officials.
  12. Spaces, the co-working space, is opening in July: https://www.spacesworks.com/greenville/falls-tower/?utm_source=yext_places_gmb&utm_medium=places&utm_campaign=yext_traffic&utm_content=4894
  13. "The developer, SunCap Property Group, wants to build 250 apartment, a parking garage and around 15,000 square feet of retail space on the 3.1-acre site near Fluor Field." "As part of the project, SunCap will make street improvements to Markley Street. The company has enlisted the help of local civil engineers SeamonWhiteside, the same company that worked on street improvements for Jackson Way. "Even though we don't control Markley, we feel that's critical," Lee said. City staff have been "thrilled with that," he said. The project will cost an estimated $70 million and tak
  14. GVLover

    The Rumor Mill

    A potential Fortune *100* company should require a downtown high-rise or at least a commitment to a significant lease at County Square to get the ball rolling on that project. I'm sure Greenville and SC will provide whatever incentives to bring the HQ here.
  15. "Greenville donates land worth $8 million for affordable housing near Unity Park" https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/2021/03/11/greenville-sc-donates-land-affordable-housing-near-unity-park/4494307001/
  16. https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/c343c810f6dd410a8da40f8232321124
  17. I wonder what this will turn out to be.
  18. CNET reviewer showing off shots of Greenville from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Should be a great phone so I can't wait to receive mine some time this week to test night mode in Downtown.
  19. Grand Bohemian is projected to cost $100m and their location isn't exactly that much larger than this current Wyche location, so personally I don't expect a high-rise. Probably 5-8 stories, but hopefully with unique architecture. I will say wherever Wyche seems to locate, developers want it. Maybe they should move into a construction trailer on the infamous "Gateway Site" next!
  20. Out of curiosity, where is the parking for this hotel?
  21. Not exactly what I was hoping to see today, but excellent news nonetheless. This should definitely lead to more talent coming to the area.
  22. Do we have any time frame on when this is supposed to happen if it is today?
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