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  1. This new attraction is going to surprise on the upside.
  2. It will struggle. Even with the new Lighting McQueen show, Toy Story Land and MMRR its not ready for Magic Kingdom like crowds.
  3. Should be interesting to see how this goes for them. Opening the land without the biggest ride (Rise of the Resistance) might help keep the crowds down but it might also cause crowd control problems. If the Mickey and Minnie Runaway Railway can open about the same time than that should help.
  4. If the Universal South Property Park and development moves forward Orlando will see about $10 billion in theme park development over the next 5 years (between, Disney, Universal and Sea World). That is a lot of investment that will give the Orlando economy a very strong footing even if the rest of the US economy continues to weaken.
  5. Along with Disney, Universal is developing a lot of new attractions and resorts. Some of these projects include the new Hagrid's Motorbike Coaster that opens on June 13, the rumored Jurassic coaster (2020), a new Bourne attraction (2019) and the massive Endless Summer Resorts. Of course the biggest news is the massive new resort area and park by the Convention Center that they are building. This investment will probably be in the $6 billion range.
  6. Interesting read. Epcot's future world is definitely in for major upgrades and changes.
  7. The new retail system is going to continue to take down the old guard.
  8. Its still a step in the right direction for the region and state.
  9. Glad to see this tech moving into the Orlando market. Hopefully Beep and other will be successful in the autonomous movement.
  10. Another great piece of the urban trail. With the other additions coming along Orange Avenue and down in SODO along Division this is going to be a very popular multi modal path.
  11. I like the look of this. It would be nice to see more of these open up around Orlando.
  12. I like the look so far. It will be a great additional to the skyline.
  13. Cool historic photos.
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