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  1. The site is being cleared for The Pearl II apartments at 1700 Pearl St. They’re ripping up the foundation of the previous structure and removing trees so far.
  2. Not the best photo but I noticed something new from my office vantage point this morning. Structural frame is peeking out between the buildings. Office tower seems to be close to the hight of the residential building if not quite matching. Photo from UBS Tower floor 25.
  3. My apologies for the poor quality photo I shot on my way to work this morning but there appears to be a huge ground crane on site now (on left in photo). It was mentioned earlier in this thread that there would be 4 tower cranes and a large ground crane. This one might be that fifth crane.
  4. I really love this project. I will say I am a bit disappointed that both 16th and 17th are closed both ways (including sidewalks from what I could tell). I get that it's a big project but the city still needs to be able to function during construction. Just my two cents.
  5. I sincerely hope they are planning on covering the garage portion instead of just painting it as they have done. Would be a real shame with a project this visible. Taken today.
  6. I really hope this project is realistic. Here is a photo I took on Friday from above showing the double helix. I used to park in this garage and my experience wasn't particularly positive. The garage will definitely need some upgrades if it were to serve high end commercial tenants. Also I had never experienced a more complicated elevator button pad than this
  7. A few photos taken today before I left work. Photos taken from upper floors of UBS Tower. (Images may seem grainy partially due to the fact that UBS hasn't had the windows washed in ages lol).
  8. Taken 9/30. Judicial Center update from upper floors of UBS tower. Exterior is seemingly complete and there appear to be solar panels on the roof.
  9. Anyone know what is planned here at the corner of 17th and Pearl St? I saw this sign while waking today. Looks like they are wanting to change from R6 to Mixed use (I think). The daycare that was on this site was demolished over a year ago. The area could definitely use a solid mixed use development.
  10. Took this earlier this evening. I thought it was a pretty neat shot. The storm had just moved on.
  11. Zoomed in shot of Eakin building progress (taken from upper floors of UBS tower). Ground cranes for Four Seasons can be seen in bottom right.
  12. Publix in The Residences at Capital View building appears closer to opening. Lots of signage going up (pictured along Charlotte). Really excited about this one in particular (no more trips to Belle Meade lol).
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