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  1. South Tryon going vertical
  2. We all are entitled to our own speculations and thoughts. No particular person in this forum has a better opinion or believable post than the next guy. Sometimes your comments can be very condescending. Chill bro, this is a forum for fun. Thank you for your contributions, but tone it down a notch, no need to be so defensive.
  3. Love you! Wow, the best response yet against all the haters lurking on this forum. Americans love to "blog" about our problems, similar to many folks here, but no other action is taken. I guess is easier to complaint from mom's attic than actually get involved and make a change.
  4. At least LU1 will get some rest from the haters! LOL
  5. I think some of you made it clear you don't like LU1. It's time to move on.
  6. Letters are huge. Don’t look that big from ground level.
  7. Crane finally going up. Not sure I’ve seen a yellow one around town!
  8. Duke Energy Center, Legacy Union and reflection of The Mint Tower.
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